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I am only giving them one star because there is no option for a zero star.

I have had a horrible experience with this company. I called to request an estimate. I spoke with Ms. Mandy, whom I had explain that I have an old unit that “MIGHT” need to be replaced or perhaps some or a component of the unit. Ms. Mandy scheduled an appointment with me for a technician to come to my house and check the unit out. The appointment time was from 8:00 to 9:00 am. Later on I got a call from Mr. Jessie asking me to move the appointment to 10:00 am. I have made arrangements on my schedule to be available the date and time that Mr. Jessie requested. On the day of the appointment, I got a call from Ms. Mandy telling me the since it was a repair vs. the purchase of a new unit, that only a technician was needed instead of a manager. It became clear to me that they were not interested in doing this job because they were not sure if they were going to sell me a new unit and therefore became uninterested. In other words; Gary P. Frank is not going to be able to rip me off with a new unit so might as well try to get out of the deal. Meanwhile Mr. Frank made loose my appointment time and being a self employed individual, Mr. Frank prevented me from earning my wages for the time of the appointment. So if Gary P. Frank, Inc. does not see an opportunity to perform a legalized robbery, then he will not accept the business.

My message to all consumers is; unless we get together and begin boycotting this type of behavior from these home services predators, we will continue to allow to remain in business an operate dishonestly as they have done so. I am only giving them one star because there is no option for a zero star. Let’s star wedding out dishonesty.

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2 reviews on Gary P. Frank, Inc

  1. Great Service.

    Disgraceful and Ridiculous. Gary P. Frank Inc. (GPF) does “Not” do work in NE Washington, DC or for that matter SE DC but Does do work in NW DC. The “GPF” technician expressed as such as did the Office Manager. The Office Manager explained that they don’t do work in NE because of “Parking”. What??? This is Ridiculous!!!

    There is way more parking in NE and SE than NW and any and everybody knows this. There is No Downtown in NE or SE DC (as there is in NW) and neither quadrant has the amount of high-density (populated) areas as compared to NW. This could boils down to “social economics” and “race” as there are much less affluent neighborhoods in NE and SE and they are highly minority populated. As bad or good as their work may be principally No DC or MD resident should find this ethically or morally acceptable as a business practice.

    Certainly it is reasonable to consider factors that may impact the delivery of service and employees however that does not equate to prejudging/disregarding/excluding entire communities or sections/quadrants of the city based on economics or race under the cloak of “Parking”.

  2. Terrific service from start to finish.

    Terrific service from start to finish. The team that installed my split-system a/c unit was expert, professional, courteous and neat as could be. I spoke with several other firms before going with Gary P Frank, and was impressed by their professionalism — which came through during the installation.

    They did the entire job — even the electrical work — smoothly and competently. They even filed my warranty paperwork for me after the job was finished! Would highly recommend this firm for their expertise with air conditioning work.

Reported Loss :200 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely Low
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