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Global InterGold Fraudes: EmGoldex Ponzi scheme rebrands itself an Issues

I have been trying to figure out the difference EmGoldex has brought this time under the name of Global Intergold. To my distress, there has nothing changed. Though they have tried to make their website look different, but that has not worked either. Either they call it gold investment company previously or the online gold store this time, their ponzi scheme is yet similar.

I would really applaud for the audacity of its founders who do not fear a thing. They do not have any morals to shut this damn thing off. Global Intergold could never be trusted and the way they project their scheme has given it the same flavour as before. So, they can’t hide it this time as well.

The legitimate offers that they claim about, is a myth and their pyramid scheme that they have tried to hide behind the MLM strategy is again questionable. EmGoldex has already bankrupted many and was banned in countries like Philippines and many others. Global Intergold will have the similar future coming ahead.

Is Global Intergold genuine?… We live in a country and abide by the rules of our constitution. The constitution has made strict rules to for the companies who trade with people to make sure there is no loop holes left open. However, can you depend on a company that does not have that terror? The company that does not fall under any such jurisdiction?

We all know the answer. Global Intergold has failed to make its most important assignment. It is again not registered with SEC as an investment or trading company. That was the case with EmGoldex as well. Is it not following the rules? This question will always haunt people who know the truth.

Global Intergold is an investment company and should have the balls to say it upfront. Why to hide behind the scene? Global Intergold is a shell company that is operating on behalf of EmGoldex. That is why you can expect it to show the similar traits.

Hitherto, Global Intergold’s top investors are not known. The founder is also not listed anywhere. The domain was registered in January 2015 and the details are set to private. So, you can never get the information of people behind this scheme.

Hiding is not common. People hide if they fear someone or something. Companies hide when they know their future and their intention. You can bet me on this, Global Intergold’s intentions are not fair.

They have played the master stroke by offering added advantage for payment of their gold bars. Unlike paying it upfront, which was during EmGoldex, Global Intergold has the provision of paying later as well.

I think they have researched better before incarnation of EmGoldex. Global Intergold let people pay at the time of purchase of the gold bars and can reserve them. Also, they can wait before they add two more people down the line and get the referral bonuses and then pay. The purchasing of these gold bars can be held for 12 months and not more than that. First two weeks are considered as the trail period within which the customer may turn out.

Hence, adding two clients is important to be acceptable for receiving all the perks. But, how long it will be possible to keep the money rolling. Ponzi scheme cannot last long and who knows you could be the last thread. There is always a possibility to become the dead end.

The investment bracket is same as of EmGoldex. Customer can invest from $540 to $7000 and the returns will be distributed after a year. Unlike EmGoldex, where the returns are not restricted for a year, Global Intergold has put this restriction. However, if a customer wants to withdraw the amount before a year, only the invested amount is refunded. How easy they have made it for customer withdrawing before a year is still a catch.

Companies without a spine, do not let people to get away so easily. They let you pump inside the company but if you want to turn the tide, they stand in front of you.

Global Intergold operation in various countries… We have seen the downfall of EmGoldex in mostly all the countries where it used to operate. It was also obvious that the same fate has tangled Global Intergold. However, it will come too soon was not predicted.

Soon, after the Global Intergold started its operation, it was charged with serious allegations in Philippines and had to run away leaving its top investors catch the drama for all its deeds. It is not a coincidence for a company to be banned twice.

People who were named in the complaint were Kevin Miranda, Ryan Manuit, Charles Juiz Padilla, John Rafael Calicdan, Paul Alviar and Rabel Ymas.

Global Intergold has been warned from maintaining any of its operations in Dubai, Malaysia and many other countries. Based out in Europe, it always has the upper hands over investors in other countries. It can vanish overnight, leaving its top investors cleaning the trails.

The USA making it difficult for Global Intergold to dig any further holes…. Like many other countries, the USA tried to stop its growth and popularity in the country before it could have affected people’s lives. A civil lawsuit against top US EmGoldex investors The Massachusetts Securities Division filed in October 2014. This clarified the opposition of the government against EmGoldex.

Before the company could have increased its depth in the roots of the country, every effort was taken to stop its move. People were warned and were kept posted about the company’s intention through seminars and online portals.

The company was not banned for sure, but was made sure that it is banned of papers. Even after Global Intergold came into picture, it had to go through the similar friction in the USA. Because of these efforts that the country took, there is close to no involvement of Global Intergold in the investment market of USA.

The controversies that surrounds Global Intergold…. Global Intergold is a shell company. And there couldn’t be a better term to phrase its intention. The company is not created with a genuine motive. However, the inception is done to hide the past allegations against another company.

This very well describes the reason for its formation and a big no for those who look forward to investing in such a company. EmGoldex changed its name to Global Intergold after it was banned from many countries and started facing serious allegation.

Since start, Global Intergold is surrounded with controversies that alreay existed with EmGoldex. And it did not shy away to earn more on its name soon after its formation. Russia provides the highest traffic to Global Intergold and Philippines follows. But, they both are trying every inch to stop it.

Global Intergold in a nutshell…. It is very obvious that the company itself is another name for already existed fraud. So, it becomes a questionable identity to trust. People who have invested in the scheme are either the ones who are at the top of the chart and getting the benefits or those who follows these top investors and making nothing out of it.

So, the entire scheme is a trap to benefit the top investors. The icing on the cake is the way it has managed to keep the names secret. No one can possibly ask anyone for their loss. Also, those who have tried to leave the ship in between, after understanding the model themselves, are clutched in paper work or other formalities that do not seem to end.

There have been complaints against the exit formalities that will make you think million times before investing with Global Intergold.

I personally feel that there is no benefit in involving ourselves with Ponzi Scheme. It not only affects us but everyone connected with us. Global Intergold has crossed every bar to make profit with investors’ money. When I say investors, it is not those who stand at the top. But those who are fuelling the profits for these top investors.

It is easy to get trapped with Global Intergold for making great profit. But, the reality is much different from what they portray. There is no short cut to earning millions and the companies who claim they can help attain that, they are the biggest scammers. They will play with your emotions and money and will leave you repenting.

Global Intergold is such a company which has no ethics and do not abide by the business rules. So, it is always better to take the safer route and avoid any company like Global Intergold that makes false promise.

Global Intergold or EmGoldex, both are Ponzi scheme and has similar goal. EmGoldex has tried its best to come out of the allegations by faking a different name. But, it has again has lost and would be losing every next time.

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7 reviews

  1. Global Intergold scam

    What a shame. The company is a web of fraud. A big no for this kind of scam.

  2. Again a company that claims to be genuine and what all it does is scamming people. By changing its name from EmGoldex to Global Intergold, it tried to run away from all the allegations. But, bringing the same deal under a new name has again put it under controversies.

    The company is a Ponzi scheme and has many other drawbacks that gives it the shady look. People who invest money can never get to the finish line. The top investors are hidden and so are its founders. There is definitely something bad cooking behind the scene.

    So, it is better to avoid any involvement with this company. It already has the record of leaving people alone when authorities come searching for them. They have already abandoned investors before and would do that again soon. Global Intergold is full of scam and false promises. There is no investment from their end. They keep rolling money.

  3. Global Intergold scam

    I invested in this scheme a year ago to make some investment. They have advertised that the money can be doubled by buying the gold coins which the company will put into investments and can get bigger returns. I also introduced few more people to invest in the company and thought that I would have made great returns.
    When after a year, I wanted to check the amount that I had earned, I was asked to wait until they collected the information. With weeks follow up, they showed me some data that gave me the figure that I never expected.
    There was no rise in the invested amount and the company claimed that the people I introduced were the dead ends. They never told me earlier that I would have to make them work for my money.
    They are not at all transparent and hide things so that they can catch you when you try to leave. They asked me to get other referrals which I denied and wanted my amount back. I would rather have put that money in the bank to earn some interest. That would have been a better deal.
    To get the money back, I had to make several calls which sometimes they would answer and sometimes ignore. They keep me rolling between departments and till date I have no resolution to my problem.
    Global intergold is a fake company and after reading about the scams on the internet, the company is associated with, I am sure my money is already gone.
    There is no option but to wait until they are done with all the backend calculations at their end. However, I am not sure if the wait will ever end. This was the worst decision of my life. It was better if I would have given it to someone in need rather than investing with them.

  4. Global Intergold - the shit company

    A shit company and not worth for spending money. Better get yourself a big holiday rather than finding your money lost with them.

  5. Is Global Intergold scam ?

    Well I have been contacted by one of my so called friend to join global Intergold but I had search online and found this page , I think I should not invest in this company?

  6. I made my experience

    I invested 2 months before and introduced two people in this. Then I helped them too and I got my first rewards. Already more than my beginning investment. And you dont have to invest any more. I dont think its scam. I made my experience and I hope I can once reach financial independence:) Dont worry about the “dead end”. This whole concept is quite new. It will least for more than 10 years without doubt.

  7. I made my experience

    The other review I voted 1 Star, not on purpose… As said I invested 2 months before and introduced two people in this. Then I helped them too and I got my first rewards. Already more than my beginning investment. And you dont have to invest any more. I dont think its scam. I made my experience and I hope I can once reach financial independence:) Dont worry about the “dead end”. This whole concept is quite new. It will least for more than 10 years without doubt.

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