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Greenstar Home overcharges for everything

We get our heaters checked after every summer. This time, we called someone from Greenstar Home Services to check the heater safety and flush. The guy told us that we needed to replace the water heater as it was dangerous to use it going forward.

We agreed about whatever he said, and the guy replaced the valve first but left the connectors lose. When we checked the garage after few days, it was flooded entirely. The plumber also checked the leakage in the slab pipe and suggested that we should re-pipe the entire house.

He told us that he would provide an estimate after talking to his manager. Also, when the guy left, he did not turn the water heater on and when I went for the shower the very next day, I found that the water was not hot. I could not figure out ourselves and had to call him again to fix the issue.

He tried to tell us how to do it on phone, but I could not do it and he had to visit us again. He also got the estimate for the entire re-piping of the house. When I checked the bill, it was too much for us to spend at that moment and said if he could adjust some discounts. As per the estimate, it would have incurred me $15,000.

To this, he said that the price was much lesser than what other offers. This is when I got an idea to check with the other company. Also, after all the mishandling of the water heater and seeing the irresponsibility of the guy, I was not confident anymore.

So, I contacted another company. The guy who came to check the house and the problems, told me that I never needed the replacement of the valve. And, when I asked about the leakage, he proposed to clear the area that was damaged. He said that we did not need the repining of the whole house.

I think this company works with smoke and mirror. They give misleading information and then bait their customers in paying them for unnecessary services. The work was completed in less than 10% of the estimate that I got from Greenstar Home Services.

I did get fooled with the water heater problem, but at least saved a lot of bucks on the plumbing issue. In addition, I also compared the cost of re-piping of the entire house from other three companies and the estimates were three times less than what they proposed.

This is clearly a scam. Misleading information and keeping customers in dark can lead them behind the bars. This company is completely worthless. The service men are not trained enough and I myself experience a lot of trouble while letting them work on my water heater.

To get the water drained, I paid another company and many equipment were damaged. While I was away for the weekend, the entire garage soaked in the water. And, these guys did not even apologize.

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  1. Greenstar Home Services Review

    Greenstar Home Services is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They charged me for unnecessary work and when I asked for a refund, they put the blame on the person came to do the work.

    They do not even take responsibility for the technician they send for work. Unprofessional and fraud, these two terms describe them well.

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