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The staff was very rude

I don’t know where to start, but I will give the honest truth of my experiences at this establishment. I will first tell you the nice things about the place. Mary Decastro was a great help. She was very kind and attentive. Brenda was also as nice. There are many staff members that were rude and unhelpful.I had a very negative experience with a staff member named Donna. She is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I had to call my mother to tell her I had fractured my foot and comment on how I was doing.

I told Donna I was going to tell my mom about my foot. She told me I had only 3 minutes to talk to my mother, while another lady got to talk to her family for 20 minutes! Well when I called my mom I told her that I wanted to leave, that the staff was very rude and made me feel like I was in prison. Donna grabbed the phone from me violently and hung it up. She then called me a Liar, that I was Only suppose to tell my mother about my leg and nothing else.. I told her she had no right to tell me what I can and cannot say to my mother yet she still got very nasty with me. I was actually scratched when she grabbed the phone from me.

This place has a horrible policy on being able to talk to family and friends on the phone. There was also another lady named Ariba Greaves that was always shouting and acting so nasty that I felt like I was in prison. My counselor Jim came off as very helpful. He was the one to convince me to stay. But he also has a attitude.

I told him about my experience with Donna. I said that I would either press charges against her or he should handle it. He jumped out of his seat and said to me that he doesn’t respond well to threats. I have no idea why he did that. He also will try to make you stay as long as possible almost like forcing you to stay. Well I didn’t let that happen. If you are somebody that has minor issues this is not the place for you. The food quality was very poor. The food was burnt several times.

They often ran out of drinks or food. Snack time they give you cereal. Can’t they do a little better? When you were in your quarters they only offered water. They did have gatorade powder, but you would have to wait forever to get some. When recovering electrolytes are a key factor in the process. There were times I had to ask for my medicine! They should be re-trained. I had so much stress while I was there I would not recommend this place for most people.

Look for other places, this place was too strict and made you uncomfortable. Other people agreed with me. Another issue was guys and girls could not ever sit with one another. How stupid is that! Well this is the honest truth. I would not send a loved one here unless they are tough enough to handle prison.

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2 reviews on Endeavor House

  1. There are other places to seek the help you need!

    You would be better off going to jail. You are treated like a criminal and a horrible experience for the family. My husband was there recently and little or no contact in how he was. They over medicated him. He was there for alcohol abuse.

    Had his hip replaced recently and because he took a pain pill a few days prior to going there they also treated him as if he had a drug addiction. If you need help please don’t go here. Find another location. There are other places to seek the help you need!

  2. Endeavor House changed my life!

    When I first arrived at Endeavor House, I was nervous, depressed, and without my family. The individuals at Endeavor House showed me how to live again without the use of any substances. The entire staff was honest and supportive and helped me overcome my emotional distress.

    My days there changed my life, and I am now happy, successful, and motivate to achieve my goals. I have since reunited with my family, married, and completed 98 hours towards my bachelor degree. Endeavor House changed my life!

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Severity of Scam :High
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