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eMarketsTrade was supposed to be a trading site for crypto currencies but you can put money in but cant take it out and also cant contact anyone for help.

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10 reviews on eMarketsTrade

  1. mostly good experience

    I traded with them and they were not too bad for around 4 months and I didn’t have any issues but after reading the review above I got scared and put a withdrawal request of all my investment and they returned my funds which took 6 days and in the mean time i could have made around $2300 if i didn’t read this review.

    Troytoombs you obviously didn’t even go to the website and see the live chat or the email address and thanks to your bad information I lost out.

    so in the end I withdrew my investment when I didn’t even need to worry.. if i didn’t withdraw my funds i would have made $2300 from my trades!

    for emarketstrade it’s 4/5 for me.

    troytoombs you are a total idiot –

    1. Hard to Belive

      Hard to believe. Emarketstrade is there for ripping of people. They are not registrated, they don’t follow the real exchanges, but some kind off mathematical strings in witch they are in a quite market rather named to be good. But in a volatile market the spread is huge and impossible tot trade on. They even manipulate the market price by more then 20% on moments they suit themself.

      Also i got some portscans on my pc, wether on critical moments de internet through cable felt out. (it leaded to gmftrader.com!!)

      I cannot say annything of a withdrawel, yet not done.

      Basisline –> keep away from emarketstrade.com and use other platforms.


    After 3weeks still pending withdraw.
    They email me that its still processing and that their financial department is over-flooded by requests.

    Are their any other victims?
    And what steps to i need to take?


    1. same to me, they need vocal confirmation of withdrawl.

      same to me, they need vocal confirmation of withdrawl. Even at this moment their 1 minute chart is only updating at a rate of 20 minute’s in en upward trend. ripp off i would say. Keep away from this unlicensed broker with a chinees as founder. The guy’s that are calling you are in a boiler room to get money out of you instead of let you trade the market and then make sure you get it. First witdrawl always work to get you confident with the system and mostley is first witdrawl only small one. For those that want to withdwral money make sure it’s big amount from first time.

    2. My withdrawal came but it was slow i think you should contact your account manager and send him the link of this page.

      I panicked when i didn’t receive my funds and i thought they were bullshitting me when they said it was due to a Christmas and new years deluge of withdrawal requests on their system.

      I think you should give them a little more time before jumping to conclusions.

    3. BEWARE COWBOYS!! All friendly when you start. I made 4 X my investment within a month. All changes when you want to withdraw. A further month down the road now and still no money paid out by them. My once freindly broker now gives threatening calls trying to scare me. They have now told me that I will only get my original investment back (which I am still waiting for) and all profits will be kept by Emarketstrade! Please do not make the same mistake i made you will get ripped off!

  3. withdrawal was slow

    My withdrawal finally came after 9 days – withdrawal is slow

  4. emarketrades.com SCAM!!!!!!!!

    emarketrades.com is a scam website!!!!!!
    After you sign up, there will be a very friendly account manger to call you and make you to trust them then make a deposit minimum of 250$. After the deposit is done then the account manager will try to make you to sign a bonus form(you can get some bonus funds), if you sign that bonus form, you are a ”loser” already because you need to make turnover 30X the original deposit, before you make that much of turnover, you are not able to withdraw any funds in emarketades account.

    1. I smelt the scam a mile off. I did not sign the bonus offer as it was funny to me why a company would offer me thousands of euros (free) if I deposited X amount. The alarm bells started ringing in my head and told the broker that I wasnt prepared to do that. He started to get annoyed and to be honest was quite rude, claiming that without him I am nothing, know nothing and will be nothing. Well if that means keeping hold of MY money then so be it. However I still had huge problems withdrawing my money from them. It took over 3 months and threats of legal action.

  5. Definate SCAM

    Just look at their main address listed on their website. It is a small estate house in south London. They probably rent out a single room (office) there so they have an address to post. Any serious platform would have suitable premesis. Thats the first warning light! I had to threat legal action to get my money back…..god only knows how they deal with ‘customers’ who invest 6 figure sums!
    Stay well away is my recommendation. All they want to do is take you for a ride.

  6. my ward is Do not go there.

    well… I do not know theyir scam method., but here is my experience. 1st they told its an sort of school to teach, so they donot want experienced people. they request 250 deposite to open account, and then they suggest (spent a several hourers to convince) to deposite 2,500~50,000$, and once yo deposite they will give you 10 % bonuce. but they ask YOUR PERMISION to use(borrow) 10% of YOUR deposit, they claim that they will guide you to earn 50-80% of your deposite. you are free do not deposite more than fisrt 250. moreover, you are allowed (this is what they tald, i can not say for sure) to get you all deposite even next day of your deposite. as a matter of fact I deposited 250, and after a few hours of conversation I start doubt and requested my 250 back. they try to convince me to stay. even tryed to same me for “not wanting earn mony” – remamber that they tald that this is teaching program and not many making, and the system is closed – me coin can be in/out. that means all peoples are beginers under their guid, and they all are promiced to earn… no way, one must lost… who? not clear…. whatever, as i requested my deposit back they as sort of documents… i had to provide these… (not really happy to do that), they returned my 250 back. currently although i got my 250 back, i do not have confidance that i will net be scrued if i go there….

  7. rude but mnade money here

    the account manager is rude but he made me a few thousand dollars and asked for more investment i just withdrew my funds last week they arrived but i decided to buy am iphone and now i quit trading.

  8. Emarkets Scam

    Do not trade with emarkets. It is just like every binary options scam. They steal your money with unrealistic promises of profits and then you never can withdraw

  9. not bad bit pushy but good platform

  10. untrustworthy

    dis company wanted to see on my bank account watch out it appear like a scam!

  11. Dear readers here i think if you not aware that emarketstrade is a scam believe me its a scam the one who calls himself Mike Zoos working for this company lied to me promising huge payouts after i deposited my money .he manipulated the system trading against me and when i ask him about everything happening on the account he said i am nothing to ask that he knows everything now i am helpless he closed everything my money is gone 25000 usd any help to get this man held responsible for this and his company

    Never trade with this bullshit broker its a scam Mike Zoos working for this company i am telling he can still your whole investment promising you huge return

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