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Purchase items on their website. Never received items. Never get a reply from owners. Never able to see actual location or given an estimated date of arrival.

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33 reviews on Fire Fashion Store

  1. Purchase an item

    Really bad experience.
    Never received the item.
    The live chat in their website is not working!
    Never replied to my email!
    Dont buy anything from their website.

    1. Same EXACT thing happened to me.

    2. Same thing happened to me. Never recieved my item. I ordered from Beastera as well and it’s the same thing with them. That was in May still nothing. =(. I hate people

  2. Ordered, paid, nothing arrived. Upon contact for info, no response.

    Ordered a few clothing items and they haven’t shipped, nor will respond.

  3. Scammed...

    I placed an order for ‘the worlds strongest lens for a phone”. It’s just a lens that attaches to your cell phone for more zoom. More of a novelty. They charged me the second I ordered it, which was June 6th. June 8th I got a text saying it shipped and here we are July 3rd and still nothing. I have emailed multiple times and never get a response. I also never recieved a tracking number. I guess I’m out that money.. don’t be fooled.

  4. SCAM

    After placing my order, I got an e-mail telling me that the product was on it’s way and that I could find a tracking number in the link that was sent to me. When I clicked the link, I got the message that the tracking number would appear soon.

    I’ve mailed the company six times and never got a response. I’ve been waiting for exactly one month and I still don’t have a tracking number or a response from the company. I’m requesting a refund through my credit card company.

  5. F Scams

    Not recommended to order except if you like to pay for things you never got. Moreover they are too busy to reply for e-mails but on social media they have time to answer for comments of (hope to be) new suckers. I learned on my own loss that they’re scams. I hope they spend our stolen money for medication.

  6. Scam

    Package never came. Been trying to contact them for a month and still no response. Terrible website. Don’t waste your money.

  7. They got me too but I always pay with CC

    Was scrolling down Instagram and they had the track pants for free just pay shipping so I bought 2. SAme thing happened like everybody says, been looking at this text for a month saying it’s on he way. Gonna call my credit card company and have them reverse the charges tho. Only spent $15 so be safe everybody.

  8. everything about their site is bullshit except the money they take from you

    Ordered and paid for items, tracking doesnt work, items not received, they dont respond to email, nothing. Will be issuing a chargeback on my CC.

  9. Garbage

    They’ll never send you your items, or tell you when they should arrive. Customer service is completely non existent. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  10. AWFUL

    AWFUL! I haven’t received my order in a month I’ve contacted them only through email becasue they don’t provide a phone number ! This site is shady!!! DONT RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE

  11. Teriible online shop

    I want to share with my experience with Fire Fashion store. I ordered some items and I contacted them 2 times and I did not get response from them. I did not receive my order of course. I pay £13,98 for 2 items. I am really disappointed. I wish I know that this online shop is not legit. I hope that It will not happen again.

  12. Only scam!

    Buoght 2 led masks about a month ago and received nothing.
    They don’t answer mails, don’t ship anything, all people complain on the facebook page, why this site is not yet closed?

  13. Only scam!

    Bought 2 led masks about a month ago and received nothing.
    They don’t anser mails, don’t ship anything, all people complain on the facebook page, why this site is not yet closed?

  14. Bad Service

    Did not receive the product, the live chat does not work, they do not email you back, scam


    Same. Never received my orders, never hear from “team members” of their “support” team. Crazy that it’s even advertised on Instagram and other apps. That’s how how even came across Fire Fashion. Scams shouldn’t be advertised. Period!

  16. purchase item

    I was on Instagram when I found about this website fire fashion store they had a really cool Rave mask I wanted, and they had a sale everything was free but all you had to do was pay for a ship and handling it was $7.47. I tried to email them to let them know that I gave them the wrong address I emailed him 3 times and still no response. And also when I got the confirmation that when my order went through you told me to look for the tracking number but yet they’re still no tracking number when I try to get ahold of them be kept telling me there was an error to get in touch with them

  17. Never received product

    They never reply to my emails or give tracking info after they take tour money. Scam!!! It was only 10$ but 10 times x amount of people they scam on instagram adds up!

  18. SCAM!!!

    Yep scammed me order paid and got nothing an no reply from the store! And theyare still posting products up on their FB page!

  19. I got scammed

    I ordered an led Mask on sale, a month ago and it still hasn’t came to my house yet, I’m sure it never will. I saw an add for this website on Facebook, and now I’m doubting every add I see, never buying anything from a Facebook add again!


    I never recived my 4 items from fire fashion $30 down the drain there is no contact number or anything i never recived a tracking number at all no nothing been since june 22 !! And its been passed the 5 to 8 buisness days for the u.s

  21. Fire fashion rip off

    I got ripped off I order my stuff from last month have not received anything and on top of that money was taken from my account. They don’t reply back to you. No way of contacting this plays needs to be shut down and give us our money back.

  22. Scammed

    Paid for products off their site a week ago messaged them every day since I ordered and still haven’t got a confirmation number an email back or anything .do not buy shit through this store or about anything regarding facebook

  23. Frauds, I paid them, did not receive my package. No response from customer service. If i find them they are in trouble. People should not get away with this

  24. Scammers should be punished

    Scammers should be punished. Did not receive my package. Not even the courtesy to respond to my email.

  25. Fire fasion store is a SCAM.. DONT USE

    Never received the items !!! The contact help box does not work and will not reply to emails. Scammed and not happy 🙁


    Had enough. All this bullshit from these scamming scabs. Never recieved cant contact anyone. Fuck off.


    All I can say is, the exact same nonsense happened to me. Instead of letting these assholes get away with it, we should start a class action suit AND contact Facebook/Instagram to have them banned from posting ads.

  28. iPhone party cases

    I ordered 2 iPhones party cases over 3 weeks ago haven’t received them yet have emailed and not had a reply from them on both occasions I have lost money that I could have used in other things lost money which most likely scammer spent on drugs or something of use don’t reccomend this site to anyone

  29. SCAM!!!

    SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! It has been over a month and I still haven’t even had my items shipped yet, but I for sure got charged as soon as I ordered. No replies on my multiple emails to them either. I should’ve known it was too good to be true

  30. Scam - Fire Fashion Store

    My orders never came. Mailed customer service multiple times never got an answer. It’s a scam.

  31. This scam is seriously wrong

    This is totaly illegal, under computer misuse act and that’s just a start. I’m reporting there guys to trading standards and so should everyone else 🙂

  32. Item was never delivered, no communication

    Item was never delivered, no communication

    Do not order from this store!


    Yea they got me. Of course you know THIS means WAR. LOL
    I have taken their logo and created a shirt to help spread awareness. Trust me, every customer will receive their shirt. It’s available in 6 colors, 5 sizes (S-2XL) and it is unisex. Tanktops will be available as well. They make decent companies look bad. We are exposing them.

    Phoenix Xiong (

Approved Date:July 1, 2018
Reported Loss :50 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : anonymous
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