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Horrible Service!

I have been a customer with Equitable Finance for 2 years, I recently moved back too Idaho and needed to get my title transferred from Oregon.

I started this process back in May. After a few weeks I heard nothing from them on status of getting everything sent over.

So I figure to give them time to do this, and I buy another temp.

Then I call them up and I get told that we won’t release th e title till it’s paid off.

I ask how am I going to get it licensed in Idaho then? Mind you the DMV already faxed over a request for title twice now.

So I ask for Valerie and get her on the phone. I explain that I need to get this done I only can have one more temp.

She promises me that she sees the fax from the DMV. And is mailing it to them now.

So I wait and call the DMV if they have found it. DMV has not received it yet.

So I call Valerie and she states to call me back, with what she can find out on the status.

Never got that call back. Now I call again and she states that the title got lost in the mail and I have to pay 87 dollars for the duplicate title.

Nope I’m not paying that because I didn’t lose it. She agreed to pay for it and will have it done. So I buy my third temp. I wait and wait.

I call Valerie again and get informed that she is no longer with the company.

I ask about what is happening with me getting my title transferred too Idaho.

I get the first statement again “we don’t release the titles to the DMV ” so I ask how can I get mine transferred too Idaho. “Oh I see we applied for another title”.

So I get approved for another temp and my last one. Now this is where Fairview comes in.

I explain my situation too Grace and Tracy. Oh you need too fill out this form.

Now Grace found my title at the Nampa branch and went too get it.

I’m like awesome I’m going too get this finally done and over with. Oh how wrong was I.

I asked if there is a way we can get me into a different rig or can they come with me to the DMV to get this switched over too Idaho.

Oh yeah just give us a call or find another rig. They’ve denied both rigs I’ve found and never gave a call back.

But they want payment. Well I want my wasted time back or something for the horrible service this company has put me through.

My advice go through team Mazda Subaru for a rig way better than these jokers.

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2 reviews on Equitable Finance

  1. Scammer

    I bought a car through them over 2 years ago and the car was a pile of junk. Then after 2 years of paying them for the car and still owing the same amount that I started with, I said I’m done. Gave them the car back and they told me they would sell it and I’d only owe a portion.

    Instead they sent it to auction and sold it for a hundred bucks. Which is 150 less than they are charging me for fees on selling it. And still wanting me to pay the balance on the car that I bought the car for, 2 years ago.

  2. I would encourage anyone looking into buying a car to go anywhere else but equitable finance.

    After being an equitable finance customer for over 2 years I have learned several things the hard way. One is they are a very unethical company and staff have no problem lying to your face. I had a loan for 6,100 dollars and ended up with a pay-off of over 11,700. They are very rude and disrespectful. I would encourage anyone looking into buying a car to go anywhere else but equitable finance.

West Fairview Avenue 5800
Boise 83704 ID US
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Reported Loss :2258 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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