not refund the money

I paid an amount of money to book flight ticket. After I did the whole payment they asked me to pay more in order to get my ticket.

They did not mention the additional payment at the beginning.

When I asked to refund my first payment, they are totally hidden.

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  1. STAY AWAY from this company!!!

    I am happy to hear I am not the ONLY …
    I am happy to hear I am not the ONLY person tricked by this scammer. They NEVER answer their phones and have not replied and YES they say they make it VERY clear there is a double payment and 55% is the 1st but it is NOT clear and i see they scam MANY people. I intend to keep fighting for my refund. Nasty scammers….ripping people off.

    My booking #427120602.

    They sent an immediate email response as I informed them I had posted here. Next I will contact the airline companies I booked with here in Thailand. I live here.

    The number they posted for Thailand does not exist.

    STAY AWAY from this company!!!

  2. Fraud Company

    We have booked a ticket from them yesterday 22nd January 2018. The amount published from their website is $142.71 and the amount that they have taken from my card afterwards is $475.71. I didn’t proceed with the 2nd payment after searching for a reviews with this company and when I found out that they have worst reviews I called right away my bank and blocked it and they advise me to file a dispute. I tried sending an email to the [email protected], YES they’ve replied once and told me to send an email to [email protected] but she didn’t respond after sending follow up emails this morning.

    That Vicky NG never replied after a span of 30 mins from her email asking to make another payment which made me more worried. BTW, when we purchased the ticket that vicky replied with email address of [email protected] and when I made a complaint and ask for refund from email address [email protected] they are reverting back to vicky with different email [email protected]

    We have also tried other options o calling all the nos. from their website,

    Phone Number:
    +61 280 113 917
    +61 390 185 089
    +44 207 193 0480
    +852 8199 0206
    Email: [email protected]

    Unfortunately, nobody is answering despite of their 24/7 customer service. And even from their live chat no one cared to reply.

    I hope that the banks will look after this company along with the people behind this huge scam. Imagine people kept on booking on their website with fake amount.


    1. jlbaysa

      So they replied from our email that they will be charging us an amount of their greediness and here it goes:

      Hi Alice,

      How come there is a charge when it is clearly written on your website that there are no charges (Please check and read again your Terms and Condition)? We did the cancellation right after we found out that your charges is different from your posted amount online. It is clearly stated on your Universal Terms and Condition and it states that:

      1. In case the customers have misunderstood/misleading our process, policies and don’t want to payment step 2 to issue E Ticket, customer can request to us to full refund to your account without fee.

      We have called the airline and you have already cancelled the booking without even informing us. However, we have already filed dispute case against you as it is considered as a fraudulent act in which you are Overstating the amount of deductions.

      It is not fair somehow that you are charging your customer from your wrong informations.

      Hope that you will return the refund the soonest.



      On Tuesday, 23 January 2018, 13:56:31 GMT+4, Alice Lee wrote:

      Dear Sir/Ma’am,

      Thank you for letting us know about your recent experience with Flight Ticket Go. I apologized if our strategy business did not meet your expectations and appreciate you taking time to share your concerns.

      Your ticket is holding now once first payment successfully. If you want to cancel, cancellation fee might be applied on each passenger. Please consider to go ahead to avoid wasting your paid-amount.

      Our goal is to provide a consistently reliable products and an exemplary level of customer services. Thus, on our website, we are two step for payment to issue e-Ticket. And I think you won’t understand Why us do that? We want to create the comfortable for our customer after payment for the First Step. You can see these are the reason:

      Ensure all the provided information correct before processing ticket.
      Change all information without any charges.
      Get more limitation time for holding ticket ( except low cost or instant tickets)
      Change flight schedule before finishing the booking.
      Receive assistance from CS team in time for every step.
      https:https://www. and-payment-process

      I hope that you can understand and have an overview of this. We can support you to change the flight without any charges and the balance amount might be reduced.

      Alice Lee (Ms) | Relationship Manager- Priority Services
      Flights Ticket Go
      Direct Line: +61 280 113 917
      Email: [email protected]

      Customer Services Center:
      Phone Number: https://www.flightstic
      Email: [email protected] .com

      Refund Request:
      Phone Number: +61 390 185 089
      Email: [email protected] com

      Complaint Our Services:
      Phone Number: +61 390 185 089
      Email: [email protected]

  3. People should be made awere of this Legle scam

    I am caught up with all this the same as other people, I am 80 pensioner and had saved my money for a lovely holiday over a year. I have been promised my 720$ back in 7 days time that time has now gone by. I emailed them as there phone is never answered, have today emailed them twice in a half hour, getting the same response back on both emails. Think I have lost all my money.

Reported Loss :500 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : salammami73
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