Highlands Residential Mortgage – Plano West

They Mistakenly Used Our Debt

There are plenty of options out there for mortgages so do yourself a favor and pick a different one! If I could give them zero stars I would.

Highlands Residential Mortgage – Plano West almost destroyed my 1031 exchange by denying a loan 2 DAYS BEFORE COE!

They mistakenly used our debt from a sold property and didn’t mention there was a problem until it was way too late!

They should have noticed as we had discussed the plan for over 3 months before the transaction.

They also did not properly review documentation submitted asking for multiple copies of the same documents.

And don’t expect them to understand income from any source but W2 jobs.

Fortunately I found another lender who was able to close the loan in just 4 days along with several more properties.

If you are an experienced investor or it’s important to you to actually close the loan, please, Please, PLEASE look elsewhere.

You can find better rates, better communication and much better service from almost anywhere.

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5 reviews on Highlands Residential Mortgage – Plano West

  1. Very unprofessional.

    I submitted an online application with them over a month ago and have not heard back from anyone. They already ran my credit though and I scanned in all the required forms online. Very unprofessional.

  2. Worst experience!

    Worst experience! We have bought several homes in our lifetime and have never been led down such a deep rabbit hole. This was a $15000.00 mistake! Incredibly disappointed!

    We had a pre-qual letter from Bryan Rankin, and was not aware that our loan would not go through until a day before closing. Then we had to scrabble to try and find another lender. Unfortunately, we lost our dream home and lots of cash! Hard lesson!

  3. Never Again

    If you want to get taken advantage of on your loan work with Tish Ashley and/or Lauren Stamper. Want to get lied to, deceived, and work with uneducated loan officers – these are your ladies!

    If you want them to screw up your loan closing date by 2 months (i.e. you close in 2 weeks and they have literally nothing done because they thought your closing was 2 months away) then use Highland Mortgage.

    If you question their deceptive business practices… like raising your interest rate to cover the title policy your sales contract states they are to pay they just ignore your emails about this.

    When you ask where your credit is – i.e. for said title policy ($1789) they tell you their lender credit (the one they gave you for raising your interest rate which you did NOT ask them to do) of $1372 covers it. When you ask how on earth a $1372 lender credit = $1789 they ignore you.

  4. I don't understand why they didn't ask for that doc in advance.

    I had a very bad experience with Highlands Residential Mortgage . We closed loan on my investment property in OCT ,2015.Anthony worked on this loan from this company.They mislead me on several occasions.No professionalism and full of lies.

    He was so disinterested in my loan for some reason. May be because of loan amount is small ($228K). CB Jeni build recommended this lender and I went with this lender thinking process will go smooth. He took advantage of this situation .They never alerted me for any documents.

    I know mortgage process and involved in home buying before so started asking questions on documents required. The moment I ask question they come back and say we need this doc ASAP. I don’t understand why they didn’t ask for that doc in advance.

  5. I would NEVER do business with these dodos again.

    While this company got me a fair rate and were verbally very friendly and responsive, they were super slow and totally inept. I was asked for duplicate loan documentation more than once before closing (duplicate as in the exact same documentation had already been emailed/faxed).

    I was promised a closing on a certain date (“oh for sure by then…”) and it went 2-3 weeks past. Then, AFTER CLOSING, I was contacted that further documentation was needed (duplicate again! — I had already sent it prior to closing). When I was slow to respond (hey, I had already closed!), they threatened to call my note due. Really? .

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