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I am not giving this company zero stars is based

I used Fairfax Transfer and Storage to move large pieces of furniture from one townhouse to another.

The crew were all nice and professional, arrived on time and worked diligently.

However I had a large armoire that they had difficulty maneuvering up and down the stairs.  That being the case they wanted me to sign a waiver which essentially which would relieve them from all damages (I did not sign).  After the move was complete I added comments about the damages to the walls in both townhouses.  I received zero follow-up from this company.

The only reason I am not giving this company zero stars is based on my comments regarding the moving crew.

My advice if you have to use this company is to not sign a waiver and document their performance (i.e., before and after pictures) so you may have more success following up.

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  1. Fairfax Transfer and Storage Is Scammer.

    This company is very unprofessional and its employees threatened me at the time of deliverly for my furniture. I called the company HQ and its owner Cliff Boyd was unhelpful as well.

    I did not pick this company but they were assigned by COSTCO as the default for delivery. I have also written to COSTCO not to give this company anymore business.

    They had the nerve to park a heavy truck on my driveway and tell me that this is normal operating procedure. I informed the driver that any delivery I have had for the past no movers have ever parked a heavy truck on the driveway of my home.

    They reluctantly moved the truck off the driveway. I would pass on this company by all means and save yourself the headache and use My Guys Moving, or Two Guys and Truck.

    I have also filed a police report about the incident and being threatened by the driver of the truck.. That it self speaks volumes about the culture of this company alone and the type of people they employee.

  2. Once the fridge made it up to the kitchen, they could not assemble it.

    The employees of Fairfax Transfer and Storage who delivered the refrigerator literally caused thousands of dollars of damage to my home. My kitchen is on the second level, so in getting the fridge up our stairwell, they broke a wall sconce light, they scraped the wall the entire way up, and I do mean large gouges, not small scratches. Once the fridge made it up to the kitchen, they could not assemble it.

    The fridge is the Samsung Chefs collection; it has four doors, two on top and two on bottom. The man who was trying to install one of the upper doors, walked away to help his partner, before making sure the door was secure, causing the heavy door to crash down on top of my granite kitchen counter top where my stove top burner sits.

    My granite counter top broke in three pieces. When we advised the owner of the company of this, he denied responsibility. The man who let the door fall on my counter told the owner of the company that it fell, but this didn’t break the counter. Even though this happened in front of our faces. This is outrageous.

    This company has refused to pay for any of the damages they have caused. My husband and I are going to pursue this through the court system and we will be meeting with Sears this evening to discuss the next steps as the fridge is also broken. Worst company I have ever had the displeasure of doing business with.

    We replaced all of our other appliances Saturday, July , including the stove top and downdraft fan, where the granite is now broken. This work was done by another company who did a fantastic job and can also attest to the fact the granite was in perfect condition. So can the people who had been in and out of my house looking to purchase my old appliances.

  3. Total rip-off!

    Total rip-off! I spoke with Chuck and set up a small local move. He explained the hourly rate and quoted me the minimum price for the move. The day of the move, the two men arrived late and were not physically capable or knowledgeable of moving the small amount of furniture.

    One was much older and out of shape, which made me very apprehensive. As a result, it took them twice as long to do the move–meaning that the cost doubled from the estimate of $350-$400 to $800!!! I think it is totally unfair to have pricing by the hour and then send workers who are not capable of doing the job in a timely fashion!

  4. They serve the entire DC metro area, so don't think the Fairfax name and Lorton address limits their service area. Good company!

    Fairfax Transfer gave us the best, easiest move we’ve ever had, and we’ve had a LOT of moves. They responded quickly to our initial inquiry, an agent came to our house to assess the size of the move and gave us an estimate the next day. We were VERY impressed with how low the price was and accepted the estimate immediately (they guarantee the final price to be within 10% of the estimate).

    We scheduled the move for the day we wanted, and when that day arrived a representative called to say that he was adding a fifth man to the crew since it was so cold (less than 20 degrees) and he was sure that we wanted to get the move over with as soon as possible. The price, however, stayed the same!

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Severity of Scam :Extremely Low
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