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Started verbally attacking and harassing me

Went to Family Practice Specialists and saw Dr. Francyk for around 2 years without an issue. Go in for my most recent check up and as soon as my mother and I walk in we can tell that he is in a fowl mood and did not want to be at work that day. Once inside the individual room his mood became worse and he started verbally attacking and harassing me. When I tried to give my opinions and personal thoughts was immediately shut down and told I was wrong because I was a kid.

When I decided that I no longer wanted to be verbally abused by someone who is trying to help me I chose to walk out of the room. No doors were slammed, no yelling, no cussing just stood up and walked out. Received a message from my patient portal saying that if my “outbursts” continue I will be asked to leave. Not quite sure how walking out of a room that you do not feel comfortable in is an “outburst”.

Both my mother and I have never seen a Dr. act so unprofessional in our lives. Great job reprimanding patients when the Dr. crossed the line from tough love to being an a**hole. Not sure who I can talk to but I would like to report him because verbally abusing patients should never be allowed. Needless to say they will never have to worry about another “outburst” in there office as I will not be returning. Would recommend to all that you stay away from this Practice and in particular Dr. Francyk. Place is filled with a bunch greedy money seeking doctors that do not actually care about their patients well being.

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  1. Family Practice Specialist Ltd is Scam.

    I’ve been a patient for over and I have seen this office decline immensely over the past . The front-desk staff is rude, unaccommodating and never have any answers. The wait times for scheduled appointments is over an hour and there is NEVER any availability to see doctors without an appointment.

    They think that having doctors booked 3-4 days in advance is a good thing, but it’s not. It causes other patients to seek medical care at other facilities who are willing and able to meet their patients’ needs. Another thing, they charge a $49 “admin fee” every – – what the heck are they using this money for?

    It surely isn’t to hire and maintain quality staff to provide excellent service for their patients. If you’re seeking new a physician I would not recommend Family Practice Specialists, Ltd.

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Phoenix 85018 AZ US
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Reported Loss :350 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : anonymous
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