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Do not have an EEG or other neurological test done here.

Do not have an George Washington University Hospital or other neurological test done here. I was a student briefly and the technologist that was training me ALWAYS fell asleep while performing an EEG when he should have been charting on the patient. That is very dangerous for the patient that could have a seizure at any given moment.

This same technologist that performs most of the EEG’s also does not always measure the head correctly either and is more concerned about saving time instead of focusing on accuracy. I’ve seen him use rubber bands rather than ponytail holders to hold long hair in place too which can and does hurt patients.

One patient even said he was hurting her and he didn’t stop. They also have new employees in the lab watching the monitors of inpatients who don’t know what they are doing and were told to “figure it out”.

It’s just brainwaves… I’m sure they’ll “figure it out” just fine on their own. Save yourself from a nightmare and choose a better hospital that cares.

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  1. The George Washington University Hospital is Scammer

    Took sick at work because of a chest pain DC fire took me to GW Hospital 1: 20pm it took more than to be triage, after triage they place me in a corner MH5 I was in that corner for more than 45 mins before a doctor came, doctor told me I am going to order chest crazy ect. 2 hrs.

    Later no chest day ect. Only blood taken. Ive decided to go the bathroom I almost fell a tech caught me and placed me back into bed. 1 hour later a nurse by the name Bella came and said hi, I will be your nurse today that was it, never saw her again. 1 hours later I saw her walked by never ask if I was okay or if I needed anything.

    Within 3 hours and only blood they took from me nothing else. I asked the doctor for pain medication not even that was given to me, I called my mom she prayed for me the pain went away in a little as no time. At this hospital no one cares everyone just doing their own thing. Whoever is the medical director needs to take a look into their nursing staff attitude towards caring for patients.

    The technicians work like a hebrew slaves. This Emergency room should. It be functioning like this. This horrible disgusting and people life is at stake. I am actually writing this from the emergency room. Horrible. hours doctor asking if I need some tylenol, please I dont need it. Horrible

  2. this is the worst hospital i ever went to

    this is the worst hospital i ever went to… obgyn james benson told me i was not pregnant gave me a very painful sonogram and i end up having a miscarriage at 4 months ! i requested my records from his office and he states that he confirmed my pregnancy and that i went to see him for irregular periods which is all a lie !

    i was feeling the baby move up until the day i seen him. he had a student follow him in the process of becoming a doctor and all she could do was look at me amd cry smh i didnt know why until i started bleeding 4 days later

  3. Terrible experience.

    Dr. Karla Gayer – rude. Was reaching for the doorknob the whole time she was there, didn’t listen, didn’t examine me. I agree with other raters; she was dismissive, disrespectful and does not treat patients as a priority. Terrible experience.

  4. We are just happy to be together so soon.

    Hey, yall I am still up and active after my left kidney was removed on May . FYI: It’s me Jean here. So, I had the surgery, discharged on May, up walking, talking, up and down the stairs. Sitting outside on my bench with (Cash) my pitbull. Boa Boa is sitting here in the living room with me.

    We are just happy to be together so soon. I feel great. It’s Friday, went over to the CVS, which is about 1 block from the house to put in my prescriptions, stopped at the corner store just to browse around and walked a block to get home. I am so amaze, because nobody notice me gone.

  5. What can I say.

    This year I went to there again for another emergency, the doctors found nothing and discharged me without any prescription and medicals. And they let me fill out a form and told me it was a refund form, which would give me refund since they didn’t give me any treatment.

    I was so amazed by their “kindness” but later on I found that it was just a form to request charity donations.(which turned out was a 10 dollars discount……) And this is another $700 bill for no treatment.

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