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Terrible customer service!

I had to cancel my move the day before because of a family emergency and David and his wife rescheduled with me. They rescheduled for the next day but in the end they couldn’t come till 2 days later. I was fine with that since I had to cancel on them first. But on the day they actually came, the movers were an hour and a half late.

They didn’t have dollys so they borrowed some from the building. One of the movers was very friendly, walking me to my car because I was worried about the drug addicts in the neighborhood Big reason why we are moving. The other mover was complaining very loudly on the phone to David that my 2 bed apt was like a 4 bedroom house.

I specifically told the owner and his wife that the move would take 5 hours and I had her send me documentation of the price and the move. She acted as if sending documentation is something they don’t usually do. She wrote that I said it would take 5 hours but left out the cost of the move in the documentation and also wrote 2 hours for the move (while noting that I said it would take 5 hours). It’s very odd how this business runs without proper documentation.

The move itself took exactly 5 hours. When I spoke to David on the phone, first he seemed upset with me, I am assuming because the move took 5 hours (like I said it would so I am not sure why he was upset). Then when he told me the price, he told me something different than what his wife told me. I told him his wife told me something different but I will pay what he is asking.

His wife demanded to speak to me on the phone and tried to convince what I heard from her was wrong. If she had wrote the price in the documentation like I asked it wouldn’t have been a problem. After her trying to overtalk me, I told her the price she gave me was not what I interpreted but like I already said to her husband, I will pay it anyway. No clue why she was trying to argue with me about it, when I told her husband I would pay the amount anyway.

When I got back on the phone with David, he asked how I was going to pay. I said with a check. He said we don’t take checks. I pointed out that his website says they take any method of payment. His reply was “Why are you trying to argue with me, everyone wants to go home!” Umm..I am pointing that your website says you take any payment and so I prepared to pay with a check.

I didn’t get cash and I am not about to give you my card number. I tell him he can’t change the rules when it’s time to pay. He says “It’s my business, I can change anything I want!” I told him he was rude. He replies “You’re rude!” and I hang up because I can no longer deal with the poor customer service that he and his wife were giving me.

What else? My nightstand got scratched and my shoe rack completely broken and unrepairable
Definitely the worst moving experience I ever had.

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