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Stay far far away from Henry Construction!

This company performed a home renovation for me last year (or nearly performed it, anyway) and nearly everything they did was shady, lousy, irresponsible or incomplete and sometimes all of those things at once.

Aside from the shoddy work they did, they were impossible to get in touch with, took MONTHS away from the work site without ever making an effort to communicate with me and refused to honor their warranty after the job was “complete”.

A few highlights from my experience:

They did a complete rewiring of the electrical systems, but they left all of the old wires in the walls right next to the new ones.

They replaced some pipes in the bathroom that were running on the outside of the wall with new pipes on the inside of the wall, but left the old pipes in place.

After replacing a few of the stone tile roof shingles, they left in the little supporting things that hold the new tiles in place as they adhere. I don’t know what they’re called, but they’re still on my roof and they look ridiculous.

For the first several weeks of a project which was supposed to take two months in total, they showed up infrequently and did little work. After a few weeks they stopped showing up altogether. I hounded them until they told me that there was a problem with the permits, and assured me that they were working as fast as possible to get it sorted out. But the communication stopped after that. It was nearly three months until they began working again, during which time I sent many emails, left many voice messages and only heard back from them after my (awesome) real-estate agent put pressure on them.

After that agonizing episode, the work continued intermittently. At one point the head contractor actually told me, “Sorry, my electrician skipped town with no notice. I’ve got to find a new electrician that I can get into your house.” That statement exemplifies the type of sub-contractors he found, and his relationship with them. Given his communication skills, I can only imagine what his instructions to them might have been like. “Hey, go over to this guy’s house and… I dunno… stare at the pipes for a few hours then call it a day I guess. If you get bored, just skip town or something.”

In all it took six months to get my house into a condition where I could live in it, during which time I was staying with some very understanding family and commuting 60 miles a day into work. I was so relieved to finally get to live in my house that I didn’t even complain about the mess they left behind. And it didn’t really surprise me when, after moving into the house and finding problems with the work, they were absolutely impossible to get ahold of.

A year after this, I am still paying out of my own pocket to have problems fixed. Today it was a leak in the tub that I was told was fixed, but which continues to leak and has now damaged the ceiling of my kitchen. Several friends have advised me to take legal action, but for now I feel more compelled to warn others.

Stay far far away from Henry Construction!

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