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Grand Crowne Resort’s new membership plan is a scam

My wife and I are among the old members of Grand Crowne Resorts Branson and have been updating our membership from more than 5 years. We were always happy with what it had to offer and never felt any problem. However, this time when we were on our vacation at Branson Missouri, we attended our owner update to check the new plans.

We were excited and thought this time also Grand Crowne will come up with something exciting. I even asked my wife to get ready early as I did not want to miss any point.

They started with the presentation. I did not find anything new and was waiting till the end for the surprise package.

I got one, but not in our favour. It was a scam. I realized it as soon as they announced about it. The membership has certain points and there are privileges according to the points earned. However, what they asked for was totally unreasonable. I was about to file Lawsuit against Grand Crowne Resorts but avoided due to the terms.

The new plan offered 20,000 more points for $10300 apart from the closing fee. They also asked to increase the maintenance amount with extra $500 in addition to $800 that we were already paying per year.

They also demanded that the old deed would be forfeited and the new one would be held in a trust. This trust will be controlled by Capitol Resorts which in turn is owned by Grand Crowne Resorts.

I think, Grand Crowne Resorts’ management thinks that customers will not pay attention to what they have to say and will upgrade the plan blindly. But, they are wrong and have forced me to review my old plans. Who knows I can find any hidden agenda.

We have been through this same scam 6 years back with a different company and know how worse the plan is. What all we got was less vacation and had to pay more. We were not even able to enjoy our entire timeshare as the company rented it for making money. And this all was possible because the deed was owned by a trust.

I am not going to repeat it and would like you guys to give it a thought. It is your hard-earned money. Spend it on something worthwhile.

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  1. Grand Crowne Resorts

    I do feel, they are scamming people by charging membership fees, apart from that they have had charged me some extra charges without my consent to charge my credit card.

    I have escalated an issue with my credit card company provider and they have said we can not help you to resolve this dispute due to the long time.

    I do not check my credit card statement often so that’s why i have missed to check statement and they have executed scam.

    Regarding their point system, it has some limited facility to use all the point in one time.. do you know reward point that bank provider as far as you use credit card or your bank account to fund.

    here you can not redeem all the point in one time as in bank you can redeem all the point in one shot, so what the hell they provide point system.

    I really do not recommended to use their membership program useless you are billionaire or millionaire and do not want mess up with just few thousand dollar but still I say its your hard earned money and you should better care of it


    Long story, my wife and I became Grand Crown owners in 2008, over the next 6 yrs we were never able to stay in the lodges due to availability and our limited point package. In 2014 my wife arranged a paid not points vacations thru a Grand Crown marketer to stay in Myrtle Beach on the pretense of sitting thru a 90 minute BS session for some gifting. We were put in a dump that we refused. We returned to the check in desk and after much haggling were put up at the Seaside. Very nice, however, over the course of the next 6 days we had to change rooms every night and even stayed off site on my dime one night. Upon returning for our BS session we were told that Grand Crown hack been purchased by Capital resorts. We were browbeat into spending an additional 9,000 to supposedly get a package that will be usable and become capital owners. Fast forward to 2016 we were invited to Louisville KY for an update. We were told our package was still insufficient to stay anywhere very long. I became irate and told them they were a BOTTOMLESS PIT left the meeting with my gift. Fast forward to fall of 2016 still wanting to stay in lodges. Guess what still not available . Used interval international paid an exchange fee and ended up in less than ideal lodging for 7 nights. Fall of 2017 Capital invited us to Branson for an update on the cheap and we purchased 2 additional nights on the cheap. Arrived at the Capital check in station to pick up our package and guess what, we were sent to the grand crown resort. Our accommodations were messed up with the pretense that they had been canceled. Got every thing straightened out. Staying for 5 nights. Got a call on the morning preceding the fourth night, you guessed it they had already forgot we had 2 more nights to stay. Had to get new room keys. Went to our BS meeting on 10/23/17 we were again told that our points were in adequate and that the salesperson that had originally pulled our file bailed out because he knew we were going to be problem children. The salesperson that talked to us was not informative and we still feel like we are getting the run around. Long story short, if anyone is considering a time share purchase THINK LONG AND HARD. THEY CAN TRULY BE A BOTTOMLESS PIT.

  3. Money grubbing resort

    Have a timeshare with Grand Crowne but never able to use it because they never have any rooms when I call. Doesn’t matters what time of year. Getting pretty discussed with them. Tired of paying out money for nothing.

  4. Ask Questions

    We bought our timeshare in 1998. We are very happy with it but work with the Grand Crowne Association NOT Capital Resorts. The developer, who got into financial trouble, brought in Capital Resorts to sell his remaining inventory and thus the Association was formed to protect the original owners. There is a lawsuit in process to get Capital Resorts out of there. They are the dirty scammers. The Grand Crowne Association, which is managed by Trading Places, is who you need to trust and deal with. Ask questions!!!!

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Approved Date:April 18, 2016
Reported Loss :11110 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely Low
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