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I went to get filler for my under eye bags which I have had for a long time. Heather saw me and said she could fix them with under eye filler. She said in one treatment I would see a difference! I was so excited! I have been self conscious about them for years! I was a model patient. I did everything she said before treatment. I didn’t have alcohol 4 days before to minimize bruising and stayed inactive 3 days after being careful with everything I did to not move the filler around. I went back a few weeks later with no difference to be seen.
Heather said it looked different and proceeded to bombard me with before and after pictures which again I point d out showed no difference. She said “oh your smile lines look better” at which point I was confused because I thought those looked fine before. I called a few months after and came in for another Follow-up and told her I don’t see a change and she said to me “Don’t go chasing lines.” To tell me to not chase a line is silly because I told you this is what I want corrected but now you are telling me to not worry about it? Why did I pay you this money if It was not something that could be repaired? I would have saved me money. I would avoid Heather Hodges at all costs if this is her response to my concerns. This was a huge waste of money.

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3 reviews on Gentle Star Medspa

  1. I probably will go again.

    Tried one time, not too bad. I probably will go again.

  2. Dr. knows exactly what he's doing, and injects to the right area of the muscle.

    Dr. knows exactly what he’s doing, and injects to the right area of the muscle. The pricing is very reasonable and the staff very friendly. Also need to mention that I was 15 minutes late for my 1st appointment and had only 15 minutes for the procedure.

    Craig said No problem! Asked me to fill the forms and sent Dr. Ellis right away. I was out the door on time; it’s been more than a month, my eyebrows are symmetrical and no one can tell I was botoxed 🙂

  3. I really loved Gentle Star Medspa

    The environment is just too cool. It’s really like your on a gallery. Gentle Star Medspa really takes care of you.

    From the shallowest to the deepest of your skin, they can really make a big difference. I really want to recommend them to family and friends.

    The hosts were very tactful and hospitable. They wanted to make you feel special every time. I really loved Gentle Star Medspa

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