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BEWARE!! BEWARE!! First Mortgage West will steal your money.

They may ask you to wire one year of payments in order to do an Asset Verification Loan.

They will promise and guarantee that the money you wire them will be refunded to you once the funding goes through. BULL!

Once they have your money you will never here from them.

Watch out for Benjamin Bachmann, Robert Weise, Michael Walker, Jordan Dunn, Mark Carter, Pierce Adams, Joseph Holt, David Martinez, Michael Simms and Carlo.

Call me if you have any doubts 985-774-0489

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12 reviews on First Mortgage West

  1. fbi is on their ass.

    you would be crazy to use this co. they are a bunch of crooks. fbi is on their ass.

  2. SUCKS stay away.

    business is a big scam. if you apply for a loan with this will never get a loan but you will also lose your money you put up to get a loan. The FBI is moving in to shut this co, down. they have stolen over 10m of good people money . In other words this co, SUCKS stay away.

  3. Bad Service

    the # is 27 and no one has their money yet. they changed their web site we are closing in. save your money and do not send them your money.don’t learn the hard way .this co. sucks.

  4. stay away they will steal your money.

    this co. will steal your money in a heart beat. when you go to get it back they never answer their phone. watch out for pierce and Mr. weise.they are Jessy james without a Gun will go to la and get my money and give a ass whipping or get one. stay away they will steal your money.

  5. The Better Business Bureau of Los Angeles has given them the lowest rating possible.

    First Mortgage West is a con – they take large deposits that they call “seasoning” funds from you and once the funds have cleared the bank, they stop returning calls or emails and you never get a mortgage. The Better Business Bureau of Los Angeles has given them the lowest rating possible.

  6. Do not believe them.

    First West Mortgage is a scam operation. They have ripped off people for tens of thousands of dollars. Do not believe them. They will take your money and disappear back under what ever rock they crawled out from under.

  7. Do not go near them if you haven't already been bitten.

    Unless this company is “just getting it together” to give allot of people their money back from this “Asset Verification Account” and I do have hope for my $30,000, then they are in serious breech of contract and looking at some hefty fraud charges.

    Do not go near them if you haven’t already been bitten. For the rest of us we need to coordinate a class action or combined suit to take these criminals down. The perpetrators I talked to were Gabriel Fox and Mark Carter.

    Any positive review should be verified as it was probably faked by the company. If anyone at First Mortgage West thinks I am being slanderous please come and talk to me, please, please, please….

  8. Its a SCAM! Do not be tempted!

    Its a SCAM! Do not be tempted! They will steal your money. They have stolen from over 28 families…..You have been warned!


    **ALERT** This is a confirmed SCAM. DO NOT SEND MONEY. These crooks are currently being investigated by the FBI. Under no circumstances should you do business with them. Call your local FBI field office immediately upon contact from one of their representatives and report all names and contacts. When they cold-call you, ask them for a copy of their license or ANY verification of their ID.

    California law requires that companies advertising the availability of loans or offering to procure loans or credit must be registered with the California Attorney General’s Office as a Credit Services Organization and post a $100,000 bond. To verify registration and bonding, contact the California Attorney General by writing to; DOJ.

  10. This company is a SCAM, BE VERY CAREFUL.

    This company is a SCAM, BE VERY CAREFUL. Please don’t even answer their calls or emails, and report them to the FBI. they will ask you to wire a year worth of payment just to hold it ,while they are working on your application, but once you do that, good luck getting anyone to answer your calls or emails.

    They sounded legitimate and they promise the lowest rate refinancing for your place. Their application, website and answers were very convincing but they are first class CROOKS and I am talking from first hand experience. Add to the list of names you need to look out for Bree Hoyt, Alex Montgomery.

  11. Stay away from the company,

    Stay away from the company, they are scammers and took me for a large sum of money. They offer what they call an asset verification loan at a low rate and say that you need to deposit a years worth of payments into a verification account.

    They tell you that this is an insured account and that you will get your funds back when the loan is funded or that you can request a refund and cancel the application at any time.

    All the documents look legitimate and they even run a credit check against you using a company called MFI. At the time I fell victim to them they were Accreditted by the BBB and had an A+ rating, they now are no longer accreditted and have an F rating with an alert against them.

    Benjamin Bachmann, Michael Walker, Robert Weiss, Ralph Waterman, Jordan Dunn, Joseph Holt and Mark Carter are all associated with the scheme and should not be trusted.

  12. I think they just want your application fee and then screw you.

    They don’t tell you about needing a years worth of payments in cash and change the closing costs. I think they just want your application fee and then screw you.

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