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I contacted Ideal Tax Solution with a tax debt situation. I spoke with a Mr. Hinkle and was told they could stop collections and resolve my debt. After two weeks I was told they were ready to move forward. I had questions regarding what they had done with my case since I had not received any correspondence. I’ve hired attorneys before and would receive a copy of all correspondence and communication done on my behalf. Not once did Ideal Tax Solution provide me with any notifications of their work. Mr. Hinkey told me that they had gotten a stay but the POA was gonna run out in 72 hours if I did not give them more money. He also told me any previous correspondence with the IRS was invalid because he IRS lies. Numerous “red flags” came up during our conversation. The threat of an IRS revenue agent “with a gun and a badge” would get my case and the only way to stop them was through Ideal Tax Solution!

I informed them I would have an answer in the morning. I then called the IRS myself. I reviewed my situation with them, including the dealing with ITS! The IRS told me that ITS had filed a POA with them but it only allowed them to review my situation. They did not have any power to act on my behalf. The IRS reported that they cannot lie when working with a tax payer. My situation was not as dire as I was lead to believe. I was able to do to stop collection activity and was able to solve my situation in about two hours. They advised me to file a complaint with the BBB, which I intend to do.

I recieved a call from ITS this morning and was told I had violated my contract by calling the IRS myself. I believe they do this to prevent people from checking out their claims. I informed the man at ITS that it was my account and I controlled my account. He said that “moving forward” we could suffer some issues because the IRS lies! I told him I would not be moving forward with them and I felt like they ripped me off. I was interrupted and told “now you’re getting negative” and he hung up on me!

I want at least part of my money back.

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Reported Loss :950 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : dtbish009
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