Captured Dreams by Marelys Nieves

Beaware of Marelys Nieves

The name Marelys Nieves was recommended by a friend when we were looking for a mermaid photo shots. For the first time, we met Marelys at a beach location. She captured several pictures. After this she mentioned that she will supply all these photos along with a CD to us.

We were not able to get any CD from Marelys. And the photos she supplied us are not up to the mark as far as quality is concerned. She mentioned to supply 25 photos. However, she only sent us 15 and all of them are horrible. Now we are not really looking forward to Marelys for processing those prints. She is not good at what she do.

All these statements are made just to aware others who wish to hire her for mermaid shots. Finally, we hired another photographer who will accomplish this mermaid shots for us. Hopefully, this time we will get proper photos. The fact is that she charged $200 and this amount is surely not spendable for those low quality photos. It’s a loss for us!

If you wish to hire her, please be aware!

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  1. Marelys Nieves did the photoshoot for us. After looking at the pictures, we asked for a refund. They were horrible. She did not refund our money. She is pathetic at her work.

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Approved Date:October 22, 2016
Status :Published
Reported Loss :200 $
Severity of Scam :High
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