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I found this site after being contacted by this family on I’m looking for a job as a nanny and they claim to be in Ohio and relocating to the Palm Springs, CA area and wanted to prepay me which raised red flags.

Luckily the scammer sent me that pic and when I put it in Google reverse lookup was able to see that this same pic has the family going by many names and trying to com people all over for all kinds of different jobs. Glad I didn’t waste much of my time on that fake job offer!!

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  1. Almost took the scam

    Today (Feb 22, 2018) I got a message from “Get A.” on telling me to email them at [email protected] because they dont check their messages on the site. Being in a frantic search for a position, I sent them an email and got a reply that I just had a feeling was too god to be true. Thankfully I did some research and found this site! Thank you for posting so I didnt fall for a scam! Below I pasted what they sent me in the email incase anyone else need it.

    “Hello , We do hope to have a good reference with you at the end. We are deaf and dumb with a 4 years old Daughter named Kimberly but we call her kim, she is loving and fun to be with and always keen on playing with her toys, She is adorable and what every couple would love to have as a child. she listen to instructions and a fast learner, so she won’t repeat what she was told not to do. We are really glad to have her as a child. Communicating with us is quite easy as we communicate with the aid of relay service so you wouldn’t have any problem as far as communicating with us in person. However, We are relocating to your neighborhood from Ohio. I recently got a job with a company as a researcher and we will be needing someone that will help in babysitting Kim for us like hers and helping with some light housework. We need someone to work 5 days per week 4 hours per day and job includes to pick up of our baby from daycare a few blocks away, so we are really looking for someone that is mature (it doesn’t matter the age) , loves children, reliable and punctual and someone we could trust with our daughter. Responsibilities for baby will be to look after her and to keep her clean and safe.. We are willing to provide a Taxi car to pick her up at daycare. We want a nanny who is willing to be a friend and family. Please note that we have a few applicants for this position but we made you our first choice based on the first approach so we wouldn’t appreciate a waste of time. Kim is our life and we entrust you to give her the best care and make her feel very much comfortable around you. We are willing to pay $30/hour which upon calculation will be $30/hr x 5days x 4hrs.. We are good family and tipping our babysitter wouldn’t be an issue in as much as our child has the best care.. We will be needing your services for 4 hours at any suitable time of yours between Monday to Friday or Saturday & Sunday. If you believe you are fit for this position, we will believe you are a reliable and good person and someone that can be trusted, We will instruct my financial to pay for the first week before our arrival so as to secure your service in advance. This offer is for someone of well mannered attitudes, neatness and good sense of relationship and GOD fearing, ( Proverbs 10:27 : The fear of the LORD prolongs life, But the years of the wicked will be shortened. ) so if you are fit for this position, Please tell us the following about you:-

    Full Name?
    Relationship Status?
    Likes in Kids?
    Dislikes in Kids?-
    Do you have any Criminal Record?
    Do you have a Valid License?
    Where are you from originally?
    Do you have any special attitude?
    Are you an Honest and Trusted Person?

    Thank you so much … We are using free trial account on .. our account can expire anytime okay .. Thanks so much .”

    1. Kaley

      Thank you so much for this! You saved me! I looked up [email protected] after I received a message from them and your review came up right away! Idiot scammers!

      Thank you!

    2. Aubrey

      Legit same exact message to me as well. Smh.

  2. Nanny Scam

    Today (March 15th)

    I applied for a job on as well, the mother was listed as Alex.C. They emailed me back with the same exact email as below, talking about how they moved from Boston and had a daughter named Kimberly. They also said they didn’t check their messages and needed me to email them at [email protected] luckily I had a feeling that it could be a scam because they way they were speaking in the message raised flags “We are looking for someone well mannered with no attitude”. I googled [email protected] and this forum showed up immediately. Thank you so much, you saved me a lot of hassle and hopefully others as well.

    I have reported it to and hopefully they can crack down on parents harder since they are so strict on the actual nannies.

  3. Yes– same thing happened to me! I live in South Dakota and they claimed to be from Ohio. Raised red flags for me as well when they offered to prepay me without even meeting me? Google dropped the image and saw it was a scam. Hope no one falls for this sh%*!

  4. Scam

    Same. He did it to me too. Reading the reviews I noticed he sent me the same exact message. He also told me he wanted to send me his children’s toys to my house and “reserve my business” and asked for my address and other information.. no good!

  5. On going SCAM

    This scammer has moved on to HomeAdvisor. They spam multiple service providers every day!

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