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Finance Freedom was unbearable while looking for a simple secured loan

I am not much aware of this finance industry, but I at least know that people have a basic communication channel at every level in an organization. This was missing at Finance Freedom. I opted for a secured loan from this company and was doubtful about its acceptance. My house is in an excellent condition and I have maintained it well. There were no issues with the house and I was hopeful for a better deal.

I approached this company to finalize things and all they did was, made my experience an unbearable journey. Above all, they did not realize that they were making me do the same thing repeatedly because of their irresponsibility and bad customer service.

The departments are not in sync with each other which affects their processing time and make it difficult for the customer to get better results. I was transferred from one unit to another and had to share the same information multiple time.

I had informed them not to call during office hours on my home phone number as I would miss the valuable information. But, they kept repeating the same mistake. It was getting difficult for me to keep up with them.

They also undervalued my house. I know it is of more worth than what they evaluated it to be. I was not satisfied by their work. They even misplaced the legal documents few times and I had to make them available again. I was ready to go ahead and report about them. But, luckily, I found Daniel, who sorted things in matter of time and the loan was passed.

I did get the loan, which I knew I would. But, the way they handled it, gave me a headache. I was not sure what to expect until Daniel helped me out. But, a company does not work with just one person taking care of the responsibilities. It has to be a team work and they failed to demonstrate that.

I am disappointed by their services and would never recommend them to anyone I know. If I would have chosen someone else, I would have got the loan processing done much faster, there is no doubt about that.

I was working out for a European Business Loan for 6 figures from another company at the same time and it took half of the duration that Freedom Finance took for a simple secured loan.

These people do not know how to work and should be closed. If you want hassle free experience, never look at them, they will make your life miserable by losing documents and not working with timelines. In this era of communication, where things happen in a blink of eye, they use postal mails and delay communications.

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Reported Loss :2000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Thomas
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