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Do Not Hire This Company! They are a bunch of thieves! We just used them on 2/29/16 and they have stolen over 2000$ worth of things! And now they’re trying not to get back to us. I had to file a police report and document every item and cost. We are going to be sueing them per the police that’s the best idea. Please please do not use them! If you value your things. I’m mad I even have to put one star to post! Please disregard that star. The worst experience I have ever had!

A little update…the owner insisted on walking through our house to see if he could find the things that were “missing”, of course he did not find them. He was acting like Judge Judy like we were wrong for reporting this and questioned us and completely defended his movers. He said “they said they didn’t do it” and he believed them. Of course they were going to say that! They would lose their jobs if they didn’t. Thieves unless caught in the act do not admit these things, so much for the costumer comes first. So we filed a claim with our renters insurance and gave them the police report. Thank God they are refunding us the money for these items. But it’s two weeks later and I’ve had to live without them thanks to their thievery. It’s such a hassle and we had done nothing wrong. We hired and paid a lot of money to movers that were responsible for our items. And they took them. I hope everyone who’s thinking of hiring this company can read this and see all the trouble they have caused us. Not worth the headache at all.

Update: Thanks to the insurance company I got all my things back….plus some stealing doesn’t pay off. Karma is a bitch. So happy I got everything back.

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  1. Great Scott Moving Bad Company

    I called, said I was moving to D.C. with my boyfriend, and first thing Scott said was, “Oh, you’ll be living in sin!” Thanks for your unprofessional, judgmental, 1950s comment.Instead,

    I called My Truck Buddy movers and it was great. Unlike Great Scott, My Truck Buddy didn’t apply a $135 charge for its travel time. Who wants to pay a company when it is not working? So weird.

  2. Never heard from him.

    A few days after the move we noticed the couch dipping down. Looked under it and the center support leg had been unscrewed. It appeared there was damage to the wood frame.

    Unzipped the bottom of the couch and the center support leg fell out! One of the movers had put it (hid it?) in the couch for some reason. I sat on the couch as I settled the final bill and none of the movers ever mentioned that they had removed the center support.

    We called Great Scott and talked to Henry who said they would not pay for anything. We pressed him and he said he would speak to the movers and then call back. Never heard from him.

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