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You don’t receive your items.

When you purchase an items off of this website you will receive a text stating “Hi (name), thanks for your purchase of (amount) from Fire Fashion Store! We’ll notify you when it ships. View order (order number)… This is all you will hear from this website. I’ve been waiting nearly two week for a notification from them I have emailed them 3 times complaing that my order hasn’t even been shipped yet. If you purchase some thing off of this website you will not receive it. If you email this website there will be no reply.
I’m not sure what my next step is for reporting them or if there’s any chance I’ll get my money back, but I’m glad I can at least warn some people to save them from losing their money like I have to these scammers!

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25 reviews on Fire Fashion Store

  1. SCAM

    I almost never write reviews but I feel I need to write one for fire fashion store. I place an order almost two months ago and never received my item. I have emailed them three times and have never heard back. Do not order from their website!

  2. SCAM

    Hi, I also order something from here never got it, no response. Will take legal actions!

  3. Scam

    I ordered the arctic air and never received it. There is no phone number for them also my emails keep saying error try again.

  4. Do not buy anything from this site

    Ordered item been waiting 3 weeks with nothing turning up. Have emailed them no reply and now when you go to send an email it comes up with error. Do not waste your money no matter how good the deal looks.

  5. A Major Scam

    I ordered from this site about 4 months ago after seeing an ad for their site in my Instagram. I now know that not all things featured on Instagram are reputable. I purchased four of their free swimsuits (which were in fact free but you have to pay a high shipping fee.) I never received a tracking number for my items and when I went to their “tracking page” I got the same message every time, that my item hadn’t been shipped and to check back for shipment updates and times. Well now I’ve given up hope. They don’t respond to emails, don’t refund their buyers…. scam site.

  6. Not Worth It

    I’ve been waiting TWO MONTHS for a purchase and I received one email from them a month ago about them being delayed on shipments but this is just ridiculous. Even if this turns out to be a real website I’m still pissed I’ve had to wait this long.

  7. scam :")

    Obviously I should have read reviews first before placing my order 🙁 I bought a nice cool phone charging case and i paid full price for it but it never came & i never got any updates even after the “we’ll notify you when it ships” and after emailing.
    im so sad i was rlly excited for that cover :”)

    spread the word okays no to Fire Fashion Store. so full of shit 🙁

  8. First time I've actually been scammed online

    I should have checked the reviews, I should have checked the website and been worried by a few things… The generic template, the links that lead nowhere.. no address or telephone number…

    I didn’t lose much, I’m more annoyed that this was an advert on Instagram, and there is no way to contact them, or report a fraudulent advertiser.

  9. Never got my stuff

    Ordered from fire fashion store, got order confirmation, no tracking number as promised, then on 8/20/18, got email stating my stuff was delivered but have yet to see it. Emailed with no response several times. No other way to get ahold of them..

  10. Scammers

    Scam rubbish never receive my order do not order

  11. Don't order from here you'll never receive your merch

    Ordered from this site 4 months ago never received items. email them got a form letter back within seconds saying I would receive by August 6th that there is a small company and do the overwhelming response they were unable to ship orders as planned. August 6th came and went no items again email them got another email saying would received by August 6th although in the body of the email it said August 26th. August 26th came and went no items. Email them again response is the same form letter which comes to you within seconds of your email to them so it’s an auto response. will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and Attorney General’s office. they should not be allowed to rip people off like this.

  12. Another scam merchant...

    ..ordered and paid p&p for two items in JULY….as the previous reviewer said, lots of emails confirming definite delivery 6th August…right up to 24th August ! They they claimed they’d delivered it , but I was at home all day and nothing arrived. THEN they said they’d discovered it hadn’t been delivered and had now been shipped out free of charge, plus free gifts for all the trouble….NOTHING ! I’ve sent them copious emails to which they just reply with 6th Aug delivery! Not worth even ONE STAR !

  13. Scam, scam, scam!

    This website is a total scam.
    The site will send you a confirmation and even text you but your items will not be received.
    I received a text to say that they have been delivered but they have not!
    Emails go ignored with an automated response asking you to wait longer for your items!
    Total scam and no chance of a refund!

  14. Ripoff

    I ordered the ice genie over a month ago and never received. When you email them all you get back is a atoumated email back say it will ship Aug 26th. The problem with this it is now September 10th. Still no ice genie this place is just after your money don’t buy anything from them.

  15. Scam website

    They were targeting me with ads, and i was stupid enough not to check reviews. They had norton internet security and McAfee logo to make them look trustworthy. I lost about 15euros

  16. I ordered a product from this company and I have not received it in two months I have been emailing them and I only get an automatic reply saying that I’ll be getting it by August 26th and as you can see it’s already going to be October I don’t know what to do next I guess I won’t be getting my money back or my purchase I guess you live and learn.

  17. You never get the item you payed for. Scam.

    Ordered a leash for my dog. Never got it. No respond what so ever even though I send them mails over and over again. Shame on you for ripping people off. Would never
    recommend this fake store to anyone.

  18. Scammers

    Been waiting over 3 months for my item, u get no response when emailing them , I normally pay by PayPal but didn’t this time so lost out on £7 never bought anything on a wim like this before and am never doing it again , I feel Facebook and instergram should not Allow advertising from these scam companies they need to face up to some of the blame

  19. SCAM - Ripped off

    I never received my goods but then they did not answer any of my emails. How can we stop this?

  20. scam

    I’m still waiting for my order, it’s been 4 month. £30 ! I saw the add on instagram so I thought this was a serious business…

  21. Where is my Red Anonymous LED Rave Mask???

    I ordered a mask thing that was around 7-8 dollars (shipping only, free item) since it wasn’t a bad deal I thought hey, why not. It has been 4 months officially and I still have not received my item. I am quite mad. I thought hey maybe it will be a long wait but 4 months!!! This is observed!! I have sent emails and I have gotten no reply. I am quite upset as you can tell and I would like a refund or my stuff that I had ordered on August 10th 2018.

  22. They are a scam

    Back in October i ordered a freeze cube… was taken from my account and from then on Nothing…………i kept writing to them…no one replies…i left bad reviews on their website and they stay there…no comment , no nothing…..shame on them….3 months…i have to forget about the order because nothing will arrive….i will learn to be more careful next time…do not buy from them….

  23. a fuckin rip off


  24. Thieving bastards

    It is a scam company the same people as trendy store who rip people off and never send anything. It sends lots of bullshit emails to you. But you get nothing. Dont buy from them as you wont receive anything .

  25. Fire fashion are a scam where they take your money but you never receive your order. I have even contacted the ACCC to have something done but fire fashion is still allowed to keep ripping people off. It's been over 6 months and I still haven't received my order. This mob (Fire fashion) should be charged with false advertising and theft

    Been over 6 months and I still haven’t received my order and keep getting the same email which states. Your Order Will Be Delivered By August 6th – Apologies For The Delay Due to Extremely High Order Volumes 🙂 Re: Your Order Will Be Delivered By August 6th – Apologies For The Delay Due to Extremely High Order Volumes 🙂 Re: Your Order Will Be Delivered By August 6th – Apologies For The Delay Due to Extremely High Order Volumes 🙂 Re: Your Order Will Be Delivered By August 6th – Apologies For The Delay Due to Extremely High Order Volumes 🙂 Re: Your Order Will Be Delivered By August 6th – Apologies For The Delay Due to Extremely High Order Volumes 🙂 Re: Your Order Will Be Delivered By August 6th – Apologies For The Delay Due to Extremely High Order Volumes 🙂 Re: Your Order Will Be Delivered By August 6th – Apologies For The Delay Due to Extremely High Order Volumes 🙂 Re: Your Order Will Be Delivered By August 6th – Apologies For The Delay Due to Extremely High Order Volumes 🙂 Re: Your Order Will Be Delivered By August 6th – Apologies For The Delay Due to Extremely High Order Volum.
    Still nothing has been done and yet people are still being robbed by these arseholes. Obviously it’s all good to steal from people with no consequences if it’s done online

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