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Accelerator Halo by Financial Halo is an MLM trap

I usually do not share my personal information with any company or individual whom I do not know personally. Still, I received an email from Financial Halo featuring few easy tricks to get rich. In short, the emails talked about tactics to increase net worth. It was my mistake to ask for more information. The company forwarded me videos, emails and more connects to secure their sale.

Financial Halo was trying to bill the program called Accelerator Halo as a financial outfit. The motive was to boost the net worth or the profit through tracking personal spending and bill management. I sounded stupid to me. More to it, the product was worthless and of no use. It was a mixture of various other products already available in the market. On top of it, it did not seem more than just a clone without any additional feature to it.

Accelerator Halo also claimed that the product was not for those with huge debts. Now, this was a serious contradiction. The company advertised about getting out of debt through their product. But, it does not allow those with huge debts to sign in. Come on! You need to clear this out. I believe that the ad was to attract people in joining this program which is nothing but MLM scheme.

Financial Halo MLM was the only niche that the owner was interested to push people into. Though the company brands itself as a software-based product which was motivated to help people with basic debts, the way it carried the program, it seemed just opposite.

I was told that I would be able to earn a lot through saving the late fee. This was an absurd sales pitch. I would only incur a late fee if I would be late in paying my fee. The complete program is nonsense. At the end of the pitch, they ask to join their MLM program and tells about thousands of Financial Halo logins that are active and making millions by only referring their software to others.

The company has no sense of advertising and seem laughable to me by claiming that it could help to repay the loan debts in 10 years which due over a period of 30 years. What I feel is that their program is nothing but just a way to convince people in buying their useless product.

I completely denied paying for this program and was bombarded with many follow up emails and calls. When I tried to stop these guys from being a bit rude, they came back for me in stupid ways. However, I did not go for this program and actually saved a lot of money.

I even told them that the way they were presenting the services was dishonest and they were fooling customers with fake promises. I hate companies like Financial Halo that lure customers by fake advertising. These companies can go to any length for hiring more numbers to their MLM program, even if it asks for being unethical.

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2 reviews on Financial Halo

  1. Financial Halo. Hell

    Pump and dump scheme. Do not trust on financial halo. They ate up my 780 USD for doing nothing

  2. Official Response

    Grossly Inaccurate Review

    The review of the Accelerator Halo is replete with inaccurate comments. It is scandalous that in this era of the internet, anyone can anonymously post anything regardless of how fictional it may be. For the record, this program was not developed or administered by Financial Halo; we entered into a marketing agreement to promote their program in 2014 and ceased to offer the MyAcceleratorHalo program in August 2015. We were not getting timely reports of activity from the service provider who managed the program to prospective clients; he was also rescheduling meetings and not following up with client appointments. This was affecting our credibility with representatives and prospective clients so we elected to cancel the program. None of the deficiencies related to the operation of the software.

    Debt reduction programs like Accelerator Halo are premised on the concept of accelerating principal payments and are well accepted by financial professionals as an effective way to reduce total interest payments and reduce loan amounts sooner than would ordinarily be expected. Well established companies like United First Financial, Worth Unlimited and the service provider that we contracted with have a long record of successfully servicing their clients. While anyone can make additional principal payments themselves, having an automated financial management software makes it much easier. These debt reduction software programs have established credibility and effectiveness for many years.

    It is clear from the reviewer’s comments that he did not enroll in the Accelerator Halo and has no first-hand knowledge of the program’s functionality or efficacy. His remarks are solely his opinion and impressions of the information he requested and was sent. We have no record of a “Frank” reaching our corporate office for any information on Accelerator Halo. We do not see in our records a Frank, who purchased this program from our service provider. In addition at the time we were marketing the program, the cost of the program was a one time fee of $3500, this individual cites a number of a $5000 loss.

    We pride ourselves on our integrity and compliance practices and would never promote any of our services with statements like he alleges, “making millions by only referring their software to others.” nor do we engage in “fake promises” or “fake advertising”. Anyone who enrolls as an independent representative with our company has a clearly defined refund policy with which they may cancel their enrollment transaction with complete refund of fees. We are very responsive to any requests for cancellation from any representative who wishes to terminate their relationship with our company. Moreover, we are a direct selling company and not an MLM. There is no money made by recruiting individuals; no commissions are paid for enrolling a new representative.

    We have previously submitted a rebuttal to this review to this website and are posting this as a further protest of this outrageously inaccurate review.

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Reported Loss :5000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : frank
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