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HCMM is a scam

I would like to outline the reckless behaviours of these guys who call our office at every odd hour. I have got more than 7 people calling our office number and asking for the owner. These calls are from HCMM or Huntington Copper. The company is a business consulting firm and calls office which are small or medium sized to for selling their services.

I am not against the marketing part, but their executives seem rude. They will ask for the owner and incase we try to take the message, they would hang up. The strange part is that they all say the same thing as it has been fed in them. Their trainer should really be trained first. The time to treat employees that way has gone far long. Today, you need to respect every employee to excel in their own way and if not, how would you plan a company’s future with your advice.

I believe that these guys do not know how this works. I got a call in the morning, only after I reached the office. I take care of the calls at the front office. My boss was not available and was away for a meeting. When I got the call, I was asked for Mr. Wright who happens to be my boss. I asked for a message as he was not around. The guy on the other side of the line told me that he would know what the call was about, and he asked for a time when he would be available.

I informed that there is no fix time as he is always on move for meetings. It is rare to find an appointment without his approval. After listening to this, the caller said that he would try later. This was the first call and I did not care much. After three hours, I got another call. This time, it was some one else calling from the same number.

I, very politely asked for a message and he ignored me very rudely. He hung up on me. This happened again and on that same day, I received three more calls from different guys.

The next day, I called back and asked them to stop calling and if there was something important, I asked them to provide me the message. These guys did not even share their names, so I had nothing to tell my owner.

My owner suggested to deal with these guys the way I wanted. Hence, I called them. They did not respond the right way and did not agree to provide me any detail. I searched for the number on the internet and found out that the guys were from HCMM.

I got few calls from them afterwards as well, but I never responded. They stopped calling. But, one things are for sure that they do not understand the mode of business they are into. They only know how to disturb people who are working at their offices. A sure scam.

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2 reviews on Huntington Copper

  1. Scam!

    Absolutely a scam…. Stay away… Stay Awake.

  2. Hijos de puta

    Hola soy de Argentina me stafaron Bargain pedi una maquina y no la recibi son una hijo de putas, si estas seguro que con toda la Plata que stafaron van a poder comprar si salud y su Vida tendria un proposition, que Les sirva de remedio chantas hijos de puta. Le sacaron a un discapacitado forros. Pedi todo vuelve, lo que siembras van a cosechar .

Reported Loss :700 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : shein
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