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This entire experience has been incredibly frustrating

Hi there, I want to start off by saying Dr. Habibi, her tech, and the optician I worked with were wonderful, and I have no complaints about the actual care I received. I was not warned by the call center when scheduling for my first appointment that I would have my eyes dilated. It was never mentioned at all to me on the phone, and so I scheduled my appointment in the morning. While actually there for my appointment, I waited between 30 and 40 minutes.

During my appointment, I got the drops put in and only after I asked “when will this strange vision issue go away?” was I told that I had my eyes dilated. And then, even then, I wasn’t told until I asked the receptionist on the way out how long it would last. I recognize they can’t control a patient’s reaction to dilation, but I wouldn’t have scheduled such an early appointment if I had known the risks. I ended up missing a fully day of work at my new job because my eyes took six hours to readjust.

That was frustrating, but having that compounded with the next issue is what caused me to write this review. I was told by the optician on site to schedule an appointment with the eye doctor if the glasses prescription felt too strong. (I’m not doubting the prescription is accurate, but it may need to be taken down just for personal preference.) When I called today to schedule that appointment, I was consistently told by the call center that I needed to see the optician first.

I told them that I understood that was procedure, but that this was a special circumstance and that I didn’t need to see the optician again. We went back and forth quite a bit, and I pleaded that I didn’t want to waste my time during work hours to go to see the optician when I knew that wasn’t necessary. I tried to compromise by agreeing to see the optician and ALSO scheduling an appointment with the eye doctor, but that didn’t work either.

Since they refused to make an appointment with the eye doctor (I understand following procedure), I showed up to meet with the optician, who of course told me that I didn’t need to see her at all. (Didn’t even want me to bother sitting down). I tried to reschedule with the people at the front desk, and unfortunately, they were unable to do so today.

Not blaming anyone in particular, but this entire experience has been incredibly frustrating. I’ve missed an entire day of work as a result of not being informed of what was going to happen to my body (not even being TOLD what was happening), and then today wasting my time to go down to the office to see the optician, who told me I didn’t need to see them.

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