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Hello, my new friend, I’m so glad to write you, dear xxx:) I want to
thank you for your interest, I think it’s nice beginning of our
communication. As you already know, I’m Shania and I’m so glad to meet
you here. We have so nice chance to know more about each other. I’ll
be happy if you tell me more about you, your country, likes and
wishes. And surely, I’m going to tell you more about myself:)

Dear xxx, firstly, I want to tell you, that I live in a beautiful
country, USA. Do you know about it? And if yes, so you should know
about NY city. I’m lucky to live in this nice, big city that is
situated at the sea-side…My life begins here 15 of March 1981, so I’m 30 years old now.
I’m sorry, I can’t tell you about my parents, cause I don’t know them.
I was grown up in the children’s house. I think you understand it was
not the best time of my life. My childhood was without clothes for
choice, doll “Barbie”, teddy bears and famous cartoons…but the main
thing, that I lost was parents’ love. And that is why, now my work is
to help kids with finding new families for them. I understand as
nobody, how it’s difficult and painful to live alone. It’s really
difficult to tell about my work just in few words, I’ll tell you more
later and in one word my job is social employee.

You know, some years ago, I couldn’t even imagine, that I’d be looking
for my soul mate with the help of Internet. I think, it’s a great
chance and I believe that I’ll meet my beloved person very soon. And
what about you? What are looking here for? what are your dreams and
hopes? I’ll be looking for your letter and I hope to know more about
So could you help me with send to me Money in your currency? around $1000 would be great, that
I can come and visit you and we have a real relationship?

Have a nice day.

Hello-Hello:) I’m so glad that you give me your e-mail, thank you very
much for your interest, I hope it’s nice beginning of our pleasant
communication:) You know, it’s so wonderful, that we have a great
opportunity to share everything here. I think, that we are lucky to
live in this age of modern technology and communicate from any point
of our planet:) I hope you will tell me more about your likes, place,
family and anything that you are ready to share with me. Surely, I’ll
be happy to answer any question that you are interested in.

Have a nice day!


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