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You have to know that some words you heard from your employees were not correct

there’s more I need to tell you about it so you are not blindfolded by your employees. I did swatched many lipsticks, but most of them I just looked, I only tried the ones that I was interested in. I promise and I swear I was really gentle. I did not roll them out entirely, as a lipstick lover I will never do this.

I DID NOT TEST ANY OF YOUR EYESHADOWS OR EYEBROW PENCILS. I did not even open up any of the covers. Your eyebrow pencil was running out so I twisted a few more times to make sure there’s nothing coming out from it, which your employee told me about that so I put them back right away.

Your employees were unpatiented and stared at us like she’s about to slap me in the face. I appriciate that she did not do that. If you think that I am a liar, you should check and double check how your employees talked to us as she thinks we were really playing around.

I did found what I like at that day, but I was too disappointed to spend any money. I hope your employees show better attitude toward customers who were looking for what they want.PS: I did not say I am here to play, I said your employees told us we are here to play.

And I didn’t say I will come back another time because I will never do that. I understand how your staff wants to cover up the truth because they need to keep their jobs. But you as a manager of your employees, what you can do is to tell your staff to be respectful to every customer, not just customer who spend money on your product.

I am sad that you did not apologize for what your employee said to us in the first place. Which you don’t have to, because it’s useless. If you just simply apologize or say that you will have a better idea how to improve this kind of situation next time, I will delete my comments and reviews.

But that seems impossible for you to do so because I don’t see any trust between us.By the way, since you said that we showed no repect to your business, why don’t you ask your employees what did we say before we leave the store? We put back all the lipsticks in their place not on the floor or somewhere else, and put the number side facing us so that the next customer would not struggle finding the numbers,

which I did confused by seeing all the numbers upside down. And we said “Thank you” before we walk out. I had no complains about your services at that point. But instead I heard that your employees said we are here to play. Funny how you ask repesct from me but your employees showed none.

From my memory, your employee didn’t ask if we needed any help besides asking what are we looking for. I did not rememer the product name so I think I can find it out myself. Maybe that’s why you think we are playing. After I start swatching from the CPB lipstick,

your employees start talking about how pricey those products were, I guess that was a hint that those products are not affordable to young people like us. I just hope your employees don’t judge customers by their look. You have to know that some words you heard from your employees were not correct.

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  1. I can not believe how people can be so disgusting.

    So “Dee C.” vows to promote professionalism for Facial Plus. I wonder is Dee C the owner or an employee. Just because I had a bad experience at Facial Plus, Dee C private messaged me and used frugal and rude remarks to bash me.

    If that is how you promote professionalism, what a great way to get to the top by scaring and threatening away the bad reviews. Wow, I can not believe how people can be so disgusting.

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