GEARBEST stay away !!!!

I made on order on 14 Nov and gearbest was saying that they ship on 21 Nov. On the 23 of Nov they sent me an e-mail that they shipped half of my order and the other half will be shipped at Dec 17 !!!. Today its Dec 2 2017 and the tracking number for my shipment that was sent on 23 Nov is saying the item is pre-advised .

Witch means it still has not been shipped . Stay away from this company i will contact my bank from tomorrow and see what i can do since I paid with my credit card. Will keep you informed with my progress . JUST POST EVERY PLACE YOU CAN THAT THE COMPANY IS PROBABLY A SCAM.

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  1. No customer support, incopetent people or bots are responding

    I bout a tablet for $203. As requested I paid the TAX+VAT in advance ($35).
    The 1st problems started when I understood from the tracking that the tablet was already out of the customs office for 2 weeks and I still haven’t got it. A week later I got something that seems to be my pack. It had my name and address on it. So I signed for it and was happy to get into my house and open the box. However the worst part just started when I realised that I was sent a cheap crap instead of the tablet I wrote. And actually inside the pack there was also a printed paper that made it clear what happened: The tablet I received was supposed to arrive to another person. On the paper I have his name and address. So I immediately contacted the customer support to ask them to fix the mistake gearbest made.

    This was 12 days ago. Ever since, I open the ticket every day (’cause I don’t even get any email when you comment on it) to check if there’s an answer. And every couple of days there is an answer. But unfortunately all the answers are not really answers. An answer would mean that someone read the question and understood it and then answered it. In this thicket you can clearly see that nobody cares to read or understand the problem, they’re just sending pre-written copy&pasted texts that don’t match the problems I am talking about. In fact they just show that your employees are either stupid or think I am stupid.

  2. Very good store

    This seller seems to be very professional and honest. Great job!. You researched three vendors when making a proposal of who we should choose to manage our payroll operations. You included all the necessary information for us to make a decision and presented the information in a one-page table that was easy to read. Your work made it really easy to make a decision. Great job! Excellent seller! great product

  3. Unproportional reaction.

    GearBest is by far my favorite online shopping site.
    Every time I have such a problem I contact them as many times as needed. My issues were resolved time after time.
    GearBest sometimes has problems during winter time because of Christian holidays but it is usually just late shipping.

  4. Gearbest is Fraud.

    First and the worst experience,

    I ordered a smartphone Nokia X6 with order number 18090700919712439607 September 7. Till 15th September the item was not shipped and on 16th September is just saw the status that the item was shipped on 14th September, This is saw after talking to gearbest online service multiple times, Now on 28 September I saw that the item is out for delivery I waited for the shipment to arrived till 6 and when I opened the Gearbest shipper partner website i.e Hermes I found that the status of the item was written delivered. I am writing to Gearbest now on daily basis about my issue as if they say they have delivered them provide me the proof to whom they have delivered it. I checked with my neighbors, the area around my house and also with the local post office there is not track about the shipment. I mailed Hermes and Gearbest on daily basis and Hermes have not responded even for once. I opened the ticket with GEARBEST on the same day and today gearbest offered me 100USD refund, now my question is I am a student and even a single penny is very important to me how can I bear the cost of the loss that gearbest and their shipment partner did. And if gearbest is saying their partner have delivered the product then provide me the proof atleast I can go to that person whomso ever they have delivered. I simply need either my product or my full refund.

    After i got struck in this problem I read various reviews with this problem and I realised it that the company should be itself involved in it. They say they have delivered and ask you to either refund the half or they say pay half the price of the product and we will ship again. This is total cheating with the customer and I will not recommend gearbest to any one the person reading this review even my friends were planning to order some stuff and I have asked them not to do until they resolve my this issue because doing this they are directly loosing our trust.

Reported Loss :100 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : jimmy
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