Gary Strong

Ponzi and romance scammer

Gary Strong is an investment scammer who has been getting away with it for years, member of Banners Brokers,MAP and TAP, recently pulled off a massive ponzi scam and deceived over 40 victims, he pocketed about 1.2 million and disappeared to Spain. Likes to intimidate his victims and uses many names. He is now flogging his new scam called Antonio Partners, and calls himself Antonio Diego, he also targets elderly ladies in dating scams. Very nasty piece of work. His brother Sean is responsible for laundering the money that Gary brings in. From Basildon,Essex,UK.

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3 reviews on Gary Strong

  1. Tnx to know this guy scam I'm save

    Tnx to know this guy big scam I’m save now
    I have some questions how to know that who is real trader or scam because 3 time I also scam from different peoples now I want to know how to know who is real or scam if some one offer me for investment how to I save my self from this try of scamers tnx

    1. Whitney

      Gary Strong scammer

      Gary Strong is a very dangerous scammer, he has all the characteristics of one too, never stops talking about money, people fall into 3 categories with him, billionaire, millionaire or average person, constantly asks for you to invest more and more, constantly wants you to refer friends and family, lies constantly. Uses many different names, If you invest with him you have no chance of getting your money back. He is a classic scammer but many people don’t realise till it’s too late.
      Khyber, stay away from people advertising on social media, if they have to do that then they have not made it in the world of investment, when they advertise $500 makes $2000,and that sort of nonsense you know they are just dirty scammers. Do your research and invest in a company that has a good name, always one that is registered and that can show you all of their accreditation. 9 times out of 10 they do not need to advertise on fb because they are real and can show proven results,
      You dodged a bullet with Gary Strong, so it was good that you were suspicious of him, but there are many more like him so be careful.

  2. Gary Strong facebook scammer

    It is also worth pointing out that even if an expert trades on your behalf there will still be losses, if someone on social media tells you that you will make amazing profits every day,then you know they are a scammer, it is not true, social media is chockablock with all these promises but it should be a red flag. Research is paramount, don’t trust facebook traders.Gary Strong is a prime example .

  3. Here we go

    If John Goddard and Joao Monterio are both Directors of 4xcube, but also the owners of 8topuz Consulting that was called Paragon Trading before last year, isn’t that a conflict of interest?

Reported Loss :95000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : rfa175bde
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