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The experience was overall horrible

The main reason why I gave Golden Gate Urgent Care a 1 star is because when it was time for me to be seen it was like Hell. First off the beautiful young lady that took my vitals was very great made me feel at ease being that I am not a major fan of hospitals or just that scenery it freaks me out. Anyways she was very knowledgeable, kind, and extremely empathetic her name was Tiffany she set such high standards being that was my first time there, But might I add the PA that seen me her name was Sarah I mean she made me feel like what i was being seen for was something so minor. She was very short, I felt like she had a MAJOR attitude and that my concerns were not important enough for her. It made me feel so uncomfortable you know when we go to the doctors or any type of medical facility we always want to feel like we are being taken care of in all aspects meaning I would never want to feel like I am wasting someones time when they are getting PAID to see me and take care of me. The experience was overall horrible and I would never refer anyone in my family to go here.

Some friendly advice is to HIRE people that are Sympathetic people that wont make your patients feel like they are a waste of time. At the end of the day we are all humans and even sick humans need to be treated how you would want to be treated if the rolls were switched. I would never forget how Rude she was to me in my time of need just total disrespect and to all my fellow on Dirty Scam if you go to this LOCATION and you are about to be seen by a SARAH really pale lady with glasses do NOT i mean do NOT be seen by her she is a BITCH.

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  1. where we would not have had to pay

    We are visiting in the area and went to your facility in Mill Valley to get flu shots. We have never had to pay for flu shots before and assumed that medicare covered the cost with you. We gave the receptionist our medicare cards and ID and filled out the form and got the shots.

    We were then informed that you do not accept insurance for flu shots and would have to pay $40 each. We were not told this beforehand. If we had known we would have gone to CVS or Walgreens where we would not have had to pay $80.

  2. I couldn't believe it to be honest.

    The receptionist at the front was either having a bad day or she is just plane rude. My son is 6 years old and can be nosey but the receptionist kept asking if I can have my son to be quite. It made me so upset that she was so rude and giving us this face that we got up and left.

    She did not care that we canceled the appointment because of her! All she said was okay Its cancelled and called the next patient. I asked for her name and she mumbled it and I asked again and she yelled Roxie! I couldn’t believe it to be honest.

  3. I would never come back here.

    I would never come back here. Online appointment system seems to be a joke – started 45 minutes late. Ugh

  4. The doctor flatly refused to close an open wound.

    The doctor flatly refused to close an open wound. He said they didn’t do that kind of care there. Really?

  5. Not really satisfied.

    Very clean and friendly.

  6. this is good enough...

    clean… beautiful… charming.. the doctors and other staff are so much friendly

  7. So we had to wait while she spent time filling out a completely new sheet.

    This may have been the worst urgent care administrative experience I’ve ever been a part of, and I typically use urgent care walk-in clinics because it’s generally cheaper and easier than hospitals for “small issues”. I don’t know if it’s because it’s San Francisco and I’m not from the area but the location was horribly understaffed for the administrative function.

    2 hours plus wait just to be called back for the doctor. One lady working the front desk when there are over 20 people waiting in the lobby meant waiting 1.5 hours to even give the receptionist our information.

  8. I think I'll be going elsewhere from now on.

    I’ve been here a few times, and even though my experiences were never amazing, I just kind of rolled with it since this was usually a place I came as a last resort.

    However, last time I went in I believe I was seriously over billed. $600+ to “drain” a tiny bump on my ear even though there was very clearly no liquid (so basically $600+ to stick a needle near my earlobe).

    They told me it was a bug bite, though no one could find the bite. To be fair, I did consent to this, but I never imagined I’d get billed $600+ for this.

  9. I would definitely go there again.

    I made an appointment for my young grandson because he had a chronic cough and we were concerned about bronchitis. Our only complaint is that we had to wait 45 mins. Otherwise, the facility was clean and beautifully appointed, the staff very helpful and friendly and the attention and care to our grandson very professional. I would definitely go there again.

  10. We were visiting the Discovery Museum when something blew into my niece's eye.

    We were visiting the Discovery Museum when something blew into my niece’s eye. We could not get it out nor could the museum staff so I knew we needed to go elsewhere. I made an appointment online and we got there a few minutes before. Hillary W.

    took excellent care of my niece and successfully removed the piece of glitter (!) and checked her eye for any scratches. I was impressed with her care and patience…thank you! Also, the facility was super clean. Parking was a little tricky but since I was dropped off at the curb it worked out, although our ride had to park down and around the corner.

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