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worst customer service

Single worst customer service I’ve ever experienced in my life. Jessenia has literally ignored my calls, promised callbacks, not followed through and has been inconsistent every single time we speak to her.

I have tried for over a week to get our surgery scheduled and every time have been advised she’s unavailable, will call you back and then nothing. If this is how they treat people when I’m trying to PAY them,

I can’t imagine how the experience would be once they have my money. Here’s the experience: We went into a consultation and had a very good feeling while we were there. We were advised that my wife was a “easier/minor” mommy makeover and our work would be $23,700.

We mentioned the “Antonio” promotion that was advertised on their Facebook stating that they would provide $2000 off their quote. Immediately the excuses began. Explained that work would have to be completed at the end of October and they are booked until conveniently enough the week after October.

I advised the confusion considering this promotion was just advertised and the “Antonio consultation” wasn’t even scheduled yet. Jessenia responded “yes we might have to extend that.” So we advise we will get our financials together and make a decision.

The very next day we called and spoke to Jessenia who told us “great news! We have an open house that will actually be even better than the Antonio promotion that brings it down $2500 to a total $20200.” Very excited, we knew we would want to move forward.

She said she will call me back once she talks to her manager and it would either be the end of that day or the very next day. Never heard back. Called, told she was busy and would call back. Never called back. Called again the next day, and the next day, and again. Nothing.

We finally get an after hours text explaining that the open house is suddenly more expensive and the cash price is actually $23,250 for the “promotion” which is more than our original quote. She mentioned she’ll see what she can do with the managers and get back to me.

I immediately responded to the text, no response. Apparently she threw her phone and ran away from it immediately after texting me. This was two days ago. Have called yesterday, no response.

Then today, finally received a message that they MIGHT be able to do $500 off the scar treatment but they aren’t honoring any of their promotions. So for the open house they are increasing prices $2500 and claiming a $2500 discount?

Why even run the promotion? It’s a scam and a way to make people think they are saving. I called to clarify why when we talked our price was $20,700 and now it’s back up over $23,000 and of course she is busy, can’t return but will “call me back later today.”

That’s literally the exact words I’ve heard multiple times with no response. If you want to run a professional business, don’t have it run by children. We are heart broken and need to research elsewhere.

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4 reviews on Guerra Plastic Surgery Center

  1. Guerra Plastic Surgery Center he Is Scammer.

    The work I had done was fine, my problem is with their referring to Care Credit and screwing up the details with them that has cost me an extra $3000! First of all Care Credit is a very grimy company, knowing this I can’t believe they push you to sign up with them.

    Secondly, what we signed up for was interest free with the intent to pay it off before then. Coming up on our two we’re looking to pay it off and come to find out they somehow only signed us for 18mo?

    Now we’re stuck somehow owing an extra $3000 in interest. While the work done was good, it was NOT worth it for the total price we paid. Do not get talked into signing for their credit card.

  2. The staff was very helpful and made me feel comfortable the whole time.

    The staff was very helpful and made me feel comfortable the whole time. I had a lot of excess skin and my stomach muscles were badly separated from the birth of my children.

    It has now been a year and I am very happy with the results. I have a minor area of the scar that is not flat and my lower abdomen is not as flat as I expected but considering what I went in with I am still thrilled with my results.

  3. I am happy with my results and would go to him again and again!

    I loved Dr. Guerra’s office! His staff was genuinely kind and cared about me. I live out of town, and they made very possible accommodation for me. Especially the day of the surgery,

    every nurse and person helping me made me their top priority. I was so nervous, and they put me at ease and took excellent care of me. I am happy with my results and would go to him again and again!

  4. Dr. Guerra and his team of professionals made my breast augmentation experience seamless

    Dr. Guerra and his team of professionals made my breast augmentation experience seamless. Upon meeting with our trained consultation, Kimberly, I felt completely at ease. She listed to what I wanted rather than telling me what she thought I should do. After sharing my wishes with Dr. Guerra, he successfully achieved my goals of wanting a natural, full look and avoiding a breast lift.

    Not only was my experience top notch leading up to the surgery, but also afterward. Dr. Guerra’s nursing staff never seems to be in a hurry and takes time to discuss the results while educating patience on how to best achieve their ideal look after surgery. I highly recommend Dr. Guerra for at the very least a free consultation. From there, you’ll see how wonderful they really are.

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