Alex Nathaniel Didier

Scammer is Alex Nathaniel Didier from France Paris

His name is Alex Nathaniel Didier from France Paris, He is a professional engineer doing construction contractor and have own company is doing fashion establishment. I met him on Heypersonal social network at Jan 2017. He just got a new contract is contractor project in Dubai, he will come here take me go to Paris and married me when finished the project. I am keep waiting for him but he disappeared suddenly for a long time. During at March he said have a major setback that has been frustrating so much, which is the container was intercepted before it arrived in Dubai. He ask me to find money US dollars $5,000 for assist him to solve this problem. I have a friend is a retired Navy Military he can help to make a call to Dubai custom to release the container. But this Scam is very angry when he know I ask my friend for help, he don’t want my friend to involve his matter. He don’t need anyone for help, he just want money only. Every beautiful woman please be careful this scam from france is Alex Nathaniel Didier.

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3 reviews on Alex Nathaniel Didier

  1. Some Ladies are just being so stupid with their cheap blackmail! did she give out the $5,000 to assist the man like she said or what? This doesn`t sound real and true

  2. response this scammer

    nathanlw is this scammer of Alex Nathaniel Didier. Now he try to bull shit here.

    I am clever woman didn’t let him scam money. This scammer said that the container was intercepted before it arrived in Dubai, need much money to release it. My friend is a retired navy military, he was a navy for 24 years never heard of an interception before it gets to its destination, just cleared on the ground at a point of exit can not be intercepted before it’s destination. I ask him show the shipping document but he cant submit it. This stupid liar is very angry that we are to expose his fraud.

Paris Île-de-France FR
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Reported Loss :5000 $
Severity of Scam :Medium
Reported by : yammie99992
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