ANOTHER internet fraud for Savannah Cats, same criminals

This is a site to take your money, it’s fake, you will never acquire your purchase.  This site displays pics of available kittens too buy.  The morons used the same picture on their other scam sites.  This is also known as Ruth’s Savannah cats, supposedly in FL.  That site is now suspended.  Then they change their name this month to Chali Savannah cats.  They make excuses for why no payment can be done except to send them moneygrams.  On my fake sales contract,  Mr. Mark Shumer was my contact for Pittsburg PA.  So I look up the address, and I see that Mr. Shumer is not an owner of his business address that he emailed to me.  So I check reliable FB for this strange occurrence and find a Mark Shumar does claim Pittsburg as home.  Strangest thing is, a post from last summer cites his family’s vacation destination as Savannah GA.  And the jerk highlights the city’s name almost like to poke at victims… After I have have told this fella where he should go and advised that I know now he’s a con, the FB account of Mr. Schumer is deleted or made private.  At least he thinks he thinks he hid it.  Then I found his third site for the day, Ruth’s Savannah Cats.  Same thing, only used FL as his supposed business address, same cats, different names, and spontaneous gender changes. And all these sites want moneygrams from western union.  Scammer also had used the name Brad and Trevor. Trevor is easily found as well.  Oh, these jerks will go so far, as to pass themselves off as wildlife agents of some customs office or wildlife expert by phone to a victim, they proclaim the cat’s shipping box doesn’t meet airport guidines. Then requests additional funds to continue your  “phantom” cat on it’s journey.  They try to squeeze their victim just a little more It’s unbelievable THAT this common thief is still creating new sites and keeping other sites open just waiting to use your money for their next beach trip.  It’ s my mission now to see that he gets the justice he so desperately begs for.  This group proudly boasts it’s a member of T.I.C.A and the world cat foundation. That’s funny too.  Of course, TICA doesnt acknowledge the cattery at all!  Don’t let them scam you!  I hope my story and findings can help others.  In the images I’ve included, notice the “happy” kitty owners.  Funny both have the same screen and the same android phone and rare servals too!!! What’s the chances of that I wonder?

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Reported Loss :1000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : melhornpenny
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