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I had an electrical fire in the carport last December and part of the work was to clean the ducts to my home. The insurance company provided $850.00 for this service alone. I research and did my due diligence as best as I could during a very stressful time. Home Pro’s site is very informative and I was glad that they would remove and clean the blower as well as spray the ducts afterwards with a soot sealer so I chose them. First it took them a few weeks because they were waiting on a ‘natural’ soot sealer to come in. Later I found out that there’s no such thing and they obviously were lying to me.
Leo showed up with some ancient relic of a vacuum and started with his helper. I noticed that they were not removing the grills like it stated in their site and when I questioned that they said it was unnecessary. Nonsense. Their hose blew out at some point and they had to go replace it. They came back and later, they asked me if I really wanted to wash the blower. Well, if you’re going to get paid for it, why not perform the work- right? He seemed upset when I requested him to do the work as we originally planned. So later when they finished, I wrote the check and they were gone. I did not even want him to spray that garbage of soot sealer he had and offered to do it myself. Pure junk that after a few years you need to reapply it or you’ll wind up breathing toxic substances.
A few days after the cleaning, both my wife and me noticed we started waking up with bloody noses day after day. One day I walked into the furnace room early in the morning into a huge puddle of water that was going into the next room. Leo had broken the drain to the humidifier and had tucked it behind a pipe. Nice job of not even telling me. I had purchased another humidifier to install even though the insurance did not pay for that and I wanted everything replaced but it was a different model so I had to order another one from the same company as I had originally. Luckily it was expressed within 2 days. At some point I called Leo and he came to see it already installed. I asked him to pay the bill ($120. I think) for damages but he never did. He always came up with an excuse for everything including damaging the humidifier. ‘Most people call before they do the work.’ Like who cares when you’re waking up with bloody noses and there’s a huge puddle on the floor? It’s not like I asked him to pay me for the installation- just the part as I was trying to be fair.
I also noticed that some of the grills that he pulled to get his tool down the duct were bent and one grill cannot even go back on. I won’t even begin to tell you about the sloppiness of his work. Left the duct cutouts in two different places when the trash was only 5′ away. Tired of every excuse he could come up with I let this go for a while till today when I joined Dirty Scam (great site) just to write this review that has troubled me since the day the work was done. Luckily enough, every other contractor I have hired so far and prior to this has not caused me any problems like Leo. Sure, some things can break or damage but at least they have been honest and corrected their damages instead of talking excuses for this and that. Like it was my fault he broke the drain line!
Lastly, it’s too bad that I don’t know how to upload photos on this site cause the pictures I took of the duct cleaning after I removed the humidifier and some ducts say everything about this company.

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3 reviews on Home Pro – Air Duct Cleaning

  1. Truly the worst in the business.

    Nothing super but resolved. I hired them and I’ve seen better.

  2. Would hire them again!

    They were thorough and professional! Would hire them again!

  3. I would highly recommend them!

    Unlike many of the other guys, they were not pushy, and did not try to use scare tactics to sell me on gimmicks. They were very straightforward and explained all of the options to me. In the end I got a great deal and they did an outstanding job! I would highly recommend them!

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