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Hughes - The worst job I have ever worked for

I joined Hughes Capital Management in the month of December last year. And, in few days, I understood that it won’t be easy getting used to the unorganized company’s operation. Known to be one of the famous investment Bankers and Asset managers, there was nothing I found that I could praise them for. Hughes Capital Management may say a lot of good things about themselves, but they hardly do what they promise.

When I joined, they said a lot of rosy things to me. After joining, just the thorn remained. These guys have no clue about how to manage their employees. They expect us to do everything. They make us do things that’s not our responsibility. And, it happens all the time. We are not paid extra for that. As an employer, this company is the worst I have experienced so far.

They scream on employees. There was an incidence when I had an accident and I informed my manager that I would be late by an hour. Although, I was not hurt, I had to complete some formalities with the traffic department. He said nothing. When I reached office, he started screaming at me. I was not allowed to speak.

This is just one case. There were many incidents where I was taken for a ride. Sometimes, managers even abuse staffs. We are expected to work extra hours every day. The targets are unreasonable and are never met. So, we never receive anything else apart from the salary that is designated for us. And, trust me, the salary is very low.

When taking interviews, these people promise that we would be earning much more money through easy targets. They convince us to work for less money. After joining, we are paid no more than the fixed salary. These guys are cheaters.

They have high turnovers. We are asked to work on weekends as well. No one can opt for not working. These people are cunning. I am not sure what else to write. Everything is messed up. These guys do not even leave clients. We were asked to provide hypothetical dates and the work was never done on schedules.

In addition, we were asked to take the anger from the customers. The company is completely insane. There was no way to resolve problems. Customers were given dates and were given another date.

These guys are unprofessional. They do not know how to work or take work from their employees. All they do is sit in the AC rooms and do nothing. We do the work. We take shit from customers. We do everything and are given penny.

It was a week back when I asked for three days off. I was seriously sick and was asked to get admitted in the hospital. When I asked for the leave, manager started shouting at me. He asked me to leave forever. I was not even paid the salary for the last month. And, they are still not giving me answers about my remaining balance with the company.

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  1. Hughes Capital Review

    I wanted to lease my property and was looking for a company to help me through the process. I contacted Hughes Capital Management to help me out with it. I had heard about the company through some friends. And, was looking for a promising deal.

    Although I never had any experience of working with them in the past, I was positive because of the feedback they have got on the internet.
    I was the one to call them. And, they greeted me well. It was the first impression and I almost got impressed by their work culture or at least what

    I thought was their work culture. However, things changed afterward.
    I was told that I would get a call from their agent who would visit me to understand the deal and would also clarify me with the terms of the services I wanted to opt for. I was convinced as meeting someone from the company in person was important for giving the company the responsibility of my house.

    I got a call the next day. The agent told that he would be visiting me in next few couples of hours. It was early in the morning. I took off for the first half and waited for the guy. However, he did not turn up. So, I called them in the evening and rescheduled the meeting. The guy apologized a lot and gave me good reasons.

    I again got convinced. Unknowingly, I was getting myself into a big trouble. The next thing I remember was the guy at my house with a huge smile. I greeted him, and he asked me to sign some documents. When I insisted to check the documents myself, he said he would give me a brief idea as the papers were too lengthy. I had never heard of such excuse before which exactly meant that they were hiding something.

    So, I asked him to leave the documents at my place and I would sign and return it. Looking at my conviction, he agreed. He told me that I would be required to pay the non-refundable fee and the security deposit. He also dictated me the terms for payments once the property is put on the lease.
    He left. I read the documents and there were many clauses that seemed out of the place. When I called them to discuss, they said that the documents are a formality and there is nothing to worry about. I believed them.

    After three months when my property deal did not seem to move further, I asked for a refund and termination of the agreement. And, that is when it became worse. They declined to terminate the deal and said that the payment was non-refundable. I kept calling them and it’s been more than 10 months and I am still waiting to lease my property. The agreement was for a year and they won’t let me go through a different company.

    So, I guess, I will have to wait for another two months to find a reasonable and legitimate company for leasing my property. I am never going to work with HCM ever again.

Reported Loss :1000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : mak
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