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I lost my money with Ideal Tax

I own a small business and was looking for someone to help me with the taxes and other financial assistance. Hence, I did some google search and came up with this name, Ideal Tax Solution. I contacted them to know about the charges and the services that they offered.

I was greeted warmly over the phone and I think that was the time I decided to go with these people. I had to hire someone and all I wanted from a company was prompt and responsible reply. I guess, I made my decision too fast. I was anyway running late on filing the forms.

I also spoke to few more guys after Ideal, but no one made an impression that these guys won for themselves. They even followed up with me at the given schedule for signing the contract or providing few information that I asked them to collect.

So, I signed the contract with them and paid them in full. Before signing the contract, I confirmed it various times if they provided single point of contact as I did not want to explain the issue every time from start to a new agent.

They said that their policy was to concentrate on each account closely. And, would be introducing me to the person in charge of my account after the contract is signed. It was fine with me.

After a week of our continuous communication, signed the contract and they promised to call the very next day. I waited for two days and the call never came. So, on third day, I called their office only to know that it was a weekend and their office was closed.

I gave them the benefit of doubt and believed that they would call back after the weekday starts. But, a week went by. I was getting shorter of time and needed help. So, I tried to contact them the next week and someone answered.

When I asked what has been done for the paperwork, I was transferred to some other person. I talked to the manager and asked for my point of contact. He connected me to an agent. But, whenever I called, either he wasn’t around, or he was on leave. So, I had to discuss things with new agent every time.

Moreover, they never called after I made the payment. I had to get behind them for asking for updates. On top of that, they keep pushing me with more excuses.

Hence, I did all the submission myself. I asked them not to do anything further and refund my money. At this, the guy on the phone became rude and said that it was the breach of their contract and they worked for my account which was accountable.

Hence, they would not refund my amount. So, I lose my money and did all the work myself. Isn’t that a ripoff. Ideal Tax Solution is a cheap company and has no ethics. It is better you find someone else.

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Reported Loss :2000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : henry
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