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Money scam by! Ladies and Gentleman, please be advised that you understand all of the fees for using eurodate. Yes, it’s free to sign up, but you have to pay to start chatting, email, they even mention whatapps. So here it goes.

After you sign up for membership they give you an outline that breaks down the prices, be careful! because your emotions sometimes gets the best of you and you are not even aware of all the charges you are accumulating. Till you get the bill or if you’re lucky like me my bank called me right away.

You pay 2.99 intro fee then after that you buy by credit so for 15.99 you get so many credits so you like couple of men that you selected and they are so well versed that they now what to say and when to send you short emails then they send pictures every action you do there’s a fee.

By the time my bank called 30.00 minutes later I had been charged around 105.00 that was the first time to ask customer support why I was charged so much plus I didn’t authorize automatic withdrawal! They pay themselves first.

Then they get several other men to send you an email one sends you a sticker of rose’s but remember everything is being charged! Emails are sent in small sentence because so many characters are charged. All the men sound like robots, they say almost the same thing or if you ask a question they don’t answer it.

I asked one gentleman if he could email me or what’s app because of my funds, never got an answer you see it’s a way they keep you paying them Money before you know you’ve spent 500.00 and every single men in this site get part of the action they are role playing actor’s. Some would only say Hi

But they never answer a question never! And they will not contact you! This is a site that makes money off good men and women Please stop using it! eHarmony is a great site .

Plus I talked to other women and they said that alot of the men, Especially from Ukraine all over it’s an organization that knows how to take your money and they don’t care if they leave you in the street !

Empty bank account!
Feeling violated!!!!

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7 reviews on Eurodate

  1. Agree with you about "Money scam by!"

    At first, I wondered why the men here are all for the serious relationship and of much better quality than the other social apps. Then I found they don’t answer questions, and the app kept asking for money. So I compared several files and the pics and self-introductions, they are very similar, almost the paradise for women, no horny men, all with 6 packs, magazine pics. Then I realized these are all faked.
    Ladies and gentlemen, watch out for this money scam site: You won’t find any real friends there, just auto-replies.

  2. Total Scam

    Yes, I have better things to do with my life but writing this to protect other real people who believe in online dating like me . I met real people off other real online dating sites, – for example has horrible interface these days but its real , legit and you can find real people. EuroDate is FAKE. I had a feeling about it in my gut that this is TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.. super nice looking guys, sleek, every other guy is a model. They basically have models or loser looking guys hahahaha…. so… to each their own. it starts free to join then its only like 3 euro, then to emial, chat, to whatever you pay for every f….ing click. hahahhah! I am about 30 euro in and pulling the plug. STAY AWAY!!!!! and good luck with online dating. phew I did one GOOD thing today – reporting this SCAM site. Good on me and you for reading this . Best!, Yoana

  3. My nickname in eurodate:”fuck you,russian mafia”! 86 years old! Just to notice how this site is a pure rip-off! And my feelings were right: I do receive each day dozens of fake automated letters by 20-22 years old so called women! Not a dollar to this f…site!

  4. SCAM, SCAM, 100% SCAM!!

    Before I’d even finished making my profile, I started receiving messages saying how pretty I was, how beautiful my smile. I thought to myself “how can this be possible when I haven’t even uploaded a photo yet?” It became really obvious given the volume of messages and that they were always hypothetical but supposedly flattering comments that they’re all bots. I replied to a few to confirm and they either didn’t respond or when they did, I couldn’t see their replies unless I paid for it. It’s really bad business to deceive people so blatantly and I have to wonder how they’re getting away with it. It’s legitimate robbery. They’re forcing people to pay for a service that they aren’t ever going to receive because these men/women don’t even exist, at least not on the site. I’m lucky that it didn’t cost me anything but I know that many will not be so lucky.

  5. I want to delete my account

    I just heard all the reviews of this site Eurodate and how can I delete my account. I sign up for free but now I just want to delete my account and I need help

    1. Leo

      I think you can go to settings and deactivate it.

  6. The biggest online dating scam. Everything is fake there and they try to charge you as much as they can. As soon you start chatting, your credit card gets charged continuously. This is possibly being operated by Russian mafia.

  7. Happened to me

    All I want to say is that, I unknowingly paid almost 500 dollars because in the agreement it says it becomes automatic. Another tip is to never use the mobile app. You will get charged 1 credit for ever messeges. With the browser, you get charged per minute but do not open any pictures or emails. They drain your credits. The members are trained professionals. I do not know if they can actually hook up with you but all I k ow is that, for 500 dollars, I could have bought a round trip ticket to go to Ukraine and talk to a real live person, go on dates and stuff sure, staying there might cause a little more money but, you got to travel and actually interacted with real women. By the way, from my experience, only dating sites that has to do with Ukraine does this.ukrainedate.xom is not so bad but they are ran from Australia. That is pretty far from Ukraine. I haven’t been able to figure out where eurodate’s hq is at. Elenasmodel use to bad and expensive but it is better now. I think though, that you will be better off paying a matchmaker if you want a Ukrainian. A matchmaker who will give you their direct contact info. So anyway, read the terms and conditions before signing up for anything.

Reported Loss :400 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : pladydeer
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