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Awful waste of money and time. Too bad

I am just so disturbed since yesterday I could out that Havertys furniture stores as a company has very integrity and honesty with its customers. I have been fighting with them about furniture purchase I made few weeks back. I thought I purchased quality dining room set from them. But in fact I got more drama and bad quality furniture and service that I was hoping for. After many deliveries(like 9 or even more) and many scratches, unfinished edges, dents, many conversations, lies, accusations of me not being present for the delivery, I am sick and tired of arguing and begging to make things right. Compensation that I have received was taken back and I was left with $200 gift certificate and instead $1100 from customer care and & $300 from the store, $140 credit, test of comp was taken back.  I am calling upon President of Havertys Clarence Smith to make things right. If you think on $6000 purchase $340 compensation is fair, after the bad services I receive from your company, many deliveries with ruined merchandise, lost dinners with family, completely ruined 4th of July weekend, wrong accusations, lies and unfulfilled promises and bad service from Top Drawer Customer Service, my moms upset all the time because of this we have a mess in the house and my time spent on the phone, online and going back to the store you people are wrong. Your District Manager for this area can’t do the right think, maybe you can. Please take care of us, at this point I will ask for at least half off or please take this furniture back. Thank You

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  1. Havertys Furniture Is Not Service Provide.

    We bought a sofa with a lifetime “we’ll replace anything that needs it, even if it gets stained or torn” warranty.

    delivery was weeks late, a leg was damaged (slightly, not worth complaining about) and seams started opening within a couple of which they WILL NOT COVER. Awful waste of money and time. Too bad ~ the furniture was nice.

  2. Also quality seems very mediocre. Buyer beware!

    I bought over $10,000 in furniture in one visit, none of which was custom. It was to all be in stock and delivered in one visit. It took SIX visits to get it all done. FIVE of which they did not arrive in the window time frame.

    I did get them to give me a small compensation for inconvenience but it was not nearly worth it. I have never experienced such a poorly run furniture store. I will not be going back. Also quality seems very mediocre. Buyer beware!

  3. Deception by omission seems to be the summary of my experience.

    Deception by omission seems to be the summary of my experience. They charged me $162 in delivery expenses for a sofa and love seat pair where my home is only 7 miles from the store.

    True, I did return the furniture, but they assured me that returns would be “no problem” without the mention of over $150 in non refundable charges.

  4. DOES NOT back its product, and you

    You’re paying for a name ONLY. HAVERTYS, DOES NOT back its product, and you, WILL be disregarded if you attempt to complain. I purchased a sleeper sofa, and two days later the Ottoman. Spent way to much, but being it was from Havertys,

    I knew (or thought) I knew it would get her to her next step.
    Sofa sleeper, Did NOT LAST LONG, Ottoman got a Hair line unravel in a seam. Not to MENTION, the couches went into melt down when 2 or people say on it.

  5. Beyond the best!

    Beyond the best! I am not fond of shopping for most anything. So, when my mother needed a recliner post knee surgery, I dreaded the search. She was struggling to walk, not feeling well and, to top it off, it was raining cats and dogs the day we shopped. We stopped at Havertys and were greeted by Victor. He was patient, kind and reassuring.

    However, it was what happened a month later that cemented me as a customer for life. As Mom continued to heal and feel better, she realized that the chair she selected was great for her knee but horrible for her neck. She’s rather short and it just didn’t “fit.” Mom called customer service where the agent walked her through what she needed to do and what her options would be.

  6. Very disappointed in the unprofessional way they handled this situation at this store on S. Hulen Street in Fort Worth.

    The day before delivery day I called the store to confirm because I had to reserve the dock and freight elevator at our condominium and I also took time off of work to meet them there.

    When I spoke to Haverty’s they said they show that Blake, the store manager changed it to Wednesday. I asked if it could be moved back to Tuesday and they said no. I asked to speak to a supervisor and they transferred me to the store where I purchased the furniture.

Reported Loss :200 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely Low
Reported by : anonymous
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