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This Guy Is A Joke

My wife and I started the VA loan process with Alex at Global Equity Finance in October, after he called me.

I was a repeat customer and I thought they did right by me in the past so why not.

I was a fool. Alex and his supervisor, Kris Johnson are very good at lip service but not that’s about it.

I will admit my loan had to be changed once, from a FHA to a VA…but your a finance company you should know how to do your job!

They obviously couldn’t figure it out. Then the wheels fell off the bus when my file got left in processing for several weeks…YES…WEEKS!

I don’t even think Alex knew it was there until I called to check up on the file. That’s when the fun began.

From October to January everyday it was something new, they needed a document from me or my wife.

The best part about the documents from my wife, she wasn’t even on the loan.

And what I am finding out now, they didn’t need half of the paperwork they asked for they just didn’t know how to do their job.

Alex would call and ask for things like my EMT certification, to prove that I can work as an EMT.

WHAT? This guy is a joke. And this company does not take care of veterans.

They do not return phone calls or emails. I have an email from Kris Johnson that actually tells me, I could not possible understand how hard the loan process is.

Really? I have been living this nightmare everyday for 3 1/2 months and I still do not have a closing date, and I am about to lose the house I want to buy.

So I went to another lender, got pre-approved in under 24 hours and a closing date within 20 days.

So if you like being lied to…and you like being jerked around…then by all means pick up the phone and call Global Equity Finance.

I even emailed the CEO of the company about my situation…even he DIDN’T give a damn about what was happening. So if that tells you anything.

If this review helps 1 person, I have done my job.

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5 reviews on Global Equity Finance

  1. Worst company experience in my life.

    Worst company experience in my life. Called Michelle (loan officer/rep) on a Friday, she promised to call me on Monday. Monday she was out sick (ok, no problem). They said she would call me on Tuesday. Call NOT Returned. By now its Thursday, I call and they send me to Manager “Joshua”, I leave a voicemail for Joshua, Called NOT returned.

    I call again on Friday, they said Michelle was on the other line but I promise she will call you back today. To this day, Call NOT Returned. WHO DOES BUSINESS LIKE THIS!?!? HOW CAN I TRUST YOU TO DO A LOAN, IF I CAN’T TRUST YOU TO PICK UP A PHONE AND HAVE THE DECENCY/COURTESY TO RETURN A CALL.

  2. Is it worth pursuing?

    GEF called me on a landline phone # I only use for emergencies. They could have only accessed it with “reverse look up”. Using my cell phone, I was looking at auto insurance rate comparisons, not refinance info, but the site jumped to that without giving any auto insurance info. I tried to eliminate my address. too late.

    I continued the discussion only because looking at a possible refi was on my to-do list.
    The agent Tyler Smith interrupted me almost every time he spoke. He consistently talked over me. He would ask a question and I would START to answer and he would start talking again. I would stop, tell him we both cannot talk at same time. You go first.

    He took all of my info. Said he needed to do a credit check. I did not want him to. I am in the 800’s and don’t want it lowered. He said it is not affected in a case such as this. Given the rest of what happened, I don’t believe him. Before I gave any info I told him I had been told a few years ago (after my husband died) that my debt to income ratio was too low.

    My house has high value and at the time I had a healthy savings account. Now my savings was slim and my income had not changed. Is it worth pursuing?

  3. Scammer

    I had a very hard time with Tim Valaski, Christian Escoto, Tanner Armstrong, and the rest of these so called ‘loan officers’ in following up my questions, properly answering my questions and giving me the right product.

    I received an email from Cornell Hough saying that interest rates were 3.49% and then when I called they were nowhere near that range they BAIT AND SWITCH all the time.

  4. Worst experience I have ever had, took 5 months to do my loan.

    Worst experience I have ever had, took 5 months to do my loan. I was charged outrageous origination and a higher rate than what my neighbor got for the same loan I should have gone with another company but after months of the process I kept thinking it would almost be over, because that was always promised to me even though I had to keep sending in the same paperwork. I highly recommend using a different company.

  5. Really Bad Service

    Dave Freeman was so clear and explained what was going on through the whole process during our refinance. We were so excited to get this done and have it go so smoothly. We have recommended Dave Freeman to my son when he gets ready to refinance his home.

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