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Dr.Simon S. Ourian is a money eater & careless doctor, beware.

According to my memory lane, this all did start a few months before in December 2014 with Epione. I have always had a habit of adding something or the other fillers to experiment with my face. In the end, I have always happened to meet different doctors satisfying me in one or the other way. This time it was Dr. Simon Ourian, whom I had contacted to get my eyes look more youthful than before. I was assured to get the look that I wanted. Everything seemed pretty fine with me, there was no doubt in the minds of the doctor as well as me. In fact, I loved his office, because it was made so comfortable for the patients.

I consulted him on 17th of December and got my eyes as per my need with the Doctor. He did charge me a handsome amount of $3012.55, including all his charges plus the tax. After the operation, he advised me to have as much as pineapple, as much as I could. I did the same, had as much as pineapple’s as much as I could so that my eyes could get the required help to undergo the bruising and swelling which it had to, because of the surgery. For two weeks, there was nothing wrong in it, people used to come up to me with the same compliment that I started looking a bit younger than I actually was. I was really happy, when I noticed something really awful. On noticing my right eye really deeply, I found a lumpy area around my right eye. To be really specific, it was two and a half inches away from it.

After noticing it, I got really worried and started searching about this doctor online. This is where my doubts about the doctor got confirmed into a reality that I wasn’t the only ill-treated by the doctor but, there were many others too. So, I felt it uncomfortable for any reason to get back to the same doctor. I contacted a plastic surgeon, he had a look around my face and confirmed how Dr. Simon S. Ourian had made a complete mess of my right eye and he even told me how the lump could not be repaired, it was all meant to be treated via laser peel. But he advised me to stay patient for three months and then take a decision whether to go ahead or not.

Meanwhile, I thought of raising my voice against what had been done really adverse to me. I contacted Dr’s office and told that I did not care about what had happened, but all I wanted now was my money back. Dr. Ehlrich, who is in the house of council working from Dr. Simon told me rudely that I am not going to get my money back in any case. I did not whether I was conned or really the doctor was so unskillful to treat my eye? I guess it was both DR. QURIAN IS A CRAFTY DOCTOR. DO NOT FALL FOR HIM, GET YOUR TREATMENT DONE WITH THE DOCTOR THAT CARES FOR YOU AND NOT DR.Simon S. Ourian

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  1. Epione Review

    I totally agree with the above review. I had almost similar experience. My surgery was messed too. When I asked for a treatment, they said it would heal in sometime, then months and it has been 2 years since the surgery and they have the same answer.

    Epione is stuffed with unprofessional and lazy doctors.

  2. Epione Review

    Lets say it this way, if you ever want to get any cosmetic surgery done with great results, never enter Epione. This place will suck your money and will do nothing good in return.

  3. Epione scam

    My friend and I went for consultation as I wanted to talk about cosmetics surgery. When I spoke with the doctor, he started suggesting other plans and I did not get into agreement with him. I felt he was irritated as I was not buying his advice, but I kept it that way.

    When I returned home, I checked his reviews online and decided not to go there again. Epione is not what you would like to be at.

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