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Fisher Investments is good only at marketing

Fisher Investments is a trap and they market themselves to be the best investment firm. I moved all my portfolio in 2007 to this firm. I continued to work with them for few years and after continuous problems with my account, I left their company in 2013. I got a call from Fisher few months back, it was again their marketing department that was looking for a reconsideration. So, I could not resist myself and posted this review.

When the first time they lured me into getting my portfolio with them was the continuous assurance that they were not traders, which they are actually. This bait got me into a lot of trouble later on. But, this time, I am not going to fall for their sweet talks.

When I had an account with them, they underperformed with every benchmark. I believe that they work on the theory of one size fits all. This is the most stupid thing to do when you are working as an investment company.

In 2012, when I was hit by the bill of capital gains which was over 225K, they stayed behind the market significantly. In that same year, they dumped most of their holdings twice which affected most of their clients substantially.

The worst part was when I did some research on my own only to find out that they had not cared about the 13% of my portfolio that went in a “double down bet” when the market was rising. They did not care to inform me. They paid Barclays as well as USB to write the note. It’s more than complicated than anyone can guess. In short, when I got to know about their tactic and asked them to leave, they said that the whole thing could take more than two weeks to unwind the trade. They admitted that the fee was too high, and the things were too complicated that they were not sure if they could find the buyer.

If you wish to see Fisher Investments performance and what they actually get you as a return, visit Morningstar and check out PURIX, the mutual fund they offer. Being their institutional mutual fund, they put every private client group onto this fund. This gets them the lowest possible returns with highest risk possible. If you can guess, they have made 6.79% return long since 1996. So, if you consider inflation, you are actually losing money. On top of that, they have 1.25% Fisher Investments fees.

They are at the verge of collapse and I wish it comes sooner to them. All they are doing is pretending to be your safe keeper and doing everything to take it all away. Fisher Investments reviews are all scattered on internet to give you more insight into their scam.
Fisher Investments career is already downside. If you are looking to be a part of their investment plans, you should better get a health insurance first. They can get you into that much trouble.

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8 reviews on Fisher Investments

  1. I just had a meeting with them.They told me they use no mutual funds because of internal expense ratios. They only have 65 equities in an account at any one time…..was I misled? they claim average of 9% gain over past 10 years and last year over 28%? Would appreciate input

  2. Stay clear of this company. They spend more time and effort in marketing than in performing. All they are interested in is the 1.5%. You have been warned.

  3. Agreed

    Fisher Investment is only great at marketing themselves

  4. Fisher Investments do not act as fiduciaries as they represent

    Fisher Investments represents that they act as Fiduciaries on television.
    However, they did not set up a margin account with UBS as agreed so that I could manage some of my own funds, and instead they set me up to use my own account as a loan to borrow from, which had none of the warnings that a margin account has. I was with them for several years and they abruptly terminated the relationship when this was brought to their attention. I guess that they wanted to avoid liability. But that is hardly consistent with abiding by a Fiduciary responsibility as Ken Fisher says on his ads.

  5. Recovery of money from Stox market

    I was able to recover my investments from fisher investments with the help of Myprincipal chargeback.

  6. They lost over 100,000 for us in 6 weeks,, !! Total SCAM,, they win when you win because they charge 1% to manage the money! Duuu

    At the height of the crash end of 1999-2002 I put what was left of our savings with Fisher Investments. They indicated they were out of the market and would protect our account. In Mid May of 2000 or 2001 now i cannot remember, he went ALL IN 8 billion back in the market in 1 day, as his ‘indicators’ told him we had reached the bottom. F—— brilliant! It had just started to go down,, the market crashed after that and we lost over another $100,000 with him in 6 weeks. When I called them and challenged them on their Pursima fund. One of his brokers assigned to me agreed with my assessment that just being in the SnP 500 would have performed better than Fisher! Numbers don’t lie. He consistently underperforms the market and is only after your cash. He is a huckster. Don’t fall for it. Paul

    1. Retired N Taken

      This i’s so far fetched I’d like your opinion.

      I have seen stocks seem to miraculously appear ,only to be sold when I don’t remember seeing them in my portfolio.
      I began to suspect that they move ownership of stocks around to please favored investors. Can this be done?
      I was told in the past that they don’t trade in specific portfolios but all investors holdings get pulled from one large pot and stocks are not per portfolio. Yes they only ID a select group of stocks and then distribute ownership based on weighting of the portfolio.

  7. Only one getting richer Ken Fisher and his Sales team.

    The customer service is a device of Fisher to evade truth of what is really going on in Portfolio. They are rude, make plenty of phone calls if they are in the mood. My current and 4th, chats a minute but makes an excuse to get off the phone as soon as you want to talk business. He also rarely, if ever, calls back as agreed. Agreed to call on certain day and late by over a week now, no call at all. My email box is full of messages constantly sent out although I have asked for filtering. About 80% of these emails don’t apply to me.
    The worst i’s the lack of growth and performance. In addition the fees are so high they have exceeded profits.
    Don’t believe the slick marketing of fake 5 star reviews that say little and give no detail. . Don’t believe them.
    Have been promised detailed information that never comes or presented data other than as requested to cover their short falls. Especially out of San Francisco call center.
    Most dishonest, manipulative, sharks, and rude reps I have ever worked with.

  8. Searching for a investment adviser

    I don’t know that these guys are really scamming anyone at all? I had an interview with them and determined in about 5 minutes that they did not produce enough returns to justify their fee schedule much less me having my dollars tied up in a poorly performing system. Simple as that. Buyer beware, I think that they are pretty typical of a lot of so called investment firms.

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Severity of Scam :High
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