Gosidneygo Raising awareness of the vanishing number of WWII veterans, and givin

Raising awareness of the vanishing number of WWII veterans, and giving everyone in all 50 states an opportunity to meet one of the last WWII vets.

Sidney Walton, 99, one of America’s oldest WWII vets, was born on Feb.11, 1919 in New York City.  He enlisted in the Army in 1941, nine months before Pearl Harbor, serving a total of five years.

Before he joined the Army to serve our nation in WWII, Sidney missed a chance to meet some of the last few remaining Civil War veterans in New York City’s Central Park. It was a missed opportunity that he has regretted his entire life.

Now, to make up for that one regret, Sidney has embarked on a one-year National No Regrets Tour in which he will travel to every state and visit every capital.  He plans on meeting all 50 governors and thousands of citizens and veterans on his whirlwind tour, which will conclude on his 100th birthday, Feb. 11th, at the White House.

“As the ‘Greatest Generation’ passes away, here is one last opportunity to thank a member of that generation who served our nation so nobly through its period of greatest need.  Their contributions to our nation and to the preservation of civilization itself should never be forgotten.” (Rhode Island House Resolution, 4/24/18)

“In this moment when the country has been so divisive, this is the one thing that integrates Democrats and Republicans alike. They revere a person who saved both the country and the world. It makes us feel like we have a national treasure,”  said his son Paul.

The one-of-a-kind “No Regrets Tour,” which began in Rhode Island, relies heavily on contributions – see donation links below.

Sidney has met with 12 governors so far and has 38 more to go:


4/24 – Gina Raimondo, Rhode Island; appointed Honorary Brigadier General of RI Militia
4/30 – Mass. Gov. Charlie Baker;  honored on field at Fenway Park
5/4  –  Maine Gov. Paul LePage; luncheon w/ First Lady Ann LePage
5/10 – Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy
5/18 – New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo; 1-hr private meeting
5/24 – New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy and First Lady Tammy Murphy
5/28 – Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb; private mtg. & Memorial Day ceremony after Indy 500
6/11 – Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts press conference
6/19 – Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam
6/26 – Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin
7/3 – Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner
7/11 – Florida Gov. Rick Scott

Gosidneygo gosidneygo gosidneygo gosidneygo is a fraud.Warning as they claim in the GoFundMe this is not a charity I repeat this is not a legal charity. I haven’t worked for them in the beginning and I discovered massive fraud. This store is all based on lies being run by a con man named Paul Walton. Paul Walton is using his father like an organ grinder uses a monkey. He has been craving his father around for years reason tens of thousands of dollars and just getting free meals and restaurants free hotels and raising money with a square card, a PayPal account, a fraudulent GoFundMe account as well as receiving cash gifts and in-kind donations. I am writing you this note out of respect. Have you done your due diligence ond Sidney Walton and his son Paul Walton? In the beginning of this so-called “Goodwill Tour” I was their press agent and publicist. I was in charge of arranging all of the personal appearances with all the previous Governors up until Governor Cuomo in New York. When we arrived in New York I decided to do some fact-checking and due diligence because I thought that Sidney Walton was being coached constantly by his son Paul on what to say how to respond; which put Sydney’s mental state in question. I decided to check the New York archives and the New York Library as well as the Central Park archives in order to confirm that Pauls claim of meeting Civil War veterans in Central Park in 1941 was true. To my great disappointment I discovered that the story of Civil War veterans and Central Park was a complete fabrication. I also tried to confirm that Sidney Walton had suffered an ankle injury which prevented him from serving in the Battle of the Bulge and this is a fabrication as well. Sidney actually broke his ankle while parasailing in Fiji according to an article published in Nola) I asked Mr. Paul Walton about these issues he simply dismissed them and said that “it doesn’t matter now …..because we have all the news agencies both print and tv behind us now..”…. I must regretfully inform you that Paul Walton is using his father Sidney, solely to raise money using a square credit card processor, PayPal account, and a GoFundMe campaign. Paul has been also receiving in-kind gifts such as free hotels free car rental, free meals at restaurants, and other self solicited benefits. The website that you promote has been changed at least 30 times in the last 45 days…….. this is a sign that he is adjusting the truth in order to receive maximum Financial contributions. There will be more information released has more facts are uncovered and more news articles are scrubbed. I believe that he is continuing to use the media and the political establishment in order to achieve is own financial gain with his father as the front man. I cannot sit back and allow this fraud to continue to victimize anymore good natured, well-meaning and kind-hearted citizens.

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  1. I confirm the allegation

    The World War II museum in Louisiana had them physically removed to a public area because they were unwanted his son Paul tried to Gatecrash their events.  Paul gatecrashed the Robin Hood Foundation while we was in New York as well.  He’s been using his father constantly lied to people about being his birthday to obtain free food and other benefits in countless restaurants.  This is not about Governor’s this is not about Sydney and it’s most certainly not about veterans.  This is about Paul Walton living off the kindness of others through using his father.

  2. Completely accurate

    If Sidney Walton would like to raise awareness then let him speak on that…… have his son stop trying to get rich off of this fraudulent Goodwill tour… if you wants to raise awareness for World War II veterans then stop raising money on PayPal, GoFundMe, cash donations, and checks written to a PO Box in San Diego….. have them stop claiming that they are a charity on go fund me when they are not a charity 501 3 C. Stop scamming the American public….. and stop scamming the media and stop scamming governors

  3. #sidneywalton #gofundsidney #gosidneygo

    Everything about this campaign is a fraud. They are not interested in raising awareness they are simply interested in getting your money. Sydney has dementia and does not understand where he is most of the time. There was never an opportunity to meet veterans, he never broke his leg in basic training andHis actual service record indicates that he was inducted into the army never in listed. Shut this scam down.

  4. They are going to try and scam this year’s 2019 Super Bowl. Super Bowl Super Bowl Super Bowl Super Bowl Super Bowl Super Bowl they are going to try and scam the Super Bowl

    They are going to try and scam this year’s 2019 Super Bowl. Super Bowl Super Bowl Super Bowl Super Bowl Super Bowl Super Bowl they are going to try and scam the Super Bowl.

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