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Helena has been scamming her company pretending she is sick when she isn’t, she then got involved with this marketing scam and is pretending to be rich when in fact she is living in a old moldy trailer and using people in the community such as the community came together to give someone needy some xmas help so they gave it to her then she goes online  saying see this isn’t a scam look this is the fourth trip this year implying she is making all this money on line and you should invest and give your money to her. Stay far away as it is all lies including her back story saying she was a poor single mom saying she worked three jobs all her life this is bull welfare paid her way all the way through so please hold onto your hard yearned money and don’t fall for this scam artist evil ways.

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  1. Well I saw her ad and I decided to reach out to see whats its all about a few months back and I emailed her for more info and she responded pretty quick, I asked how much is the total costs? She replied that I had to pay her 100 dollars first before she would answer that. So I said I am not paying until I have more insight into the business she then said watch this live webenair tonight so I did and all it was was a bunch of fools saying they are all rich buying houses going on vacations the whole thing is joke the only ones making money is the fools on the top everyone else gets hosed. I informed her that I didnt get any insight from it and I want to know how much this costs and what would i be doing she couldnt answer the questions and became rude saying i would never become a leader because i was stuck in fear with my thoughts she said its only 100dollars ! Very pushy and she kept saying once your on the inside i will tell you. So i was kinda upset at how she treated me so i decided to have this woman checked out so i found a scam buster guru online sent her page http://www.ajourneytowin.com and he said this is a typical scam to stay away he said if i were to pay the 100 dollars thats where i would be con into buying coaching packages at 100 dollars a half hr then if you want to more money off of your commisons you have to pay like 28,000 and higher to get closer to the top of the pryimad to qualify for the bigger commisions. Its so sad to see people like her scam people out of their money just so she doesnt have to work. But I am a woman of god and believe we reap what we sow. So keep your money in your wallet

    1. Crystal

      You do not have to look at her site long to figure out that it is a scam. Here is a few pointers to watch out for:
      1) she has fake followers notice she speaks English however most of them are not English speaking
      2) google how to buy online follwers , they do this to boost themselves to make it look legit.
      3) They also pay to boost themselves up on google so if you type their name in Google they will appear at the top of the list again given the false preception that they are popular.
      4) Notice she does not have family and ftiends signed under her! If she was so rich wouldnt you think they would not want to quit their job and only work a few hours a week to get rich?
      5) Also I noticed she is in most of the pics by herself, where are all her friends she keeps referring too? Could it be she doesnt have many or is it because they are embarrassed to be part of this sham.
      6) I also noticed she takes a lot of photos in her car , why isnt she showing off her house with all the money she is making you would think she would showing pics of that.
      7) last but not least we would all love to work from home and be rich but this isnt reality if that was the case we all would be doing it. There are legit digital marketing gigs however it isnt for newbies, it takes time and education.
      These people are looking for short cuts and are a dime a dozen just google laptop lifestyle basically itS fake it to you make it so you have to pretend your rich and post yourself enjoying outdoors of different places to make it look like your so rich you can travel and enjoy nature instead of working for someone else.
      Any company that will not disclose how much this venture is going to cost or what you will be doing is a dead give away its a scam. Always do your homework first before investing in anything .

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