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Demanded a full refund and DID NOT GET IT

Run! Don’t even think about using this optometry store!

I came here with my eyeglass Rx from a well-known, highly respected, top rated UCSF ophthalmologist. I was advised by a staff member at Eye Carumba to try a “new” type of lens for my new prescription; my previous 12 years of lens has been “Physio.” I agreed to their suggestion and order two pairs of glasses: one for everyday use and one pair of sunglasses. Being in my fifties, naturally I needed progressive lenses. The first pair, the sunglasses, arrived about two weeks later and the second pair a week after that. This meant two separate visits to the store. I tried this pair on and could not see out of them. Trevor (who by the way is no longer employed there), had me read from a sheet of paper they use to test the eyeglasses. I could not read anything at all! He took the glasses and tested them and returned to tell me that somehow the lab they use to make the lenses had incorrectly made them. He said they only gave me a 2mm field of vision for the bifocal needs. He said they could remake them and I could come back (another visit) to retrieve them. I was told that I get “ONE FREE REMAKE” of the glasses but that THIS one would not count since it was clearly their fault. I agreed to let them re-do them but I questioned HOW a lab could make such a blatant mistake as this! A week of so passed and I returned to the store to pick up my glasses for daily wear. This time the frames were damaged; they were clearly non-symmetrical. This time I asked WHY they would put new lenses into a knowingly damaged frame and try to get me to buy them. They agreed to exchange them but that I should first take them and try them. Once again, I read from the paper they use to test your vision with the new lenses and could NOT SEE peripherally. Straight on it was fine but peripherally it was totally blurry. Horrible! So distorting! Impossible to use. Again, they suggested I just try them and that I just needed to get used to them. I agreed to try them for a week. This only lasted three days! I work as a nurse and it was impossible to do my job with blurred vision, as it would be for anyone in any profession. I do not have a lot of time off to keep using my day off to keep running back to this store only to get the runaround by Eye Carumba staff. But I returned once again and this time explained the difficulty with these lenses. This time I was told that the ophthalmologist I used at USCF clearly gave me the wrong prescription and that I would need to be seen by Eye Carumba’s ‘optometrist’ to clarify my Rx. I seriously doubted that this was the case because my UCSF doc is in such high demand it takes a year to get in to see her! Meanwhile, I’m stuck with damaged frames AND lenses made by Eye Carumba’s lab that clearly are not suitable.

The ‘new’ sunglasses finally arrived and I made yet another visit to Eye Carumba and still I could not see. They suggested I take them and try them out again; that I just need to get used to them. Reluctantly, I agreed to try them. I told them this is very difficult for me to keep coming back and forth to their store because I work the same hours that their store is open, thereby making it difficult to keep this up. I was told to try them for a few weeks and return whenever I could.

Finally, I returned to the store “whenever I could” which was a few weeks later and was told I had waited too long to return the glasses. And that if I wanted to return them I would have to pay a $125 ‘restocking fee.’ And they ADMITTED that THEY put the wrong type of lens in the glasses for me and that since “Physio” has always worked for me they should have used them when making my lenses. They said they could remake the lenses if I wanted them to but that they “understand how I would have little faith in their ability to make them for me” since they clearly had messed up so many times already. I demanded a full refund and DID NOT GET IT! The only way I could be given ANY refund was if they deducted the $125 restocking fee since I had taken “too long” to return to their store.

So, take it from me: RUN! Don’t even think of using this store!!!! And if you want a refund, don’t expect it any time soon!!! Mine took over two weeks!

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9 reviews on Eye Carumba Optometry

  1. I won't be back.

    Clever name. Modern and clean office. Quick and easy eye exam. Eye doctor was super nice and reasonable. The assistants who are suppose to help you however are TERRIBLE. I had no issues making an appointment, but I waited about a half hour when showing up for the appointment. No big deal, I wait for doctors all the time.

    I came back a few days later to order glasses even though I was fitted for contacts as well, which cost me an extra $68+. First of all, the lady Sophia promised me it would take a couple days since they prepare them in the store, that’s what she said without me asking or having any concern.

  2. They seem to have a problem with speaking brusquely.

    First, the demeanor of the reception of this optometry practice in terms of tone of voice and helpfulness leaves something to be desired. They seem to have a problem with speaking brusquely.

  3. Just found out Dr. Valdez is no longer there.

    Just found out Dr. Valdez is no longer there. What a disappointment. If anyone knows where she is please let us know.

  4. Dont use this shop

    recepitionist is dumb and rude

  5. Scammer

    I work for a law firm in the Embarcadero Center, and I always walk past this place on my way to get lunch, finally decided to stop in and take a look at what they’ve got.

  6. Not really satisfied.

    Worst experience in my life

  7. the frame selection is excellent.

    Dr. Torres is the best. I’ve been seeing him for 10 years and I’ve never felt like I was in the dark. His exams are alway thorough and I have the knowledge I need about my eye condition, the frame selection is excellent.

  8. I would recommend this office to a friend!

    I hadn’t been to an optometry office in five years, so I had a lot of questions and I needed all the tests for my prescription and eye health. Dr. Braimah was kind and thorough and she explained everything she was doing and the results of each test. I felt comfortable and confident walking out of there!

    The front office staff was nice and understanding too, when I decided to cancel my order of new lenses – they cancelled the order the next day and refunded me in full. I would recommend this office to a friend!

  9. It's going to be hard to find a place as good as Eye Carumba in another city.

    Still the best place I’ve been for eye care. I’m moving to NY in a week but they were able to fit me in for a contact lens check before I go. I recently visited for a full exam but decided to double check on some changes that were made to my contact prescription.

    Dr. Holly Pao was very helpful and clearly explained to me the options regarding my prescription (basically I was on the fence when it came to my left eye, could have gone slightly lower or leave it where it was).

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Severity of Scam :High
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