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Clinical notes that were entirely worthless/unusable

Before I came to Dr. Garret Madderra’s office, I had an experience with a different dentist that left me physically and emotionally traumatized for several months. Consequently, I felt apprehensive about going to any dentist.

As soon as I entered Garret’s office, I was given a friendly welcome by his front desk receptionist. They handled my initial question well and said i could see the dentist almost immediately. As I sat in the waiting room, the meditation music and videos helped to put me further at ease. We were off to a good start.

The purpose of my visit was to have Garret assess the damage the previous dentist had done and provide me with some advice for healing it. I agreed to pay for 2 x-rays and a consultation. During our consultation, Garrett looked at the x-rays and told me that the previous dentist had “taken some bone” when she extracted a tooth.

There was a “big hole” where the tooth used to sit. He spent about 10 minutes with me. When I started to ask some of the questions I had about the condition of my mouth, he abruptly said: “Time’s up. Make another appointment”.

I paid his $75 and made an appointment for the next day to get a full set of x-rays and finish the conversation we started. Specifically, I still wanted my questions answered and to get more information on the condition of my mouth and ways to heal it.

I had an appointment for 12pm. About 2 hours before my appointment, I received an email from Garret requesting that I reschedule for 12:30pm. I came in at 12:30pm and waited 15 minutes for Garret to see me. Just like the previous day, he rushed the appointment.

I asked whether he thought the previous dentist had done a good or bad job extracting the tooth. He gave me a filthy look. Wow! — Where does he get the audacity to give me a filthy look for asking a question?

Before I could ask other questions, he looked at his watch to let me know my time was up. I paid his full fee of approximately $142. I received a little information about the condition of my mouth and one idea for self-care–but not much more

Shortly thereafter, I contacted the office to get a copy of my dental records. I received a copy of the x-rays and nothing more. I requested written notes. Again, the purpose of my visit was to get an assessment of the damage the previous dentist had caused and get some ideas for healing it so I could work with my general physician on healing that damage.

I was informed that Garret had not written any notes (what?!), but that the front desk person was trying to convince him to write some notes for me. Within a week, I received some clinical notes from our two sessions together. The notes were very difficult to read.

They were written in incomplete sentences and included medical language that the average non-dentist would not understand. I forwarded the notes to my general physician. It seems she wasn’t able to use the information to put together a plan for my oral healing. The notes were mostly “just the facts” and virtually void of his clinical judgments/interpretations.

Moreover, some of the statements he made to me orally were excluded from the report–such as his statement that the previous dentist had “taken some bone when she extracted the tooth”. I sent two emails in which I asked about the missing information. To date, I received no reply.

His apparent resistance to providing me with the services for which I paid him is odd. It leaves me with the impression that he does not care that I suffered and that he is a moral coward who won’t do the ethically right thing.

If for some reason he simply did not want to provide me with the assessment of the damage, he could have told me that directly, ended our session, and not accepted any payment from me. Instead, he rushed me through both appointments, wrote clinical notes that were entirely worthless/unusable, and took full payment from me. None of that is okay.

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  1. Damn.. do they do any REAL treatments here?

    Visited Garret for YEARS in Sacramento, until he abandoned his practice here. Always friendly and personable, but much less so in latter part of his “tenure”. Also not at all sure about some of the “procedures” implemented with few or no alternatives offered.

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