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I have been so disappointed with our experience

I have been so disappointed with our experience communicating with the office of the hospitalist at Grandview Medical Center. A relative of mine was an in-patient for over a month and needed FMLA paperwork to prevent losing her job due to her extended hospital stay.

My relative ended up not having the paperwork submitted on time and lost her job position protection and benefits as a result of this office’s nonchalance.

Everything else about our experience at Grandview has been pleasant. It is truly a shame that our experience with one office could ruin our entire relationship with this facility.

I turned in the paperwork with a month to spare, which the office of the hospitalist lost.

I turned it in again three weeks prior to the deadline and the paperwork was never completed and submitted, as promised by the office of the hospitalist.

To make matters worse, the female employee who answers the phone (and refuses to share her name) repeatedly hung up on me when I called to inquire about the status of the paperwork.

I have repeatedly asked to be connected to an office manager or to speak directly with the doctor.

Every single time I have made this request the woman who answers the phone simply hangs up.

I realize that it is frustrating to receive a call checking on paperwork, but they lost the paperwork and missed the first deadline.

So I felt it necessary to kindly remind them of the sensitivity of the matter.

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    BEWARE OF TRIAGE UNIT IN ER! My wife fell on hard bathroom floor and received a nasty wound on her forearm that was 10 inches long! I wrapped a towel around it and rushed her to Grandview ER. Registered at desk and was called to Triage within the 30 minutes advertised. There, two employees looked at her open, gaping wound, gave her the towel back and sent us back to the waiting room.

    TWO HOURS later, she was called for treatment. Medical staff did a good job with internal stitches and 25 staples to close the wound. Yes, we counted 25 actual staples for this large, gaping wound! The Triage Unit mishandled this case and should have put her ahead of other patients that did not have open wounds.

    I doubt that anybody there for treatment of migraine or flu would have objected to her going ahead of them for treatment, given the true emergency nature of her injury.

  2. I will file a complaint!

    I really wanted to love this hospital after having heard great things. It is a beautiful facility and we had a good experience in the ER but it got worse from there.

    Somehow his medication was recorded wrong. I gave the medication list; I did not report that he takes a sleeping pill 3 times a day! Nurses acted offended when I questioned this but I refused to let them sedate him in the middle of the day. I requested the record be changed, was told it was but the discharge report had the 3 times a day dose.

    We were told we could leave at 11:30 am. He got in the car at 8:05 pm. Completely insane! He has dementia and they found him wandering the hall looking for me an hour after I left to get the car. No one had notified transport. Then they offered to “send him down” when I called. An elderly man with dementia, cancer, and cardiac issues.

  3. cardiac issues.

    No one had notified transport. Then they offered to “send him down” when I called. An elderly man with dementia, cancer, and cardiac issues.

    I did not meet his day nurse until 4:00 today. She says she was busy. She later said she is retiring in 2 weeks. She had already checked out mentally. She was directly responsible for the problems with discharge.

  4. the Power of Attorney, before performing tests

    the Power of Attorney, before performing tests. They let the patient with dementia sign for the procedures. Overall, CVA is “too big for their britches” and leave me feeling as if they could care less.

  5. This place is horrible!

    This place is horrible! The nurses are lazy! My grandfather was in one of the icu’s and it is unbelievable how pathetic some of the nurses are! They treated him like he was an object not a human being.

    They rarely ever checked on him. When the monitors would go off they would do nothing! We may have had 3 great nurses! If you don’t want to care for people then why the heck are you a nurse!

  6. This is my third experience w Grandview Hospital.

    This is my third experience w Grandview Hospital. Once I was admitted for a heart issue, 2 other times ER visits. In all cases, doctors had horrible bedside manner, barely listened to symptoms, did not touch to do “exam” and offered no alternative resolutions. I would not ever return to this hospital for care

  7. Nurses were great!

    I had my right hip replacement surgery at Grandview and Dr Appell was a great doctor! Physical therapy people were extremely nice & understanding! Nurses were great!

    I’m now going back a year later to have my right rotator cuff repaired.
    I highly recommend Grandview over any hospital in Alabama & I live nearly an hour away.

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