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Purchase items on their website. Never received items. Never get a reply from owners. Never able to see actual location or given an estimated date of arrival.

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179 reviews on Fire Fashion Store

  1. Purchase an item

    Really bad experience.
    Never received the item.
    The live chat in their website is not working!
    Never replied to my email!
    Dont buy anything from their website.

    1. Colin

      Same EXACT thing happened to me.

    2. Jenna

      Same thing happened to me. Never recieved my item. I ordered from Beastera as well and it’s the same thing with them. That was in May still nothing. =(. I hate people

    3. Kocsis lorena

      Same here! I am still waiting my items since june 2018!

  2. Ordered, paid, nothing arrived. Upon contact for info, no response.

    Ordered a few clothing items and they haven’t shipped, nor will respond.

  3. Scammed...

    I placed an order for ‘the worlds strongest lens for a phone”. It’s just a lens that attaches to your cell phone for more zoom. More of a novelty. They charged me the second I ordered it, which was June 6th. June 8th I got a text saying it shipped and here we are July 3rd and still nothing. I have emailed multiple times and never get a response. I also never recieved a tracking number. I guess I’m out that money.. don’t be fooled.

  4. SCAM

    After placing my order, I got an e-mail telling me that the product was on it’s way and that I could find a tracking number in the link that was sent to me. When I clicked the link, I got the message that the tracking number would appear soon.

    I’ve mailed the company six times and never got a response. I’ve been waiting for exactly one month and I still don’t have a tracking number or a response from the company. I’m requesting a refund through my credit card company.

  5. F Scams

    Not recommended to order except if you like to pay for things you never got. Moreover they are too busy to reply for e-mails but on social media they have time to answer for comments of (hope to be) new suckers. I learned on my own loss that they’re scams. I hope they spend our stolen money for medication.

  6. Scam

    Package never came. Been trying to contact them for a month and still no response. Terrible website. Don’t waste your money.

  7. They got me too but I always pay with CC

    Was scrolling down Instagram and they had the track pants for free just pay shipping so I bought 2. SAme thing happened like everybody says, been looking at this text for a month saying it’s on he way. Gonna call my credit card company and have them reverse the charges tho. Only spent $15 so be safe everybody.

  8. everything about their site is bullshit except the money they take from you

    Ordered and paid for items, tracking doesnt work, items not received, they dont respond to email, nothing. Will be issuing a chargeback on my CC.

  9. Garbage

    They’ll never send you your items, or tell you when they should arrive. Customer service is completely non existent. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

  10. AWFUL

    AWFUL! I haven’t received my order in a month I’ve contacted them only through email becasue they don’t provide a phone number ! This site is shady!!! DONT RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE

  11. Teriible online shop

    I want to share with my experience with Fire Fashion store. I ordered some items and I contacted them 2 times and I did not get response from them. I did not receive my order of course. I pay £13,98 for 2 items. I am really disappointed. I wish I know that this online shop is not legit. I hope that It will not happen again.

  12. Only scam!

    Buoght 2 led masks about a month ago and received nothing.
    They don’t answer mails, don’t ship anything, all people complain on the facebook page, why this site is not yet closed?

  13. Only scam!

    Bought 2 led masks about a month ago and received nothing.
    They don’t anser mails, don’t ship anything, all people complain on the facebook page, why this site is not yet closed?

  14. Bad Service

    Did not receive the product, the live chat does not work, they do not email you back, scam


    Same. Never received my orders, never hear from “team members” of their “support” team. Crazy that it’s even advertised on Instagram and other apps. That’s how how even came across Fire Fashion. Scams shouldn’t be advertised. Period!

    1. David

      Same thing happened to me, I saw fire fashion store advertised on Instagram so I thought it was legit and I ordered from a site like theirs before where most items are free you just pay shipping and the items were delivered but not here. I ordered in June, they send an email saying your items are on the way, that’s it, no tracking number or anything, a month go by, no response, now I’m trying to contact their support and no answer, they finally send an email saying their orders are delayed because they are moving and the items should be there no later than August, well it’s October and still nothing, it’s a huge scam, it’s crazy how legit it looks and how they allow this to happen, they must be stopped, I’m going to contact my bank and try to get my money back (: people work hard for their money and don’t deserve this

  16. purchase item

    I was on Instagram when I found about this website fire fashion store they had a really cool Rave mask I wanted, and they had a sale everything was free but all you had to do was pay for a ship and handling it was $7.47. I tried to email them to let them know that I gave them the wrong address I emailed him 3 times and still no response. And also when I got the confirmation that when my order went through you told me to look for the tracking number but yet they’re still no tracking number when I try to get ahold of them be kept telling me there was an error to get in touch with them

  17. Never received product

    They never reply to my emails or give tracking info after they take tour money. Scam!!! It was only 10$ but 10 times x amount of people they scam on instagram adds up!

    1. Ian Kavanaugh

      Has anyone actually gotten instagram to respond since they were promoting it for months!? Thats the only reason I did it. That is a serious public trust violation.

  18. SCAM!!!

    Yep scammed me order paid and got nothing an no reply from the store! And theyare still posting products up on their FB page!

  19. I got scammed

    I ordered an led Mask on sale, a month ago and it still hasn’t came to my house yet, I’m sure it never will. I saw an add for this website on Facebook, and now I’m doubting every add I see, never buying anything from a Facebook add again!


    I never recived my 4 items from fire fashion $30 down the drain there is no contact number or anything i never recived a tracking number at all no nothing been since june 22 !! And its been passed the 5 to 8 buisness days for the u.s

  21. Fire fashion rip off

    I got ripped off I order my stuff from last month have not received anything and on top of that money was taken from my account. They don’t reply back to you. No way of contacting this plays needs to be shut down and give us our money back.

  22. Scammed

    Paid for products off their site a week ago messaged them every day since I ordered and still haven’t got a confirmation number an email back or anything .do not buy shit through this store or about anything regarding facebook

  23. Frauds, I paid them, did not receive my package. No response from customer service. If i find them they are in trouble. People should not get away with this

  24. Scammers should be punished

    Scammers should be punished. Did not receive my package. Not even the courtesy to respond to my email.

  25. Fire fasion store is a SCAM.. DONT USE

    Never received the items !!! The contact help box does not work and will not reply to emails. Scammed and not happy 🙁


    Had enough. All this bullshit from these scamming scabs. Never recieved cant contact anyone. Fuck off.


    All I can say is, the exact same nonsense happened to me. Instead of letting these assholes get away with it, we should start a class action suit AND contact Facebook/Instagram to have them banned from posting ads.

    1. Jamison

      I’m with you Phoenix. Instagram didn’t do it’s due diligence, and they’re letting people the world over get scammed. I absolutely think we should do a class action suit against Instragram for allowing this.

  28. iPhone party cases

    I ordered 2 iPhones party cases over 3 weeks ago haven’t received them yet have emailed and not had a reply from them on both occasions I have lost money that I could have used in other things lost money which most likely scammer spent on drugs or something of use don’t reccomend this site to anyone

  29. SCAM!!!

    SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! It has been over a month and I still haven’t even had my items shipped yet, but I for sure got charged as soon as I ordered. No replies on my multiple emails to them either. I should’ve known it was too good to be true

  30. Scam - Fire Fashion Store

    My orders never came. Mailed customer service multiple times never got an answer. It’s a scam.

  31. This scam is seriously wrong

    This is totaly illegal, under computer misuse act and that’s just a start. I’m reporting there guys to trading standards and so should everyone else 🙂

  32. Item was never delivered, no communication

    Item was never delivered, no communication

    Do not order from this store!


    Yea they got me. Of course you know THIS means WAR. LOL
    I have taken their logo and created a shirt to help spread awareness. Trust me, every customer will receive their shirt. It’s available in 6 colors, 5 sizes (S-2XL) and it is unisex. Tanktops will be available as well. They make decent companies look bad. We are exposing them.

    Phoenix Xiong (

  34. Scam

    Same as most other people – order never received, they don’t reply to emails and the link to track my order doesn’t provide any information. I will be requesting a refund through my credit card company

  35. Item never received

    I purchased a onesie 2 months ago. It’s has never arrived nor have I ever been contacted by the store. I will never see my money again.


    It was a tragic one…. ??‍♂️

  37. scam

    orederded 6 items months ago and still have not got my stuff.

  38. Scam

    Ordered a few items. A month went passed with no update. Sent an email back to the one that sent me my order confirmation (a Gmail account!) which auto-replied with “Your Order Will Be Delivered By August 6th – Apologies For The Delay Due to Extremely High Order Volumes :)” and a bunch of other placations. I do not expect to receive my order and have failed to contact the ‘shop’ via their website and Facebook page.

  39. Total scam

    Purchase items on their website. Never received items. Never get a reply from owners. The contact for is broken so impossible to get any response

  40. Can I cancel my order and get a refund???

    I haven’t gotten any type of info back in the last 3 weeks even though I tired contacting them I got nothing back. Is there a way I can get my money back???

  41. Firefashionstore scam

    Fire fashion store scam. I ordered items that I never received. They took extra money from my account. I notified IG of the scam. They’re working on removing it.

  42. Horrible!!!!!!!!!!!

    I purchased 3 items from this fucking store and I still have yet to receive ANY of them!!!! I was trying to get them I time for my vacation so I ordered way in enough time to receive them before I left. I contacted them several times inquiring about my order and if they could send me a tracking number and location of where my package was, I still have YET to receive ANY messages from them regarding my items!!! I WILL NOT BE PURCHASING ANYTHING ELSE FROM THIS SCAMING ASS STORE EVER AGAIN! AND THEY NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????

  43. Fui enganado

    I bought an iron man who levitated and sent me a keyring of the iron man. I paid $ 29.99 for a trash can. You fool consumers, a company that was meant to steal people’s money. I never buy anything from this site again. they are thieves

  44. No contact

    Have ordered 3 items not one even dispatched a week on and no reply to any emails sent. This is nothing but a con thank god you only got shipping cost. Shame on you

  45. Scam artists

    Ordered a beach blanket a month ago. Sent several messages asking about when I should recieve my product. Finally got a reply stating they will be out later in August. Figured summer was almost over by then so I replied to the email asking for a refund several times and nothing. No
    Response! Even tried to contact them through their website and kept giving me an error message and wouldn’t send. They are scam artists.

  46. SCAM

    Ordered items never came in. Contacted them 3 different times. I’m currently trying to dispute the transaction.

  47. Ordered two weeks ago never my phone case


    Ordered, paid never received. Cannot contact them. Live chat never working. Email will not send.

  49. Rip off

    If this is the company formerly known as Fear of Missing Out, you are scam artists pretending to be a retail store. Orders are placed, paid for,but no product or response to e-mails is ever received. How you are still in business and not in jail for theft, I will never understand. Glad I didn’t spend much.

  50. I bought a sand proof mat on July 16 and I am still waiting for the merchandise please replr

    I bought a sand proof mat and still waiting for the merchandise

  51. Bought item never received

    Bought a mask from their website. Paid the $13 CAD for shipping. never recieved an email about the item, never recieved shipping notifactions about the item. They were more than happy to withdraw the money from my account though. DON’T BUT FROM THEM. COMPLETE SCAM.


    never received product never could get a person to give status of my order but they have my money. you cant contact them it don’t work on their site. I will be calling the police and reporting to BBB this company is a scam

  53. Bought products in June and never received

    Don’t waste your money like I did a total scam artist stealing from millions of people.

  54. Scammers Thieves

    Ordered a beach blanket never received can’t get in touch with them because website doesn’t work.Dont buy anything from this online
    Store because it is a scam.

  55. Awful

    never received item

  56. Absolutely major scam.

    They don’t exist, they lie, there is no way of contacting them AT ALL, they charged my credit card but I never ever received my order. Their email address is fake, their website is fake, their customer service is inexisting, their chat line is bullshit, everything about them is scam. They should be arrested.

  57. Its 100% fraud website where you lose your money

    This is a fraud website …. Once you order any of their product they will take your money and even after a month you will not get any product shipment details and even if you mail or message you will not get any response ….. To all people who planning to buy any product here please be aware that you are going to loose your hard earned money. I have ordered for a product a month ago and still i did not get any response of it and my money has been looted by this fraud guys.

  58. Order placed over two months ago all the time answered it’s fault of courier

    Do Not order from they. Order never shipped. All the time answers it’s courier fault

  59. Never received items

    I have written many times about my orders n never hear back from them. I would not recommend buying anything from this place . They r a total rip off


    purchased goods and never received them nor will answer any of may emails.

  61. Take Your Money And Don't Send Items

    TERRIBLE COMPANY – take your money, won’t send item, won’t reply to emails or Facebook messages. CON!!! AVOID!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!! They are THIEVES!!!

  62. CRAP...I should have searched first

    I ordered the LED mask. Paid 10.03$ in shipping, product never arrived. Contacted seller by email, received instantaneous response with promise to deliver in the next 3 days. After the 3rd day, I emailed again and wouldn’t you know it…another instantaneous response with another 3 days added on.

    Contacted my bank and they reversed the charge. I also cancelled my debit card, since this bull crap “store” has my information. I’m getting my new debit card in 2 days. I am so stupid.

    Now I know why everyone sticks to Amazon.

  63. Never received items. SCAM

    I ordered some stuff a few months ago and it never showed. No matter how many times I contact them about the issue, I do not get a reply back. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM.


    Like everyone I was scammed! I swear I realized it the second I ordered it, in the homepage it gives the crossed out price then $0 but when you order it has £7.00, right then n there I FELT IT IN MY HEART I WAS SCAMMED! WE THE CONSUMER HAVE TO REPORT THEM SO THEY CAN TAKE DOWN THE INSTAGRAM N FB SITE SO THEY DONT CONTINUE TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF OTHERS!!

  65. Rip off Bastards

    Never ever order from fire fashion store. You will never get your order or your postage and packaging costs back. They WILL NOT reply to any emails.
    Rip off Merchants.
    Avoid like the plague.

  66. Scam site

    Purchased an item 2 months , have still not received it. You get an automated reply when using messenger and they have not replied to 3 emails I have sent

  67. Scam!!!

    Ripped off. No response from them. Really disappointed should be sued for fraud.

  68. Thanks

    Thanks for worning me

  69. Absolute scam! Takes your money and that's the last you will hear from them!

    Ordered an air cooler and received text to say thank you and my order was being processed that was over a month ago and 4 emails later! Even tried to chat line and it comes up with a problem! Steer clear if you value your money! Don’t know who I can report this to but lesson learned check reviews first!



  71. Scam

    Nothing has shown up in 3 months and no replies, scam warning

  72. Deals are too good to be true

    got two different things that were advertised as free and then paid for shipping. the products never showed up and even though i got an email from them saying it has arrived.

  73. warning they take out money without your knowledge too if you give them your bank details i just canceled mine after they took $300 out disputing them to get it back

  74. thefts

    i order a air conditioner never got it it was only $10.00 i just got off the phone talking to my bank canceled my card they took further $300 out of my account i am putting in a dispute to try and get it back DO NOT order from them they are a scam and fraudsters and thefts

  75. Very bad decision buying here

    I purchased an item and they never sent it. I got a dispute done so goo luck to everyone who bought from them. I never heard that someone got something delivered. My bad that I didn’t read reviews from them before!

  76. I ordered 2 air conditioners a month ago and have received nothing!!! Can’t send email it keeps telling me to try later!! I bet the order number I have doesn’t exist! I’m livid with myself for falling for this company’s clap trap!! DON’T BOTHER ORDERING, YOU WILL NEVER GET IT!!

  77. Frustrated

    I ordered something over a month ago and emailed them 3 times and still no package.

  78. Horrible business

    I purchased an iPhone case and I receive and email showing my receipt and my confirmation number it’s been a month and I haven’t receive my item yet. I’ve email them and email them no response whatsoever, no customer service phone number, no chat box, no nothing oh but they were abel to receive my money though!!

  79. Yeah I got caught out there by them. I am usually very careful about ordering things online but for some reason I let my guard down with this site,probably because it was only a small amount $9.58 and they had good advertising I saw them advertising on Instagram, Facebook,Twitter,etc so I didn’t think that these type of ultra popular sites would let a scam website advertise through them but I see I was wrong either they don’t know yet that they are a scam website or they just don’t care as long as they are getting paid. But yeah if you order from them all you will get is an email saying that your order has been shipped out and there is no way to track your package on their website or to contact them in any way at all. The contact page on their website always says your message did not go through try again later. They have no customer service phone number or physical address. I would have sat here like a fucking idiot waiting for the mail man every day to bring this package has I not have tried to google them to get a phone number for their customer service and when I did I found pages and pages of complaints from people who never received their orders. I am just going to contact my bank to get my money back and have them issue me a new card. I hope no one else gets played by this site and from now on I don’t care where I see a website advertised(it could be in the catholic churches newspaper) I will ALWAYS from now on google a company first before I even think about placing an order.

  80. Item ordered not recieved and no reply to messages

    Fire fashion was on ordered from them but not recieved.or get sny replys to email i sent.facebook should do a proper check on who they allow to advertise on there alot of people getting scamed

  81. Scam

    Dont buy anything from this store because you will never receive your item and there reps dont answer emails or chat , I went to there website and got ripped off , I purchased 2 cellphone cases and never received them …

  82. Hoodwinked

    a month ago I seen fire fashion advertise on Facebook, with some nice products, I’m not one to fall for the okee-doke but I did because I seen this web site on Facebook I thought it was legit so I ordered a rave mask an air conditioner and a few other things it said just pay shipping and the idem was free, YEA RIGHT. I got hit for about $40.00 they sent a text saying thank you for your order look for other text in the future. I guess it cost me 40 bucks for this lesson I’m sure there are other people that got hit for more…. BUYER BEWARE

  83. Purchased item and never received and money was pulled out of my account.

  84. Scam!!!!

    Never received my 3 items, no number to call, not able to track the items, and no reply to emails I have sent. Total scam!!

  85. Fire Fashion Store have stolen my money!

    Paid on Credit Card, was taken immediately. No goods sent or received after 6 weeks. Have emailed them several times, have notified my bank and both Instagram and Facebook!

  86. Seems like a scam

    Ordered for some leggings and got a response from them on an email that my order has been shipped however the email id that they used to reply wasn’t any business id – – and when I dropped them an email asking for the status, I got an immediate email which was mostly an automated response giving a delivery date of four five days but the spontaneous of the message via a non business email surely speaks of their scam. Their products were on 0 value and they highly market it on instagram and other portals saying ‘special discount’ pay only for the shipping etc. Be careful. Will update on the thread if I ever recieve the order but I guess it is highly unlikely.

  87. purchase

    Purchase items on their website. Never received items. Did send them mails but no answer..

  88. 2 months ans still waiting

    Is there any kind of authority that can process these scammers, im mean it´s pathetic the ammpunt of persons that got ripped off from this site, is this lega? fuck no, who control this shit anyway?

  89. Bogus Company

    Same thing happened to me only it was supposed to be a free cooling device. All I had to do was pay the shipping, which was only under $10.00. I too have tried the on line chat, sending an email & no response. I got a couple emails saying it was on its way, then one saying it was delivered but no information as to what company picked it up or who was supposed to deliver it. The email just said that “if by chance I didn’t get it, to check with my neighbors & with the delivery company” but if you don’t know who the delivery company is, how do you check with them lol. Anyway, not that upset about it as long as they don’t hit my credit card for anything more. I am monitoring it.

  90. Never received the item

    They’ll never send you your items

  91. Never received order

    Orderd something that was £10 and never revived it

  92. NOT Recommended for Online Purchase

    Never received the item.
    The live chat in their website is not working!
    Never replied to my email!
    Strongly advise don’t buy anything from their website.


  93. Been Scammed!

    I purchased some items months ago and have never received them and the owners will not respond to emails. There is no shipment info and no tracking number.

  94. Fake Bathing suits

    I ordered three bathing suits. Never came. Waited two months. Never came. This a a scam. Spent $40 of my hard earned money on this website, thinking it was real, but it’s kot. Don’t trust them.

  95. 2 months a no package.

    I ordered from Fire Fashion store June 29th. Today it is August 29th and I still haven’t received a package. They did say it could take up to 10 weeks, so I’m waiting a bit longer, but for the 35$ USD I paid for shipping should get it here a lot faster. I’ve emailed several times and they replied once to tell me my package had indeed been sent. Still waiting on it. Ordered some onesies and the lens zoomer. Wouldn’t recommend to anyone, not even for “free” products.

  96. I’ve ordered my portable case on July 28th everything went thru fine , made my purchase…. it’s is now August 29th the shipping info says for the US 5-8 business days after dispatch i still haven’t got my case I “contacted” the store by email even emails with curses in them and still no answer back . & I don’t even know how to decline the order … DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE THE PRICES ARE GOOD BUT THE SERVICE IS NOT.

  97. What a disgrace! I ordered an iPhone liners case charger which said it would arrive on the 6th of August ad buyers were extremely high, ny arse! I don’t know who the hell you’ve caught from this too but why open a scamming website


    I ordered an “Anti – Sand Mat” via an “FIRE FASHION STORE” Instagram ad.
    Twice I have had an automated reply saying it will be delivered late, due to the…… “Overwhelming demand! It still has not arrived, despite going past the so called…”At the very latest…. the 26th of August”…. deadline!

    I shall certainly be in contact with Facebook, the owners of Instagram and put a stop to it!. As many people have said, the “FIRE FASHION” company seems like yet another SCAMMING company !!

  99. The worst

    Paid for goods May 30th, still awaiting products. SCAM, steer clear. I get automatic responses regarding goods being delivered, received one just now stating all goods will be delivered by 26th of August, I guess they haven’t updated the auto-response.


    Purchased items and i didn’t receive anything from them. I have tried to email them and they only response with an email saying due to high volumes of order my order will be shipped…… I told them to refund my money but they didn’t reply. Don’t trust them everyone

  101. Fire Fashion store scam

    Order 2 phone case and they Never arrive. Attempted to reach out to the twice via email but I got the same generic email response. Don’t order from here.

  102. Fake company. Scamming people

    I paid for one of f their promotions in July.
    Tomorrow is September 1st. Nothing has arrived except excuses and emails filled with lies of delivery dates and product promised.

    This company is running a high level of scamming to ALL OF US!

  103. Scam never received my order can’t get no contact or phone # there email nobody responds

    Scam scam never received my order

  104. Item not delivered

    Item not delivered at all even though you receive an e-mail saying that it was delivered then forget about getting any other answer from them even if send a lot of e-mails!

  105. Horrible scammers

    They have a great scam going. Real you in with nice products and prices. Take your money plus an international fee and never deliver! I ordered my products almost 3 months ago, received an email saying they were on the way but no tracking number to show for it. Then an email saying that they were delivered and hope I was enjoying my products. NOTHING has ever been delivered!!!!!!!!!! Have sent several emails with no response!!!!!! PLEASE to everyone out there, DO NOT EVER ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. Scam website

    Ordered three items from this store after seeing product ads on Facebook. only response since has been acknowledgement of orders, then an email informing me of impending delay of delivery but assuring items would be with me early August at latest.
    Now September and have still not received goods and had no response to numerous emails. Contact form on their website doesn’t work so have to use reply on their original messages.
    This site is a total scam and should be removed from Facebook and the rest of the net. Do not get duped like me, if the offer seems too good to be true then beware, do not order anything from theses thieves and warn all your friends.

  107. Never showed

    My charger never showed . I have contacted them over 5 times and nothing. Wtf

  108. This is a total scam – it’s been 5 weeks and have not received what I ordered. I am working with my credit card company to get my money back. Do not order from this company.

  109. did not receive to Arctic coolers I ordered several months ago!

    I ordered two Arctic coolers several months ago have not gotten a reply backor received merchandise ! And also do not shop at pet lovers exclusive .com they took took me for $42!

  110. Haven't received my order. The store doesn't respond to email.

    Made my order in June. Now it is September and I haven’t received anything. Wrote a letter in order to find out what is going on and where is my order – they did not respond.

    Should have checked reviews on them before ordering, but now my money has gone nowhere.


  111. Scam !!!Ordered months ago, and still nothing

    I ordered a LED mask back in May for my boyfriend’s bday present. It is now September and I still have nothing. I even emailed them again today in September, and it was an automated email saying I would receive it no later than August 26th. Before that one, it was supposed to be no later than August 6th, and more promised dates before that.

  112. BIG SCAM

    Really bad experience.
    Never received the item.
    The live chat in their website is not working!
    Never replied to my email!
    Dont buy anything from their website.Why nobody report them to the police

  113. I spent $150 on this website and never got my stuff

    I spent $150 on this website still not gotten my stuff and every time I email them they tell me it will be here on 26 August it’s now September


    Fake stole lied about free products and just pay shipping no confirmation # and no products showed up – scamming is illegal and they are stealing from the Public !! Canceled my credit card because of this SCAM on instagram the TROLL ACCOUNTS –

  115. SCAMMERS!!!!!!

    I ordered a product 2 months ago never received it. Emailed them whats going on never got a response a month later got a email saying that the product was accidentally sent somewhere else and they were going to ship out another one to my house never got anything.. it’s been 2 months now they are a scam and stealing innocent people’s money!!!

  116. I got a red phone case for my sons Birthday. This is on Facebook! We are getting scammed?? Wow really sucks to find out!

  117. Total RIP OFF!!!! Never received my item as ordered. They got my money and never sent me a thing. Only emails saying it was on the way and then another saying they were backed up because of other orders. CRAP CRAP CRAP!!!! TOTAL SCAM!!!! Never heard from them. Save your money.

  118. Hello there Carol AnnSauve Sauve im not receiving any responses on my emails to you about my order promise me extra gifts and everything but still nothing please respond to

    Hello there i still have not received my orders and i promised extra gifts for the delay but still have not received it and no tracking number please notify me a response woild be nice


    Never received my order and receive generic emails everytime I try to complain. ITS A SCAM. DO NOT BUY FROM THESE PEOPLE.

  120. Fire Fashion Robbed Me

    DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM FIRE FASHION! I ordered a phone charger for ten bucks from them 3 months ago and still NOTHING! When I emailed them I got a reply from a robot. The second email no reply. THEY WILL TAKE YOUR MONEY AND LEAVE YOU HIGH AND DRY



  122. Really Dissapointed

    I ordered swimsuits and I was so excited because they were super cute and cheap. I as supposed to get the the first of August but it is now September. What a waste of money

  123. Scam artist

    Someone needs to pay this person a visit. I live well away but would pay them a visit if near


    I never recieved my product. For awhile I got one excuse after another. I was even told it was delivered then was told that that was a mistake .and that it would be delivered in a few days. Then one that they were behind and that it would be within 2 weeks and that had been almost a month now and I no longer get a response from them. And they do not give the order number to be able to track the shipping.

  125. As every other comment here - DONT BUY - Never received the items

    Title speaks for itself

  126. bought 6 weeks ago

    i bought 6 weeks ago a phone case worth 22 dollars,and i havent even received yet ! they ignore my emails,or send me an email automated,dated from 6 august !

  127. Scam

    Purchased some items back July 23rd never recieved items, no reply from emails I’ve sent and no phone number to call.. still no tracking number, no new info since day purchase.. asked for a refund credited back to my cc. Kept getting the same messages as a reply in messanger.. and my bill was only suppose to be $20.97 and I got charged $27.97


    Ordered two swimsuites a total of $13.98. Back in June 2018. Was charged to my paypal account. Got a message it will be delivered. Never recieved my order at all. Same same scenario as all of you said above. I am sceptical of purchasing anything thru social media or let alone a company other than amazon now. Same thing with BABES WHO SHOP. Thru fb. Never again.

  129. i didnt get my item

    i have been waiting patiently for 2MONTHS I HAVENT RECIEVED IT i want my 7.99 they never even told me when it was coming

  130. Fire Fashion is a rip off I never received my order and Jeep getting same email stating it has been shipped should have received items no later than August 6th well that never happened requested a refund that never happened either this sucks

    I was ripped off by fire fashion important order and when I contacted them I got the same email stating that I would receive my orders no later than August 6th well that never happened I requested a refund didn’t get that either and I know I’m not the first person that has went through this and I still keep getting the same email stating that my order is on its way no it’s not on its way I asked for a tracking number they did not give me that at all this really sucks I hope this gets shut down fire fashion highly disappointed

  131. One big scam

    It looks like such a professional website, which is why I fell for it, put through 2 orders with 3 items and everything went quiet, never got a thing. ?

  132. Pissed off

    Ordered a unicorn phone charger from fire fashion took my money and didn’t send product have sent numorous emails and Facebook messages with no response other then automative responses saying someone will get back to me and that they are reliable in their response time then no one responds

    #SCAMMERS #scamerpricks

  133. I ordered and paid 4 their “amazing Arctic Air Cooler” on 2 occasions , one on 26/7 and again on 7/8 . I did receive an e mail on the 26/7 saying they were getting my order ready for dispatch and that was the last I heard from them . I’ve e mailed them on at least 3 occasions querying my non delivery to no avail . Im just thankful that ive only lost £15 to these Crooks !! Please be warned , avoid this company at all costs !!

  134. Fire fashion stole my money

    I order from fire fashion three months ago and never received my item. I’ve tried to contact them multiple times but they don’t reply!! I wouldn’t suggest ordering from them, you might just lose your money and never receive anything.

  135. Scam

    You order items they take your money and never send you any product. Can’t contact anyone. They never respond to any emails you send inquiring about your order. Total scam company.

  136. Never Received My Items

    I purchased items 2 months ago. I received an email saying that the package was lost and a new one was sent. When I did not receive that one, I emailed them asking for an update on Sept 12. I got a seemingly automated response saying that it would be delivered by Aug 26 (which had passed 2 weeks before). I just emailed again on Sept 27 and received the exact same response email saying it would be delivered Aug 26. Clearly it is never coming.

  137. I never received my items

    They are scammers! I was never able to contact them or the items they promised.

  138. No response. Item not received 3 months

    No response. Item not received 3 months

  139. Avoid buying from this website!

    Bought an item from their website back in May 2018, keep asking for a refund only to get a generic email saying they are very busy and will deliver in August, well as i’m writing this it is now the 1st of October.

    I’m actually really happy that a company has developed a time machine and I looking to deliver to me in the past, quite excited really!


  140. Firefashion

    Ordered clothes in May still haven’t received them a straight ripoff what can i do?

  141. bad, Bad, BAD!!

    My order started with an online store called “Trendy Deal Store” Ordered 2 items Received a purchase confirmation email almost immediately.

    Within a minute, I rec’d a 2nd email stating that I had left items in my cart & a suggestion to “complete” my purchase within 6 hrs. I got a 3rd email the day after saying I have 1 hr left and another 2 days after with the warning that the deal ends “very soon”. Each email showed the 2 items I had bought.

    19 days after placing the order & receiving a confirmation email, I got a final email saying that my recent order was delivered. It went on to say that if hadn’t yet rec’d the package, “it’s probably been left at the local courier station or with a neighbour in error” and to check there. No indication of a courier name anywhere & if a neighbor took it, it’s long gone.

    The “Continue Shopping” link on that final email sent me to the “Fire Fashion Store” website.
    Stay away from Trendy Deal Store AND Fire Fashion Store! They are linked and *will* rip you off!!

  142. Terrible rip off

    On July 26th I ordered a iPhone 7plus case and I have never received it to date. There is no way to contact anyone.

  143. It's a scam!!!

    Haven’t recieved my air cooler, i ordered it in July! I emailed and emailed and still nothing.



    I have tried emailing them and they don’t have a working website nor a contact phone number and I couldn’t be more pissed off. I buy stuff online ALL THE TIME and this has happened to me only once before but it wasn’t as big a purchase and this is making me so frustRated and I will do whatever it takes to get to the bottom of it even if it means taking these idiots and scammers to court and getting justice for me and everyone else they think they are getting away with by scamming them as well!!!!


  145. SCAM


  146. take the payment dont recieve the goods



    Ordered items, received emails nearly everyday, when you ask for update they send email again, but I asked for refund as it never arrived, never received an email again, do not buy anything from these scammers

  148. Scam or not?

    Ok so been waiting three months for my order. 2 baseball caps and a basketball vest. Thought I’d been scammed. Finally got a parcel today. I’d been promised free gifts due to the delays but when I got the parcel, after paying £11 customs fees, it was missing one of the baseball caps and the free gifts.

  149. Compra

    Gostaria de saber o que houve com meu pedido? Até hj não chegou.

  150. Fake shop

    This is a fake online shop. They get your money and never send the parcel. I spent only 9€ so actually I don’t care if I didn’t get the parcel but I want anyway warn everyone not to order from this website. Moreover… this website doesn’t exist anymore… nor its Facebook page.
    I want to add that they have our credit card number so they could use it to steal money and so on… pay attention. My card is actually empty so I don’t mind
    DO NOT ORDER and keep your money even if it is only 5€. It’s scam

  151. ordering is a waste save your money

    i made an order with this company months ago and everytime I email them i get a reply that says:

    Due to extremely high volumes of orders recently there has been a delay getting all of these shipped, but we can assure you that you’ll receive your order by early August 26th 2018 at the very latest

    that is copied from the letter I keep getting. they are a joke. stay clear

  152. Scam company

    This company Fire Fashion I saw on Facebook. Ordered a charging case for a iPhone 6s plus rose gold color. Paid 7.47 pounds. Only received an email saying item may take longer then normal to receive. Ordered 29July2018 here it is 8Oct2018. Now haven’t received the item. Don’t expect to. Do NOT buy from this company. Total scam company.

  153. No me llegó el pedido

    El pedido nunca llegó y solo tienen una vía de contacto que es solo a través de email y al cual ellos te reenvía un email de reenvío robotizazo al cual te responde que ahí mucha cantidad de volúmenes que espere etc, pero no te Dan ninguna solucion ni devolución del dinero. Era un Timo su página, claramente.

  154. 2 months on waiting

    It has been 2 months and I paid 13 dollars for shipping two LED mask to my house and these guys kept sending me it would be there buy August 6th 2018

  155. SCAM

    It has been 2 months and I paid 13 dollars for shipping two LED mask to my house and these guys kept sending me it would be there buy August 6th 2018


    Ordered few things July 25th, 2018. October 12th – still nothing.
    Didn’t check scam alert before ordering(stupid me), but now I see it is a full SCAM! Avoid!
    Btw, the site is down right now. So, I think they’re on vacation or something!

  157. Ordered, simply vanished with my money

    Ordered after discovering them via an instagram ad–thankfully, I spent less than $10, but still, every attempt to contact them and get an update on the order… (never received an order confirmation either, just saw it hit up my bank account). They no longer have a store on their website, or an Instagram, so it looks like the only forgotten trail of their operation is a lone facebook page, which, like its email, is quick with automated responses.

  158. Never received my order

    I have tried to contact [email protected] but never get a response.

  159. Complete scam

    Order a few things and have never received ANY update status least of all any of the items. Order was placed May and I’m writing this on October.

  160. Very Poor

    ordered something. never received it. no replies to email or facebook messenger. no resolution. now their website is down…

  161. Do not buy from this place!

    Same as eyerone else ordered an item took the money & nothing to show for it, email said item had been delivered which it hadn’t. Emailed & messaged numerous times heard nothing back.

  162. WARNING Τhis shop is a scam

    I have ordered at July 26, 2018 and I never received the product. I send e mail and told me that they send it again, that never happened, after that they don’t answer to my e-mails. Τhis shop is a scam. DON’T ORDER ANYTHING. Τhey stole my money!!!!!

  163. Order not recieved

    Do not order from them. Have never recieved my order keep getting a computer response. They are worthless

  164. DODGY

    never received invoice, confirmation, or item. dodgy

  165. Trashy Scam

    It’s been 3 month and the stuff never arrived, no reply on email also


    I ordered a unicorn onesie from this terrible company. Here it is almost November & I STILL havent received it yet. I get the same computer generated email response. Worst company ever!!!

  167. Scam

    Order some wireless ear phones/buds
    No delivery date promised, no items received.
    No contact except a follow up email saying order is processed and here is a discount for another purchase.


    This website is a scam i ordered back in July and never received my order it’s now November and nothing! The owners never even contacted me with my order!! DONT ORDER FROM THEM!!! ITS A SCAM

  169. No order received or reply to emails

    Purchased a sandmat in June of this year. I think I got it through WISH, whom I might add are not at fault here. I’ve never received the item although my money was taken for payment.
    I’ve been sending emails and just get an automated response in seconds. It’s now November and still nothing. Emailed again and the same excuse of an automated response saying I’d receive it on 6th August. Never again and I’m going to contact the web page for Wish, tell them and possibly a consumer protection company.

  170. order never recieved

    i ordered something in Aug, and item never came, these crooks took my money

  171. MeToo.

    Yes, I paid in August 2018 and never received the product. It’s now November. I emailed and no answer and the chat doesn’t work. I’ll try and complain through facebook


    Same as all the other reviews. Ridiculous…

  173. Item never came

    Ordered air coolers in July, still no delivery and it’s now December!


    Never received my product, won’t answer my emails. Won’t do anything.

  175. Taken money and not delivered goods. Terrible company

    they have taken my money and not delivered the item. Will be reporting them to Trading Standards. Not happy

  176. Absolute Scam

    Did the exact same thing! Ordered some items paid about $50 in June and had not a single reply, I keep getting an automated email reply from them saying my order will arrive in August yet its now December and still get the same automated reply its beyond a joke. Really wish there was a way to get our money back or speak with someone about it!

  177. Item bought, never received and they don't reply or refund.

    I’ve bought one of their itemsand a few weeks later I’ve received an email saying that my product had arrived WITHOUT any tracking code or any information. Turns out I’ve never received anything, it’s a generic email with false information. I’ve messaged them on their Facebook page and I’ve got a message asking me to send an email. I’ve send an email and got no response and a few weeks later when I sent a new one I’ve got a message from the server saying that my email was BLOCKED by them.
    It’s been almost a year now.

  178. Cyber-criminals!! SCAM

    Ordered $35 worth of items, never even got shipped out. Emailed support with no response. Shop closed down now. This was a scam site that was advertised on INSTAGRAM! Be wary of clothes store ads on social media. Apparently IG allows criminals to advertise scams.

  179. Complete and utter fraud Fire fashion

    Ordered an LED mask for which I was asked to pay shipping of about $10. Never received the item. Email is replied by a set email that says the items will be delivered by 26th August,2018. This is when I sent a mail in January 2019.

Reported Loss :50 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : anonymous
Views :