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Fake Sour Dubble Scam

Greyskull Seeds claim to fame is that they “found” a mysterious, clone only strain named Sour Dubble — Ancestor of High Times Cannabis Cup award winner Gorilla Glue #4 (or GG#4).

Similar to the kid who moves to a new school and tells lies about how cool he was at his former school to his new classmates — Greyskull showed up on Maui in 2010 with wild tales of how he was the only person on Earth to have a lost strain called Sour Dubble, Mother of Gorilla Glue #4 (during the period that Gorilla Glue #4 was being celebrated as one of the strongest strains on Earth).

Strain-gely nobody in San Diego can vouch for Greyskull’s story, because he is not even from San Diego: he is from Oklahoma!

Did he “find” Sour Dubble in a corn field in Oak-la-homa or did he find a seed of a clone only strain in one of his fragrant fake dreads??

One of the Greyskull San Diego Pakalōlō Pirate Gang members, who engaged our representatives in discussion, says Greyskull “found a single seed of Sour Dubble in a import pound from San Diego home of Sour Dubble”.

1st off: if this mythological seed even did exist, there would be no way to verify if was pure Sour Dubble & not a result of accidental pollination by a hermaphrodite in the grow room. Plus, California warehouse weed importers are notorious for putting popular imposter names on pounds so they will sell.

2nd: Sour Dubble is a CLONE ONLY strain that the original breeder says is lost, yet now Greyskull “found” it?

3rd: Greyskull San Diego is not even from San Diego he is from Oklahoma??

How does a newbie from Oklahoma get in with tight clone only cannabis circles in San Diego after only a few short years???

Probably the same way he becomes an online forum expert on Hawaiian Cannabis Culture in less than a decade:

By faking the skunk funk online.

Greyskull The Grower is a Pakalōlō poser. He has no idea about Hawaiian Cannabis Culture because he is an outsider — yet he opens his big fat mouth online as if he is all knowing & all seeing.

Greyskull spreads misinformation about Maui Wowie & Alaskan Thunderfuck being names to put on regional specific cannabis without a clue that Maui Wowie is a old school, world renown Hawaiian Sativa strain & Alaskan Thunderfuck is a hybrid that was bred specifically so it could be cultivated outdoors in Alaska during their legendary long sun light days by crossing a California Sativa to a Russian Ruteralis x Afghan Indica.

Ruteralis produces an auto-flower response allowing a plant to flower when there are over 12 hours of sunlight.

Greyskull doesn’t know abour these strains, yet he speaks on them online as if he was an expert.

Just like the girlfriend who is always jealous, suspecting you are cheating (all the while she is the one getting down around town) Greyskull & his gang of punk Pakalōlō Pirate posers question the validity of every other breeders genetics — yet it is Greyskull Seeds passing off a fake Sour Dubble to sell their random hybrid seeds!!!

Worse still: Greyskull Seeds organized a fake cannabis cup competition (blatantly copying High Times Cannabis Cup) to promote their bunk brand & are tricking locals here in Hawai’i into believing they are legitimate by showing them Instagram photos of their invite only fake Cannabis Cup.

The real High Times Cannabis Cup is open to the public.

What do these Pakalōlō Pirates have to hide???

Greyskull Seeds are total scammers, scallywags, scumbags & absolute rip offs!!!




Is Greyskull Seeds a scam?
Greyskull Seeds is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Greyskull Seeds legit?
First Greyskull Seeds is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Greyskull Seeds’s consumers?
There is/are 3 review(s) posted about Greyskull Seeds and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Extremely High.
Where is Greyskull Seeds located?
Greyskull Seeds is located at Oklahoma, USA. You can contact Greyskull Seeds by dialing N/A or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Greyskull Seeds’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $420 was the total loss incurred by Greyskull Seeds’s customers.
The reviews, complaints and scams about Greyskull Seeds are deliberately written by realtalk4200. We, at Dirty Scam are not liable for the content written about Greyskull Seeds. If you have any issue with Greyskull Seeds incident report, Please contact the author of this complaint directly, as we are not obligated to remove the complaint.

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3 reviews on Greyskull Seeds

  1. StiwuStu

    False info, slander, personal attack

    This guy’s slander gets it wrong. Same rant on another site with an erroneous photo claiming Greyskull is from Oklahoma. Known him since he was in grade school in the Newport Beach area. Greyskull was given seeds from BOG. We have had his SDxSB (Sour Dubble) cut since ‘07 and was gifted personally from Greyskull …it is everything that he describes. We have run the S. Dubble x Fire Pie cross …it is Fire. If this sleazy slanderer is concerned about diluting Hawaiian Pakalolo genetics, then he should make himself a guardian of those genetics by growing them; not by slandering a well rooted California transplant that lives aloha (obviously more than he does).

    1. Greyskull Oklahoma

      Is slandering local seedbanks in Hawaii how Greyskull lives aloha?

      Or is it when he imports shwag mainland warehouse weed to undercut local farmers prices??

      Please tell us more about how Greyskull “lives Aloha” in Oklahoma???

      The B.O.G. remake is fake — it is not the real Sour Dubble

      Greyskull & his whole Pakalōlō Pirate posse are as fake as their crusty crusty dreads


  2. Phil

    More slander authored by Pua Mana Ohana Seedbank

    Kerry Emerson of pua mana seeds has been posting this same misinformed BS all over the internet. This idiot gets all his info off leafly and seedfinder…which says alot. Both sites are filled to the brim with misinformation and inaccuracies.
    It’s funny that the only person talking shit about Greyskull, is this lonely troll on Kauai with a failed seedbank that tries to capitalize off uninformed mainlanders.
    You can ask just about any reputable breeder or grower in the industry and they will tell you the opposite of what this pua mana guy is constantly trolling about…and they will all tell you what a nutjob this pua mana guy is.

    1. Uncle


      Just like the girlfriend who is always jealous, suspecting you are cheating (all the while she is the one getting down around town) Greyskull & his gang of punk Pakalōlō Pirate posers question the validity of every other breeders genetics — yet it is Greyskull Seeds passing off a fake Sour Dubble to sell their random hybrid seeds… #FakeSourDubble

    2. Greyskull San Diego


      Pua Mana ‘Ohana puts information ON Leafly & Seedfinder.

      Pua Mana ‘Ohana is a old school Hawaiian cannabis collective who shares seeds and stories of classic strains.

      Greyskull Seeds are just mad they never sampled Maui Wowie in the 9 years they were on Maui selling cheap import lbs of shwag mainland warehouse weed because everyone on Maui knew they were crusty custys with fake dreads & avoided them like the plague.

      Greyskull got booted from Maui earlier this year for all the hate he spread online about Maui Uncles.

      Greyskull lives in Oklahoma now where he smokes fake sour dubble & tries to tell people how cool he was when he lived on Maui.

    3. Todd

      Anyone can put info on seedfinder and leafly

      Anyone can put info up on seedfinder and leafly, that doesnt add validity to anything pua mana seed company does. He is a fraud in every sense of the word. Just ask all the former partners that made his seeds for him and now have similar scam reports filed about them on numerous websites like this one.

  3. Greyskull San

    Fake Dreads


    1. Yosemite Sam of Shwag

      Greyskull is the Yosemite Sam of Shwag

    2. p

      Kerry is obsessed with men with beards

      Kerry of pua mana ohana has 10 different instagram pages dedicated to posting pictures of guys with beards. Pretty creepy.

Reported Loss :420 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Realtalk4200
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