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Disappointed by a Medical Provide

8 days ago I made an appointment for today at 3.30pm via the website. I received an email confirmation for my appointment.

When I arrived the person checking me in could not find the appointment in their system, so I waited several minutes for someone else to finish with a customer so he could confirm the same.

While they were somewhat apologetic, I am disappointed by a medical provider who will request personal information (including the last 4 digits of my social security number and vision insurance details) on their website to make an appointment and then not have a record of that appointment. The person helping me implied this sometimes happens due to the nature of their appointment booking system.

I can imagine they provide great exams and eyeglasses based on their other Dirty Scam reviews, but be very weary of making online appointments (that are confirmed via email) as you might not actually have an appointment. Perhaps they should only accept appointments via phone or in person until they resolve the issue.
Ted G.

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  1. Eyes On Twenty-Fourth Optometry Bad Service.

    TWO cancelled appointments so the doctor could go do her thing somehwere else, with a two week wait time in between the appointments. And I didn’t even find out my second appointment was cancelled until I called to verify my appointment time.

    I got mad at the receptionist over the SECOND cancelleation (the doctor’s sister had just had a baby, and being with her sister was definitely a much higher priority than meeting her commitments to her patients. I was facing ANOTHER two – three weeks wait for ANOTHER appointment, with absolutely NO expectation that a THIRD appointment wouldn’t be cancelled if the doctor discovered better or nicer ways to spend her time.

    I asked if I should go somewhere else, asked what guarantee I could have that the THIRD appointment wouldn’t be cancelled.and said I wouldn’t care if the doctor was on her deathbed. The receptionist then told me that I SHOULD go somehwere else and hung up on me.

Reported Loss :113 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : TedG
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