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Nona Marketing promising to invest money & make a profit for you & then it does not happen. FTOcapital.com want to see your bank account & use your money in trading. FTO Capital always asking for more money.

Financial advisors Jacob Brown & Tam Ivor are the rip off merchants.

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26 reviews on FTO Capital & Nona Marketing LTD

  1. Close FTO Capital

    I deposit money into FTO Capital, the first broker (consultant) that phone asked me to deposit more funds. My account is not verified, I did not sent any documentation for verification purposes to them or accept any term & conditions. They took withdrawn all my funds as “inactivity fees”


    PLEASE TRUST ME…do not join FTO Capital. I am from South Africa and they trapped me. I first deposit ZAR3000 and a very nice lady with the name of Maria Pauler phoned me. Tell me how beautiful my name is, etc. Then she said that she received my payment but that I need to make another payment althought they said you can start of with ZAR 3000 (250 USD). She was giving my training via team viewer. While we were connected via teamviewer the trading platform worked well, when she leave team viewer, I was stuck. Could do nothing. Then I start googling them (too late) and saw all the reviews regarding them. THEY ARE FRAUD…FRAUD…FRAUD…SCAM…SCAM…SCAM…I wrote emails, called them, but that woman disappeared. PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS COMPANY. THEY ARE SCAM.
    You can contact me if you want : [email protected]

    1. Erika

      YEAH!!! Same as me!! They are really persistent in making you deposit more money! Don’t trust them!

  3. FTO... Rudeness and scam

    I was stupid. $200 AUD out of pocket.
    Daily calls. They are abusive and won’t listen. Okay it’s my hard earned money…but dumb choice, it’s gone.
    Just want them gone and to be left alone.

    1. Ally Bryant

      I lost $280 as well I except this it was my fault for not checking things first but I just want them to stop ringing I have blocked around 30 Melbourne numbers which are them and now they have got clever and started ringing from Perth numbers and as I’m from WA I answer these. I have screamed at them to stop calling but they are really thick.

  4. FTO is scammer..dont invest your money here..

    Hi to everyone out there.thinking of investing to this company FTO Capital.I was rob by this company FTO Capital.. A account manager name Gabin Sawyer.. empty my bank account without my authority..he is a scammer of all times. They have this team viewer were in they can see what’s on your screen..he saw my bank account and he ask me to transfer all my money to the FTO account..with all the promises that I can get profit and or even not trading I can get back my money..he got all my details and in just less than 24 hours all my money gone..and he even didn’t notify me that all my money gone. Trying to reach him but keep on waiting no calls from him.

  5. FTO Capital's Bitcoin investment an elaborate hoax!

    FTO Capital put up an elaborate hoax on Facebook in Australia claiming to have secured huge investments from several mega-rich and high profile business people associated with the TV show, THE SHARK TANK. The whole story was a complete fabrication! But I was sucked in and I’ve lost AUD280 (US$200). The conditions for withdrawal are ‘impossible’. More concerning, I now believe this organisation is farming identities to set up a massive fraud. The operatives appear to be fictitious identities based in the UK, but when you try to call you never get a ring, never mind a reply! These people live in a shadowy world without addresses, contactable telephone numbers or properly registered offices. It is entirely my own stupidity which led to my loss – I did not follow Rule#1 of investing: Perform due diligence (i.e.checks) and Rule#2: Don’t invest in shit you don’t understnand. And Rule#3: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
    Beware! These people are thieves.

    1. Richard

      Exactly my experience and my own stupidity. I will not be providing them with the documents they request so most likely that is goodbye to my $295AUD as it gets eaten up by fees, although I have already contacted my bank to investigate if they can get the money charged back (I think that is the right term), so we’ll see if that works.

      My service desk ticket requesting closure of account and refund of money has been closed with the note that my account manager will be contacting me. I don’t think I will take the calls but I am expecting to be hounded now.

      Went looking for the story about Shark Tank which was appearing on Yahoo Australia news site over the last week or so, but of course it has disappeared. Hopefully Yahoo have already wised up to that piece of clickbait.

  6. FTO = Fraud

    Complete fraud! Shadowy figures with identities, addresses or valid telephone numbers. Beware!

  7. fto scam

    stay away from these con men ,they will take your money and leave you with nothing

  8. A bunch of crooks

    On 24 April, I was scammed into an account with FTO through the promise of easy money via the “bitcoin code”. When I opened my new account, I discovered it was for trading currencies, which I avoid like the plague. I immediately asked FTO for a refund and to close my account – a request that fell on deaf ears. Instead, they’ve called and written to me repeatedly, trying to get copies of bank cards and ID documents from me. They will be the last people on this planet to get that sort of sensitive documentation from me ascI consider the as fraudsters and crooks

  9. Stolen funds

    FTO have stolen the funds from my account. I did not trade and had asked them to return my money. Many false promises and docs purporting to do so. So-called ‘investment adviser’ named Bryan O’Conner (name did not match accent) (08) 63650435. (08) 62450404. I invested as a result of a fake news site on Facebook about the TV show ‘Shark Tank’ investing in their algorithm. Article and testimonials bullshit like everything to do with these people. I was not able to check out FTO in advance as their presence only appeared after passing through other entities. These people are absolute cons and thieves. Run fast.

  10. Fto Capital is fake. Dont trust

    FTO CAPITAL Nona Marketing Live is totally fake. They azk you about ur money want to check ur bank account and than force you to spend more money. If you spend less money they give you profit ao that you can trust then greed you to spend more money to get more profit. But at laat they start steel your money and start calling you spend more money, bcoz your money is in high risk. And if you dont than they grab you all money.

    Totally fake. Never trust

  11. Avoid, scam you cant get away from

    They ring 100s of times, i now just scream at them, sometime when driving can call repeatedly for over 1/2 and hour. I have blocked over 10 numbers now 08 numbers UK numbers and now 02 numbers. Nevr give them anything especially your number

  12. Scammers and thieves DO NOT TRUST THEM

    I was asked to deposit and they never mentioned it was $US also somehow my bank took money from my debit card even though it was not there. Leaving it overdrawn.. I wanted a claw back from my Visa debit, which FTO have not allowed and my bank does not seem able to do. FTO keep asking for further ID, which they say will enable a refund, which would probably allow them to steal my ID. My bank has advised against giving any further ID


    My dad who is disabled & unable to work was scammed out of almost $20k AUD from this company! BEWARE & do not Invest!

  14. SCUM

    Scum bags take money, make lies about what they will do!

  15. FTO capital are con artists. Don’t go near them.

  16. FTO Scam,

    Please don`t do any business with F.T.O Marketing ( Nona Trading )
    They are a bunch of Sharks and they will milk you till there is nothing left.

  17. Scammers

    All started with and add for bitcoin trading . I replied to get an idea on how it works. The lady talked me through a so called existing account showing how it worked . Told me if I put 250 American into an account she would show me how to use the stock exchange .At no risk to my money . It would always be there to see .sort of like buying futures . You promise to invest in shares at a certain level .. when price goes up you sell back. Keeping the profit and your money doesn’t move from your account ..so I did this …all good for a couple of weeks . Made about 1100 au .$. Then bought some more and they went up a little then down a lot . She told me this is normal in the markets . I was still holding at about 98 % in the black .then it dropped to about 60% . She rings me and tell me that to protect my profit and my $ . I should put in as little more to keep value at 100 % or more .so I put in $1500. Dollars . And lstraight away my new stocks started to climb. Looking good so far …was up about$3000 on my money .. so i asked to put some back into my bank account on a Friday. She said she will do it on Monday as the markets were closed . Over the weekend all my shares crashed into minus .so I checked my account and , bingo , every $ gone .when I to phone apps she set up .. Nothing all gone . Like they never existed..Today I get a come from someone who says his from fto account and need me to sign some forms to release to my account . Bank ombudsman can deal with it . And bank fraud dept can to .won’t hold my breathe . But who knows….do not deal with these people

  18. I dont even know where to begin. I cant even begin to tell you what I have been through trading with company over the last few months. From inexperienced account managers, account managers being replaced, bad trading advice, lack of discretion, cancelling my withdrawel requests, witholding and delaying my withdrawel requests. At this stage after I requested my whole balance to be withdrawn, its being released in small amounts…which is not yet in my bank account. You can never speak to your account manager and he does not respond to call back messages. My withdrawel was pending his approval for days… during which he contacted me about 10 times in 10 minutes teying to convince me to trade and not to withdraw my money. He would not take no for an answer even after my husband spoke to him. I will never ever recommend this company. Before opening my account I did raise existing bad reviews to my account manager as a concern and he explained to me that it was false advertising and people who did not trade through professional account managers that lost there money and are now writing bad reviews. Dont fall for all their excuses its all just lies. There is no personal touch with this company. The call centre must be operating on a script because all you ever hear is “I apologise for your inconvenience mam”, “I will escalate your account or your concern to the finance department”, I will forward your request to your account manager” and nothing ever happens. My life has turned into a nightmare with FTO Capital

  19. Inactivity Fees

    I have just found out that there is an ‘inactivity fee’ of $50.00 per month which has been taken out of my account even though I keep requesting to withdraw all the money! Rip off!!!!

  20. I learnt FTO capital is a scam early this year. As I invested my life savings with these scumbags but they never honored any withdrawal. I had to resort to hiring a professional to help me recover my funds.Happy to share my experience. [email protected],com. Feel free to reach out.

  21. LOWLIFE SCUMBAGS - FTO Financial Trading Online

    This business is extremely fraudulent – please do not get involved with them. They take your money and repeatedly (I mean several times a day) telling you to add more money to your account or you will lose it if you don’t do.
    Block them from sending you phone calls on your Cell phone and also from sending messages as they will bombard you over and over day and night.
    They are all lowlife scumbags !!!!
    We lost over $4,500 US and could not retrieve it.


    So I found these guys through a bot I set up a practice account with, for shits and giggles. But even though I set up a practice account they rang INSTANTLY which made me suspicious so I ignored them. They persisted for days so eventually I caved and answered, only with the intention of saying i’m not interested, which is what I should’ve done. But, of course being new to this, I didn’t say no and ended up depositing around $250 AUD with a nice sounding account manager by the name of Kate Myers (although I hear other people saying these guys don’t even use their real names, and it’s easy to see why). My first 2 trades went perfectly, $300 in half an hour, more than doubling my account. I realise now that this was purely to sucker me in! Pretty much right after the win she explained that having a $10,000 would keep my money much safer as I could sustain trades longer. This could not have been further from the truth. After I put the $10,000 AUD into my account, I quickly realised my error and began trying to get my money back, I had a few open trades at the time that were $300 or LESS in the red. However, because they were red, my account manager would refuse to let me close the trades and my account, claiming it would “make her look bad and lower her standing at her job”. Yet as the trades got lower and lower, her only solution was to put another 10,000 in to stop a margin call from happening, but I don’t have an extra 10,000 lying around. So I kept explaining that I should just take the money now and come out with 7 or 8 thousand, BUT OUT CAME THE SOB STORY about how bad she would look. WELL HOW BAD DO YOU LOOK NOW? because eventually, the margin call happened. Now it’s all gone. She never cared about how she’d look, otherwise she’d have informed me when the margin call happened, instead of trying to sucker more money from me. I’m more ashamed of myself than I have ever been. The stress I live with daily is slowly eating away at me emotionally and mentally. Not only that, but the stress and grief that I have caused my family is slowly causing my anxiety to worsen, which is bad enough as it is. NO ONE I REPEAT NO ONE SHOULD TRUST THESE LYING, TROGLODYTE C#NTS. Please don’t make my mistake and fall for their seemingly good nature,it’s all a lie. Don’t make my mistake

  23. FTO Capital is a scam company

    FTO Capital is a scam, I deposited $106,000 with them and they managed my account for me. In a day my account went from $106,000 to $0 . The broker bought huge trades without stop loss without my consent and it went in the wrong directions. I lost all the money to them. I had to reach out to a recovery expert [email protected],com to help me recover the money back

    1. Lilly

      May 2018 I only invested in FTOcapital, because I had seen it on the TV show SHARK TANK, I thought no way would it be a scam. So I invested my $200 then I did a search on the company and read a lot of negative so I requested my money back, cancelled my debit card and received my money 1st June 2018. Then on the 26th of June I noticed that my debit card was nearly $280 less than it should have been LOYALCONSULT-OPTION.NE.BAKI AZ AZE had withdrawn from my account. Somehow they had got the number of my NEW DEBIT CARD. 2nd July went into the bank to dispute the transaction, today I’m going to the bank to cancel the account as they have knowledge of my account number, as I had to supply it for my refund.
      Good Luck people and NO THANKS to SHARK TANK for this shit.


    Very aggressive in getting into your accounts, totally useless in back-up and good advise, do not care about you complete gambling, which obviously fails. When I wanted out kept blocking withdrawals with pathetic excuses, I gave up and lost everything. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS UNLICENSED TRADER or any trader based in some remote islands

  25. My Experience

    Hi , I also had Jacob Becker and Josh Miller and many others. They told me every time that they were no longer with the company. My experience is exactly like yours. I’m a single mother that invested and was promised so many things on the phone and they have ruined my investment. I have been dealing with this for over a year and praying to get my money back. Just recently I was introduced to binaryoptionrecoveryspecialist.com and within a week I was able to recover all of my investment including my profit so happy to share this.

  26. FTO Capital is not trustworthy

    FTO Capital is a scam company.I was lured into investing £90,000 through unsolicited calls and mails.I never had an idea the broker was out to scam me.I was left in ruins and explored a lot of options to recover my money.The authorities and my bank were of no help.I was able to come across a reputable asset recovery firm,wealthchargeback.com .I was able to recover all my funds with the help of this company.Stay away from FTO Capital

    1. Jacob Williams

      Hi Graham,

      This is Jacob Williams, if you are interested in real trading and a legitimate company you can email me. Try to see how you can earn back little by little from what you have lose. Thank you.

  27. binary options fraud warning!!!!!

    hey friends, feel free to contact grekov dot swiftrecovery at gmail dot com for enquiries about fund recovery, be safe out there, there are scammers everywhere, i almost lost a fortune

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